初三英语中考复习第 初三英语中考复习第 七 课时 中考复习
本课时复习内容: 重点词组, 本课时复习内容:8A Unit 4?6 重点词组,句型 强化训练: 强化训练: I 用所给短语的正确形式填空: A (
  1) at the very beginning take some actions up to look like grow into Xi Wang a white mouse when she was born. , she drank her mother's milk for 14 hours a day. Eight months later, she a healthy young giant panda. But it is very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild. We should to protect them (
  2). build more reserves keep taking the land have nowhere to live get smaller and smaller living areas
Giant pandas are quiet and peaceful animals. It's sad that their number is because their are becoming farmlands. If farmers , they will . So we must and encourage farmers to leave the giant panda reserves. B (
  1) all year round provide food and shelter a nature reserve an ideal home be in danger Zhalong is in Heilongjiang Province. It for wild life. Many birds live there , especially the rare red-crowned cranes. Now, because more and more birds , the government is doing something to make Zhalong for plants, fish and birds again. (
  2) do a bird count a protected area the importance of wetlands go bird watching be interested in
Zhalong is in China. If you birds, you can there. Governments need volunteers once a year. Unfortunately, many people do not understand , so we should help them understand and do something for the birds. C (
  1) calm down sound like bombs run in all directions move away be trapped scream for help
Timmy survived the Taiwan Earthquake in 19
  99. He first heard a big noise. It under the ground. Then people . Suddenly Timmy found he and couldn't get out. He told himself .Finally, he heard people come to help. He , then the bricks and stones and he was
can do nothing but get on a bus be in a hurry fall over A snowstorm hit Beijing on Friday. We left school earlier than before. Snow continued to fall around us, and we nearly . We walk slowly in the storm. People to go home. At last, we and arrived home safely. II 翻译:
  1. 如果人没有水和食物就回死亡. People there no food and water.
  2. 在他五岁的时候就回游泳了. He swim of five.
  3. 她第一次见到周杰伦时非常激动. She was very when she saw zhou Jielun .
  4. 他不再是个小孩子了. He a child .
  5. 那个小女孩已经长成一个漂亮的姑娘了. The girl has a beautiful woman.
  6. 在刚开始上课的时候同学们都很吵. the class.the students made lots of noise.
  7. 这个小孩一天睡觉长达十个小时. The child sleeps ten hours a day.
  8. 对于大熊猫来说要想在野外生存是很难的. for giant pandas in the wild.
  9. 如果农民继续砍伐森林,大熊猫将无处生存. farmers go on forests, the pandas
  10.那个男孩经常自己一个人在家. The boy is often at home . 11 如果人们发现 小熊猫自己一个人,他们就会把他们带走. people baby panda alone, they them .
  12.老虎正处在危险中,我们应该保护他们. The tigers are we should protect them.
  13.我们应该鼓励同学们大胆提问题. We should the students questions. 14 如果我们什么措施不采取的话,世界上将没有大熊猫了. we , pandas in the world. 15 如果我穿过热带雨林的话将会看到很多漂亮的鸟. If I a rainforest, I many beautiful birds.
  16.这件衣服穿在你身上很好看. The clothes beautiful you.
saved. (

  17.很多英雄为了我们今天的幸福生活牺牲了. Many heroes for our happy life.
  18.我认为他不是个好的团员. I he a league members.
  19.如果我不买他们,别人也会买的 If I don't buy them, buy them.
  20. 熊猫的数量越来越少了. of the pandas and . 21 警察到达时, 人们从四面八方 向他们跑来. When the police arrived, people ran to them . 22 上星期天我第一次看到外国人. Last Sunday I saw some foreigners 23 我们应尽最大的努力去保护那些面临危险的野生动物. We should to protect the wild animals . 24 老师常常鼓励我们努力学习功课. The teacher often at our subjects. 25 不要在汽车上抽烟, 因为容易着火. Don't smoke in the bus, because it easily. 26 当心! 不要让孩子摔倒. Be careful! Don't let the child . 27 王老师就如何学好英语给我们提出了一些建议. Mr Wang on how to learn English well. 28 请把这棵树砍倒并把他移走. Please this tree and it . 29 这个学校占地十万平方米. The school 100,000 square metres. 30 他从树上掉了下来,孩子们都惊恐地相互对望. He the tree. The children looked at each other . 31 他一整年都忙碌着,因为他是观鸟俱乐部的主席. He is busy because he is the chairperson of the Birdwatching Club. 32 这则新闻将使我们采取行动保护野生动物. The news will make us to protect wildlife. 33 我迫不及待地等待寒假的到来. I the coming winter holiday. 34 我们经常在星期四下午参加俱乐部的活动. We often on Thursday afternoon.
35 猎人们住进森林以后,动物的数量就越来越少了. After the hunters live in the forest, the number of the animals is becoming .
  36.江苏大丰是麋鹿的理想家园. Dafeng Jiangsu is Milu deer.
  37.他要到今天早晨 8 点才到达. He until 8 .
  38.我认为开车比跑步更刺激. I think is more than .
  39.昆明的天气终年温暖,潮湿. The in Kunming is warm and wet .
  40.我们欢迎来自世界各地的游客到常熟来参观. We welcome from all over the world Changshu. III 用所给短语的适当形式填空 A look after, talk with, look after oneself, look delicious, like best,
  5. B The cake on the table. I want to eat it. If he dies, no one will Hobo. He has something wrong with his throat. Don't him any more. His parents are working in another city. He has to . Among all the animals, I because squirrels are very lovely.
start to go to school, do one's best, for up to 14 hours a day, to survive in the wild, take the following actions
  5. C We should to improve our English. At six years old, she . Sadly, it's very difficult for such a little cat. They are going to to protect giant pandas. The boss made his workers work .
grow into healthy young giant pandas, grow into, fail in exams, solve this problem, buy the animal fur
  5. If no one, people won't kill animals any more. My parents often encourage me to try again after I. Mother giant pandas are glad to see that their babies. It's very difficult for Tom to in five minutes. Eight months later, my little sister a healthy baby and she didn't often cry any
more. D hold a sports meeting , at once, win the game, get lost, have a lot of money
  5. E If Tom ,he will help the poor children to go to school. If I know the news, I will tell you . If she in a strange city, she can ask policemen for help. If they ,their fans will have a party to celebrate their victory. If it rains tomorrow, we next week.
fewer and fewer, fall down, be free, play tricks on…be interested in
  5. F If you something, you want to find out more information. If we don't protect the wild animals, there'll be wild animals. If it is April Fools' Day, we can other classmates. If the house ,we will have no where to live. If we , we will go to the cinema. look like, become smaller and smaller, take good
spend a lot of walking, keep taking the land,
  5. G
If I am a nurse, I'll my patients. If farmers , tigers will have no where to live. Tigers outside. It is about 9 a day. The number of tiger is because their living areas are becoming farmlands. Tom is very handsome and he a pop star. on your own, not …any more, protect our forests, keep crying, step on the grass

  5. H
The baby feels uncomfortable and she. It is not right for us to . He broke his arm in the accident and can play basketball . You are old enough now. You should solve the problem. It is important for us. all year round, for a short stay, be in danger, members of, make space for,

  1.If you cross the road when the traffic lights are red, you .
  2.We should the other animals because we own the same earth.
  3.My father often go to Beijing on business.

  4.The weather is warm and wet in English .
  6. The students over there are Birdwatching Club and they are talking about the ways protecting the wildlife. I have an areas of, , go out of a picnic, fall from, crash into a tree, mop up the floor
  5. J The heavy rain prevents us from. This nature reserve once 210,000 hectares. The house is all wet. Please. Yesterday a young man the 19th floor. Luckily, he wasn't hurt badly. A coach in the accident last night. be very frightened, shout for help, be in a hurry to move away, a strong wind , say to oneself

  1. There is outside. Li Ming is closing the window.
  2. I like when I am when I am thinking.
  3. When we are in danger, we can .
  4. People the bricks and stones.
  5. The children screamed because they . IV 下列每句句子均有一处错误,请找出并在横线上改正:
  1.This morning I read a article about weather. It's very interesting. ( A B C D
  2.Could you tell me informations about this animals? ( A B C D
  3.What a fine day! Why not to go out for a walk ( A B C D
  4.I looked calm at him and said nothing. ( A B C D
) ) ) )

  5.She hopes me to come to her wedding .( ) A B C D 6 .Can you tell him the news if he will comes. ( ) A B C D
  7.There were a heavy stom with thunder and lightning. ( ) A B C D
  8.Nobody was hurt serious in the accident because the driver slowed down in time. ( A B C D ( )
  9.We left in great hurry for Nanjing. A B C D
  10.The teather told her don't come late again. ( ) A B C D

  11.I tried my best to run out of the street as well. ( ) A B C D )
  12. There is going to have a performance next Sunday. ( A B C D
  13.Because he was badly ill, so he stayed at home. ( ) A BC D )
  14.I regret I took your unbrella by mistakes the day before yesterday. ( A B C D
  15.He wants to make a call but he has no changes with him. ( ) A B C D ( )
  16.The dress looks beautiful in you. A B C D
  17.If you don't buy them and someone else will buy them. ( ) A B C D
  18.Mary asked me to go home because I forget to bring my homework. ( ) A B C D
  19.His car crashed on a tree near Starlight Street. ( ) A B C D
  20.If farmers keep taking the land, animals will have no place live. ( ) A B C D
  21.Mother giant pandas can have two babies at times. ( ) A B C D
  22.I found a panda lonely and took it back home .( ) A B C D
  23.If the doctor comes more lately, the child will lose his life. ( ) A B C D
  24.We need voluntarys to help the foreigners, when the 2008 Olympic Games is held A B C D in Beijing. ( )
  25.While we are visiting Beijing wildlife Park, everyone shouldn't drop litter careless A B C D ( )
  26.People kill a elephant for its bones and tusks. ( ) A B C D
  27.If he will come, please let me know as soon as possible. ( ) A B C D
  28.There won't be some elephants if we don't protect them. ( ) A B C D
  29.Taiwan is one of the bigger islands in the world today. ( )


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