初三英语中考复习第 初三英语中考复习第 二 课时 中考复习
本课时复习内容: 本课时复习内容:
  1. 现在进行时
  4.8A Unit 4 ? Unit 6 的词汇 本课时复习要点: 本课时复习要点:
  2)现在进行时常用的时间状语有:now, right now, at the moment 等,或前面有 look, listen , It's …(时间) 等词时.也可根据上下文判断. 过去进行时常用的时间状语: this time / moment last night, at 9:00 a.m. yesterday, when at I saw him, while I was watching TV, from seven to nine yesterday evening, at that time 等, 或有上下文的提示.
  7)非谓语动词形式有:动词不定式, 动名词和过去分词等.
  8) 动词不定式肯定句基本形式: do / 否定句基本形式: + to do / 疑问形式: to not how to do it, what to do 等 强化训练: 强化训练: 一.词汇: 根据句意及所给中文和英文释义写出正确的英文单词并用其正确形式完成下 列句子
  1. Hunters are good at (猎取) animals.
  2. Some (旅行者) went to Zhalong to watch birds yesterday.
  3. Typhoon is a (自然的) disaster.
  4. If we keep (杀) tigers, there'll be no ones in the world in the future.
  5. Millie will bring some (三明治) for everyone for the coming picnic.
  6. We should (keep…away from danger) all the wild animals.
  7. It's really amazing. A little boy (stayed alive) from that big fire.
  8. Zhalong is one of the world's most important (areas of land with wet ground).
  9. The Chinese government wants to help these (in a dangerous state) birds.
  10. I told myself to (stop being nervous or excited).
  11. (wolf) hunt tighter if they are hungry.
  12. Do you know how to (weight) an elephant?
  13. Swallows fly to (north) counties in summer.

  14. The nature reserve is a (protect) area for wildlife.
  15. Don't be (frighten). It's just a toy snake. 二.用动词的适当形式填空:
  1) Wow! The sun (shine) brightly now.
  2) What your sister (do)? She (watch) TV.
  3) Listen! Someone (knock) at the door.
  4) Look, the children (clean) their classroom.
  5) It's 7:00 o'clock . What the Greens (do) at home? They (have) supper.
  6) The workers (set) up the stage for the show now.
  7) you (mop) the floor at the moment? No, I ..
  8) The old women(carry) lots of shopping bags. Let's help them.
  9) It's so late now. I don't know who (play) the piano.
  10) I (read) a book about science these days. I find it very interesting.
  11) What you (do) while I (sleep) last night?
  12) Mr Wang (mend) the car at 9:30 last night?
  13) The students (not study) at that time.
  14) When I (leave) home, my mother (eat) breakfast.
  15) Who they (talk) with from 3 to 4 yesterday?
  16) you(watch) TV at this time yesterday?
  17)The two girls (listen) to the music when their mother came back..
  18)Nancy (do) her lessons while her brothers (play) games.
  19)I (not wash) clothes at this time the day before yesterday.
  20) he still (swim) at that time?
  21) You can support charities by (send) donations.
  22) It is useful for trailwalkers (have) support teams.
  23) Mary is used to (travel) by air now.
  24) Computer can be used to (receive) e-mails
  25) Dr Ma used to (go) out with friends at weekends.
  26) I am looking forward to (see ) you soon.
  27) Are you finish (wash) all the dirty clothes?
  28) The players always practise (play) basketball after school.
  29) The aim of the walk is (raise) money for Oxfam.
  30) Mr Wu told us (close) the windows.
  31) Amy asks me (not tell) you the whole thing.
  32) Thank you for (invite) me to your birthday party.
  33) I hope (pass) all the exams.
  34) If we go there early in the morning, we may even hear the birds (sing).
  35) (watch) TV too much is bad for our eyes.

  36) Why not (try) our best to help people in need?
  37) The information will make people (take) actions(protect) wildlife.
  38) Do you mind (tell) me how to use this function?
  39) The workers are busy (build) the new road.
  40) Nancy spent three days (work) out the problems.
  41) If it's fine tomorrow, I'll go shopping instead of (stay) at home.
  42) Excuse me, can you tell me how (get) to the supermarket?
  43) The members of our birdwatching club enjoy (study) the birds.
  44) Let's (do) something for the giant pandas
  45) Pay attention to (write) your name at the right place.
  46) If we arrive at noon, I will see the (feed) of animals. 三.阅读理解:阅读下列短文,并根据短文内容,按要求回答问题. Your days in the sun It's here again ? summer, one of the best times of the year. Almost two months of freedom (自 由). Sounds good, doesn't it? So what are you going to do with all the time? Why not try something new? Some kids like you have already made great plans for the summer. Travel for fun Many teens say they will travel with their parents over the holidays. Fan Zhe from Yantai Bilingual Experimental School (烟台双语实验中学) will go to Shanghai with his parents. They will set out right after the senior high school entrance examination (高中入学考试) in mid-June. "I will need a break, as I will be really tired of tests and exams by that time," said Fan. Gao Yuan will spend his holiday far away from his parents. From August 10, the 15-year-old boy and 20 other students at Shanghai Weiyu Junior Middle School (上海位育初级中学) will spend 18 days in Australia. They will live with Australian families and visit Sydney and Melbourne. And they will have classes with Australian teens as part of their study tour. "It will be a wonderful holiday in a foreign country. I hope to make some friends there," said Gao. Summer studies Some teens are spending the summer studying. Xing Wei from Yaohua Middle School in Tianjin and Zhou Xiaolin from Huangcun No.3 Middle School in Beijing have to go to maths, physics and English classes. Their parents think this will help their future studies. But Xing is unhappy. "I will spend my holiday playing with numbers. How boring!" He hopes he will have time to play football with friends. Plenty of activities Li Yuanchen from Hefei No.45 Middle School will be doing all the usual things. "I'll be
travelling a little bit, partying with friends and reading books," he said. Shanghai's Ma Jiameng said she will spend a lot of time with friends, doing different things. "We will do some drawing and go swimming. I will also write short stories." Summer is a great chance to do many things. Keeping fit is an easy and cheap way to have fun. Running, swimming and dancing are all great exercises.There is always volunteer work to do, too. Maybe a park near your home needs cleaning, or you could help old people around you.Do something! Anything! If you don't, you'll be sorry when September comes.
  1. Does Fan Zhe want to relax after the senior high school entrance examination?
  2. Will Gao Yuan go to Australia with his parents?
  3. How will Zhou Xiaolin spend her holidays this summer?
  4. Who will spend their holidays with their friends in this article?
  5. What is the writer's opinion according to the article? 答案 一.
  1. hunting
  2.travellers / tourists
  4. killing
  5. sandwiches
  6. protect
  8. wetlands
  9. endangered
  10. calm down
  11. Wolves
  12. weigh
  13. northern
  14. protected
  15. frightened 二.
  1) is shining
  2) is, doing, is watching
  3) is knocking
  4) are cleaning
  5) are, doing
  6) are setting
  7) Are, mopping, am not
  8) are carrying
  9) is playing
  10) am reading
  11) were, doing, was sleeping
  12) Was, mending
  13) were not studying
  14) left, was eating
  15) were, talking
  16) were watching
  17) were listening
  18) was doing, was playing
  19) wasn't washing
  20) was, swimming
  21) sending
  22) to have
  23) travel(l)ing
  24) receive
  25) go
  26) seeing
  27) washing
  28) playing
  29) to raise
  30) to close
  31) not to tell
  32) inviting
  33) to pass
  34) sing
  35) Watching / To watch
  36) try
  37) take, to protect
  38) telling
  39) building
  40) working
  41) staying
  42) to get
  43) studying
  44) do
  45) writing
  46) feeding
三.. 阅读理解
  1. Yes, he does.

  2. No, he will go there by himself.
  5. She will have to go to maths, physics and English classes. Ma Jiameng and Li Yuanchen. Children should do something interesting during their summer holidays.



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