初三英语期末测试 初三英语期末测试
听 力
第 I 卷 选择题 Ⅰ. 听力 (每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 一 情景反应(选出与你听到的休息相关的选项) 情景反应 出与你听到的休息相关 选项)
对话理解 二 对话理解 B. No, they don’t. C. It’s not mentioned . ( )6 A . Yes, they do. B .Mike C. Maria ( )7 A. Mike’s uncle B. At 3:00 C. At 3:20 ( )8 A. At 2:40 C. At an airport. ( )9 A. At the bus stop B, On a bus C. A bad girl ( )10 A. A confident girl B. A shy girl 三 语篇理解 ( )
  11. Where are Mike and Mary now ? A. In Australia B. In Japan C. In America ( ( ( ( )
  12. How long have you been in that country ? A For three years . B. For two years. C. For one year . )
  13. How many languages can Mike and Mary speak ? A. Three B. Four C. Five )
  14. Which country are the family going to return to ? A. The USA B. England C. France )
  15. Why are Mike and Mary happy ? A. Because they can see their friends all over the world. B. Because they will go to another new country. C. Because they won’t have to move any more
听力填空( 空一词 四 听力填空(每空一词) How Nacy is: What kind of music Nacy likes : What Bob called Nacy for : What Nacy is doing tomorrow night : What she’ll do next Saturday : Fine, but a bit too 16 . 17 .music To invite her out for a
  18. She’s
  19.a friend with Lucy . She’ll watch a
  20.match .
Ⅱ. 单项选择 (15 分) ( )
  1. Will you please make any noise here? The patient is sleeping. A. not B. not to C. don’t ( )
  2. The Yangzi River is one of in the world. A. the longest rivers B. the most longest river C. long rivers ( )
  3. Most of his time in reading books. A. spends B. cost C. is spent ( )
  4. Tim is honest man. We can believe him.
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
A. the B. an C. a )
  5. He ran fast he could catch the bus. A. so that B. for C. because )
  6. the end of last month, we had learned five English songs . A. At B. In C. By )
  7. I met him on the train. And it was a surprise. A. by mistake B. by accident C. by the way )
  8. I’ll not buy these two T-shirts because they are cheap beautiful. A. neither; nor B. not only; but also C. both; and )
  9. visitors have been to the Great Wall . A. Hundred of B. Hundreds of C. Two hundred of )
  10. Please try to when the plane will take off . A. invent B. find C. find out )
  11. Where is your back pack? I it at home. A. lost B. forgot C. left )
  12. How long have you ? We have been married for 10 years. A. married B. got married C. been married )
  13. The alarm clock . Please get up, Tony. A. has gone off B. goes off C. went off )
  14. My son is only a 5-year-old kid, but he becomes in computer. A. interest B. interested C. interesting )
  15. Could you tell me. A. where are you going B. why were you late again C. when you visited your aunt
Ⅲ. 完形填空 (10 分) Long ago, in a small village of Wakefield lived two farmers, Harry and Peter. Harry was very hard-working while Peter was_1__. Every day Harry got up early and came late ,but Peter walked around for fun . One summer there was no _2__ and the crops were dying . Harry thought , “I must do something to save these crops , or they will die .” With this _3__in mind , he went out to find a river so that he could dig a canal(沟渠)to his field . He walked on and on , feeling tired and thirsty . After a _4__ search , he found a river full of blue water . He was very happy . He started digging a canal to his field ._5__ it was noon his wife sent their daughter to bring Harry home __6_ lunch .But Harry did not go . He did not want to leave his work unfinished .He completed his work _7__ at night . He was very satisfied . He went home , had a good meal and _8_ into a sound sleep . Peter did the same . But he was not at all determined (有决心的) . He also __9__ digging a canal to his field but he didn’t have his work completed . His field did not get _10 water and all his crops died . Harry’s field would be watered when needed . He had a good harvest because of his hard work . ( )
  1. A. lazy B. careless C. silly ( )
  2. A. rain B. wind C. cloud
( )
  3. A. feeling B. thought C. problem ( )
  4. A. quick B. long C. slow ( )
  5. A. When B. Unless C. Although ( )
  6. A. for B. to C. with ( )
  7. A. early B. far C. late ( )
  8. A. fell B. looked C. turned ( )
  9. A. stopped B. loved C. started ( )
  10. A. clean B. enough C. fresh Ⅳ.阅读理解,选择正确答案 (每小题 2 分,共 20 分) A If you often feel tired and the doctor can’t find anything wrong with you , you may be in a state of subhealth (亚健康). Subhealth is a state between health and illness. Most of the subhealth people are middle-aged ones who are usually stressed out because of work and family. And some of them are students who are having exams. If you are subhealthy, it is not difficult for you to become well soon. You should have good living habits. For example, you should get up early and go to bed early. And you should exercise regularly. Exercising can keep you healthy. As for meals , it is better to eat less salt and sugar . Vegetables, fruit and fish are important to your body . You should eat more of them . It is not good to eat too much at one meal , because it may cause unhealthy changes in the digestive tract (消化道) . And at last , a balanced diet is very helpful in staying away from subhealth .
  1. According to the passage, who will probably be subhealthy? A. Teachers and students B. Parents and children . C. Middle-aged people and students .
  2. What does “subhealth” mean in Chinese? A. 生病 B. 亚健康 C. 健康
  3. How may you feel if you are subhealthy ? A. Tired B. Happy C. Sad
  4. What can help your health ? A. Eat more food. B. Only eat vegetables. C. Have regular exercise.
  5. What is the main idea of the passage? A. What is subhealthy? B. How to keep away from the subhealthy? C. Why are you subhealthy? B After finals, I was ready to move out. It wasn’t too hard for me, but for a lot of my friends, it was a big event. After packing my suitcase and helping my friend move, it was time to say goodbye. I had finished my first year in the university! A friend from Chinese Taipei who is studying in Washington D.C. came to visit, so my brother and I took him sightseeing. But these were not this month’s highlights. The high point was coming back home, a moment I’d been expecting since the day I left. I arrived home early on the morning of May 15th. When I saw my parents, I gave them a big hug and kiss. Being at home with my parents, standing on this land, and feeling humid and hot air,
I knew I was at home. The first thing I did was to go Mei & Mei for a big breakfast. It was much better than the school cafeteria(自助餐厅) ! Mei & Mei was just a start. There are so many foods I have to eat so many friends I want to see. The hot air is hurting my face and the sweat(汗) is falling down from my face. I love this feeling. This is where I belong.
  1. From this passage we can know the writer is a . A. university student B. first year university student in China. C. high school student
  2. The writer went home. A. after one year study B. after a big event C. at the end of year
  3. The most exciting thing for the writer was . A. to meet his friend B. to say goodbye to his friends C. to get home
  4. The writer came back. A. when he was tired of the school cafeteria B. at the time when the weather was humid and hot C. because he missed his parents
  5. From the last paragraph, we can know that the writer. A. loves hot weather very much B. doesn’t want to go to study in the university. C. loves his hometown Ⅴ. 任务型阅读 (10 分) BEIJINGLights went out for an hour at some famous landmarks and homes all over the world on March 28 for Earth hour 20
  10. It is a global event created by the WWF( World Wildlife Fund) to make people pay more attention to the climate change. From the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and London’s HOUSE OF Parliament, lights went out to encourage people to cut energy use. Organizers said the action showed that a great number of people wanted the government to action to fight against global warming by the end of 20
  10. “We have been dreaming of a new climate deal for a long time,” said Kim Carstensen, head of a global climate organization. “Now we are no longer alone with the dream. We’re sharing it with all these people turning off the lights,” he said. Australia first held Earth Hour in 2008, attracting 50 million people. WWF is hoping one billion people from 1,000 cities in nearly 80 countries will take part in the event. Oriental Peal Towel in Shanghai, the Bird’s Nest in Beijing and many other famous buildings in China also joined the event.
  1. What’s the purpose of the event created by WWF?
  2. What did people in Beijing do on March 28?
  3. Does lots of people want to fight global warming?
  4. How many famous landmarks are mentioned in the passage?

  5. Which country first held Earth Hour? Ⅵ.用所给词的正确形式填空: 分) (5 Jerry has learned Chinese for about 2 (year). But she is not still good at it. She (make) many mistakes in the last exam. Her mother was angry with (she). She hopes she can improve it (quick). Can you give her some (help) advice? Ⅶ. 补全对话: (10 分) A: Hi, Sandy. Nice to meet you. B: 1 . A: You look so happy. Why? B: I saw a great movie called Avatar (《阿凡达》). It was so beautiful. A: Oh? 2 ? B: No, it was made by Americans. A: 3? B: At Qingxu Cinema. A: I want to see it. Could you tell me 4? B: It’s next to the Huayi Supermarket. You can take the number 3 bus. A: Thank you very much B:
  5. Ⅷ.书面表达: (10 分) 初中生活即将结束,在此期间,留下了我们的许多快乐、烦恼。请把你的印象中最 深刻的写出来,要写自己的感受。 (60 词左右)
答案: 听力:1?5 BBCAC 610ACABA
  16. busy
  17. Country
  18. concert
1115 ABBBC
  19. seeing/visiting
  20. tennis
单选:1?5 AACBA 610 CBABC 1115 CCABC 完型:1?5 AABBA 610 ACACB 阅读:A: CBACB B: AACBC 任务型阅读:
  1. To make people pay more attention to the climate change.
  2. They turned off the lights for an hour.
  3. Yes, they do.

  5. Australia. 词填空:years, made, her, quickly, helpful 对话:
  1. Nice to meet you.
  2. Was it made by Chinese?(答案多种,说得通即可)
  3. Where did you see it?
  4. how to get there?
  5. You are welcome.



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