初三英语中考复习第 初三英语中考复习第 八 课时 中考复习
本课时复习内容: 重点词组, 本课时复习内容:8B Unit 1?3 重点词组,句型 强化训练: 强化训练: 练习一 练习一 一,根据所给词的正确形式填空
  1. His father was very angry, since he left his homework(complete).
  2. I have the same(feel) that I used to (help) them.
  3. It has become(difficult) to see my old friends than before.
  4. It is (correct) to spit on the bus.
  5.It is nice ( have) open space .
  6.It is(polite) to shout in the library.
  7.We were very(please)with her decision.(决定).
  8. I like cats but (like)dogs.
  9. In some Western countries, people think 13 is an (lucky) number.
  10. No one is allowed to stay after the (close) of the school. 11 You need to hand in a( recently)photo 12 They have got(marry) in 19
  13.Noise (pollute) is a big problem in many parts of China.
  14.The new airport will be in (serve) in 20
  08. 15There are many pictures about transport at different (time). 二,句型转换 句型转换
  1. She went to school alone when she was in primary school. (同义句转换) She went to school when she was in primary school.
  2. We have learned English since two years ago.(同义句) We have learned English .
  3. I am a party member. I joined the party three years ago.(用现在完成时将两句合并成一句). I the party for three years.
  4. Bob had a pain in his head at times.(改为同义句) Bob had a pain in his head .
  5. Actually, he was in Nanjing at that time. (同义句) , he was in Nanjing at that time. 三,改错 ( )
  1. They felt a bit of lonely when they are alone.
  2. Do you by the bus to go to school? ( )
  3. His father has gone to Taiwan for several times . ( )
  4. It was one year after Hong Kong's return China. ( ) 四,用所给的短语填空 take off, since two days ago, be in use, go on holiday, move out of, be surprised by, over the years.
  1. We are pleased, because we are going to the old dirty house.

  2. When the planes , the noise was terrible.
  3. He has been in Nanjing.
  4. His uncle the changes to the new park.
  5. The new airport in 19
  6. I want to go to Hainan to.
  7. The area has changed a lot. 练习二 练习二 一,用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. It is his(one) day in Beijing.
  2. She danced so (beautiful) that everyone screamed.
  3. She wore a (shine) golden silk dress.
  4. The (perform) all wore (color) costumes
  5.--Do you know whose coats these are? ?Yes, they are the (tour)
  6. The young man was brave, and he carried the boy to the (safe)
  7. We think smoking is (harm) to our health.
  8. If it is(possible) to get to school in two minutes, I'll be late.
  9. You should remember the time and place of your trip (clear)
  10. It is the (good) time for (visit) Chinese garden in a year.
  11. Look! It seems (rain). .二,句型转换 二
  1. It no longer provides a good environment for wildlife.(同义句) It a good environment for wildlife .
  2. It must be fun.(一般疑问句) ? 三,改错 ( )
  1. The airport was such big and modern.
  2.Although he is over 70, but he keeps running every morning. ( )
  3. They didn't go fishing because the heavy rain. ( )
  4. I will make a telephone to him as soon as I will arrive. ( )
  5. My parents bought some stationerys for me. ( ) 四,根据汉语意思翻译下列句子
  1.我们一到就住进了旅馆. We went to the hotel we arrived.
  2.在她随着音乐跳舞时,他向游客挥挥手. She the visitors she was the music.
  3.这幅画是如此漂亮,我忍不住看了又看. The picture was beautiful I couldn't stop at it again and again. 五, 用所给短语的正确形式填空 see the beautiful view, take photos, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, even though, clap one's hands, package tour, by tomorrow afternoon

  1. I am sure I can finish the work .
  2. Can I have some information about the to Singapore?
  3. Summer holiday is coming. Do you want to go out to.
  4. He took out his camera to .
  5. is in Italy.
  6. he was ill, he went to work.
  7. The programs(节目) are so wonderful that we can't stop. 练习三 练习三 一,.用所给词的适当形式填空 用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. Jennifer is a happy who loves (travel).
  2. Do you often fall (sleep) when you are watching TV.
  3. Look! Here is the (education) Bookshop.
  4. In his dream, he saw a (gold) eagle flying in the sky.
  5. You must put the books on the shelf (proper)
  6. The (move) cursor will appear on the screen.
  7. (day) English is spoken by us. 二,句型转换
  1. They were playing basketball at that time, ?(反义疑问句)
  2. She didn't know. She .(同义句)
  3. She designed the CD-ROM. She was the CD-ROM.
  4. Each level will take you about an hour to finish. You about an hour each level.
  5. You had better put in the CD-ROM. It is for you in the CD-ROM. 三,改错
  1. He has many knowledge in her mind. ( )
  2. She is an eleven ?years- old girl. ( )
  3. It sounds interesting, isn't it? ( )
  4. A new CD-ROM calling "Around China" has just come out. ( ) 5 The keyboard is comfortable, so I can type easy.( )
  6. Her hair is about six foot long. ( ) 四,根据汉语意思翻译下列句子
  1.一朵云将会下来载着你到一个你从未去过的地方. A cloud will and you to a place you have never before.
  2.你每回答对一个问题就的一分. You a you answer a question . 五, 用所给短语的正确形式填空 play the role of, test the knowledge of, change the channel, a remote control, pass a level, have a terrible dream, a total of,
store less information, inch.
a lot of memory,
cut an inch of,
grow an

  1.I have bought ten books since two years ago.
  2.A floppy disk than a hard disk.
  3.80 G is .
  4.In the game, the witch can the princess's hair if you don't answer a question correctly.
  5. I planted a young tree. After a week it .
  6.This program is boring. Please .
  7.Do you want tothe hero in the game.
  8.You will see a world map if you .
  9.Do you need to of your geography.
  10. I usually wake up in the mid-night because I always 阅读理解 "Our Chinese daughter fund" is a non-profit(非赢利的)international organization with its location(位置)in Beijing, which provides help to those foreign parents of Chinese children. Every year, Jane and her colleagues(同事) receives tens of foreign families from the US, Canada, and other countries in Europe. These families had adopted(收养)children from China. Jane will show them around China and tell them about Chinese history and present situation(形势). She said they named this foundation "Our Chinese daughter fund"intends to advocate( 拥护,提倡) people to think of this problem.
  1.Please give a title (标题)for the passage.
  2. which provides help to those foreign parents of Chinese children.请将本句翻译成汉语
  3.请举出三例和 tens of 结构相同的短语
  4.what's the location of "Our Chinese daughter fund"?
  5.请你猜一下 intends 的汉语意思. 答案
  2.feeling, help
  3.more difficult
  4.incorrect is watering
  5.to have
  15.times 二,句型转换
  1. on her own
  2. for two years
  3.Have been in
  4.from time to time 5 In fact 三,改错
  1.a bit of a bit
  2.by take
  3.gone been
  4.returnreturn to 四,用所给短语的适当形式填空

  1.be in service
  2.move out of
  3.on your own
  4.took off
  5. since two days ago
  6.from time to time
  7.was surprised by
  8.was in use
  9.go on holiday
  10.over the years.
一, 用所给词的适当形式填空
  4.performers, colourful
  7. harmful
  10.best, visiting
  11.to rain 二,句型转换
  1.doesn't provide ,any longer
  2.Must it be fun? 三,改错
  2.but去掉 but
  3.becausebecause of
  4.will arrivearrive
  5.stationerys--stationery 四,根据汉语意思翻译下列句子
  1. as soon as
  2.waved to, while, dancing to
  3.so, that, looking 五, 用所给短语的正确形式填空
  1.by tomorrow afternoon
  2.package tour
  3.the best time
  4.see the beautiful view
  5.take photos
  6. the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  7.Even though
  8.clapping our hands
  1.traveller/traveler, travelling/traveling
  8.correctly 二,句型转换
  1.weren't they
  2. had no idea
  3.the designer of
  4.will spend, finishing
  5.better, to put 三,改错
  3.isn't itdoesn't it
  6.footfeet 四,根据汉语意思翻译下列句子
  1.come down .carry, off, visited
  2.earn, point every time, correctly 五,用所给短语的正确形式填空
  1.a total of
  2.stores less information
  3. a lot of memory
  4.cut an inch of
  5.grew an inch
  6.change the channel
  7. play the role
  8. pass a level
  9.test the knowledge of 10 have a terrible dream
1 Our Chinese daughter fund
  3.hundreds of, thousands of, millions of
  4.Its location is Beijing.


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