Chapter 2
consist of e.g. be made up of
A computer consists of a monitor, speakers, a main unit, a mouse ... is made up of
英英释义: 英英释义:
  1. hardly ever
  2. hidden almost never 几乎从来不 隐藏的
invisible, that cannot be seen 微小的,很小的

  3. tiny very small
  4. realize
know, notice, understand
意识到, 认识到

  5. common knowledge
sth. that is known by most people 常识,大家都知道的事 很少, 罕有 操作,运转

  6. rarely not often, seldom
  7. operate
  8. essential
  9. thus
control, keep running
very important, necessary 本质的,基本的, 必不可少的 因而, 从而 不知道
therefore, because of this don't know about rely on

  10. be unaware of
  11. depend on

依靠,依赖 temporarily, for now and some time in the future 暂时

  12. for the time being at present,
词汇学习: 词汇学习:
  1. plan to write an article on computer ( plan to do 计划做某事)
  2. hidden helpers hide hid
  3. hardly ever 隐形的帮手 hidden 隐藏 hidden 几乎从来不 adj. 隐藏的 (过去分词作形容词) 计划写一篇有关电脑的文章
almost never 几乎不
hardly almost not e.g.
I hardly ever go to concerts. adj. don't know about
我很少去听音乐会。 不知道 aware adj. 知道的,明白的

  4. be unaware of unaware
不知道的, 未察觉的
He seems to be unaware of the problems.
  5. depend on rely on
依靠,依赖 青少年不应该事事都依赖父母。
Teenagers shouldn't depend everything on their parents.

  6. common knowledge
  7. super calculator calculator calculate
  8. rarely rare adj.
sth. that is known by most people 超级计算器 计算器 计算 很少,罕有
calculating machine v. do a calculation adv.
not often, seldom 稀罕的, 珍贵的
( 否定词 )
He rarely goes out at night, does he?
  9. More importantly, ... important importantly importance adj. adv. n.
更重要的是...... 重要的 重要地 重要性 the importance of computers 电脑的重要性 操作(类似地铁的)铁路运行 operate on sb. 给某人动手术

  10. operate railway ( like the understand ) operate v. 操作,运转,
How do you operate this new machine?
你如何操作这台新机器? 医生决定给他动心脏手术。 手术很成功。
The doctor decided to operate on her heart. operation n.
The operation was successful. 由于这些原因 电脑 电子词典 电子计算器

  10. For these reasons
  11. electronic brain electronic dictionary electronic calculator

  12. for the time being at present,
  13. understand sth. better
  14. create new ideas
temporarily, for now and sometime in the future 暂时
更好地理解...... 产生新想法 问题的答案 提出有趣的问题 提出,提起...... , 把......升起来 举手 raise one’s voice the key to the front door 前门的钥匙

  15. the answer to the question
  15. raise interesting questions raise raised raise questions rise
raised 提出问题
raise the flag 升旗 上升, 升起来
raise hands
rose risen
The sun rises in the east .
rise from the seat 从座位上站起来
The river rose after the heavy rain.
大雨过后,河流水面上涨。 我能看见烟从烟囱里冒出来。
I can see the smoke rising from the chimney.

  16. have nothing to do
  17. make a mistake
无所事事 犯错 超过三十万页的字 历史上的著名人物 听他演讲

  18. over 300,000 pages of writing
  19. a famous person in history
  20. listen to him speaking
  1. This is some of the information he has collected. 这是他收集的一部分信息。
  2. There may be tiny, hidden computers in your home that you are unaware of. 你家里可能有你所不知道的隐形的微电脑。
  3. So maybe you depend on computers more than you realize. 因此可能你所依赖的电脑比你知道的更多。 (因此你可能依赖更多的电脑,只是自己不知道。 )
  4. It is common knowledge that computers are super calculators. ( 主语从句 ) ( 定语从句 ) ( 定语从句 )
电脑是超级计算器, 这是常识。 (人尽皆知的是电脑是超级计算器。 )
  5. However, one day computers may be able to do most things that a human brain can and do them better. ( 定语从句 )
  6. How do we give a computer instructions? We give a computer instructions by putting a program into it. 我们如何给电脑指令呢? 我们通过输入程序来给电脑指令。 ( 被动语态:be done )

  7. The program is written by a human being. 程序是由人来写的。 (被写)

  8. It is essential that the human does not make a mistake. (编写程序的)人不犯错是基本的。
( 主语从句

  9. Some people think that CD-ROMs will soon be more popular than books. 有些人认为 CD-ROM 将会比书本更受欢迎。
( 宾语从句 )



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