(A) 用所给的词组填空. as fast as possible at the beginning of at the top of at the same time at times at most as usual at once at first at least at the head of at last

  1. I can pay only fifty pounds .
  2. my mother lets me watch TV in the evening.
  3. The two runners reached the finishing line .
  4. It was late for school. Li Lei ran .
  5. She would go home, , for Christmas.
  6. If you find any mistakes, tell me .
  7. he knew the meaning of the text.
  8. The exam will begin June.
  9. he was a little shy in class, but now he is active.
  10. Mary graduated her class.
  11. There were a hundred people in the hall.
  12. There was snow the mountains. (B) 用所给的词组填空. how long how much
  8. how soon how many how far how deep how often how old
do you go to Beijing? Once a year. do you want to go to Beijing again? I can't wait to. is it from Nanjing to Beijing? About 1,157 kilometers. have you been a League member? Three years. will Mr Green come back to Beijing? In three years. kilos of milk was produced on the farm in 2001? 48,400 kilos. is the Lake, do you know? It's about 1,600 meters deep, I think. was he last year? Ten.
(C) 用所给的词组填空. in the day in fact instead of in time in English in this way in the future in the open air

I'll go to see her you. No one knows what will happen . No one believed it, but, Mary did get an A in maths. The sun comes out and the moon comes at night. the students are learning to sing a song . you can learn English well. Every morning he walks for an hour. We got to the station just to catch the bus.
(D) 选用所给的词组填空,每小题只能填一个词组,每个词组只能用一次. on watch on foot on earth on display on the left on time on the other hand not…at all no matter neither … nor not only … but also no longer

  1. Mr Huang is our teacher our friend.
  2. The old man lives here. He lives with his son in Canada.
  3. Every day it takes me five minutes to go to school .
  4. The soldier was standing though it was snowing hard.
  5. A new kind of car was in the shop.
  6. Bill Jack knows how to spell the word " heard ".
  7. She is going to be a singer what difficulties she met.
  8. I think he is the luckiest man .
  9. He is clever, but , he makes many mistakes.
  10. Little John is tall enough to touch it . (E) 选用所给的词组填空,每小题只能填一个词组,每个词组只能用一次. out of just now ever since first of all even though as if at the moment up and down after a while either … or… more and more more or less

  1. Jim doesn't feel like eating. He has been like this last week.
  2. it was snowing hard, we had to go out.
  3. The work is finished.
  4. It looks it is going to rain.
  5. Tom his brothers like to go hiking.
  6. A lift is used to carry people in the tall building.
  7. Don't look the window. It's dangerous.
  8. I'd like to say how glad I am to be here.
  9. The old woman knows the address but she can't think of it .
  10. Where is Smith? He was here .
(F) 选用所给的词组填空,每小题只能填一个词组,每个词组只能用一次. at sea some day
  6. by sea to his surprise one day before long in surprise in front long before the number of in front of a number of
When we woke up, the ship was in the storm . They didn't have to worry about their chickens . The driver sits , and the passengers sit behind. , he found the girl was blind. my father went out for a walk in the street and met his old friend. the students in our school is 1,2
(G) 选用所给的词组填空,每小题只能填一个词组,每个词组只能用一次. at the end of on the way
  5. in the end none of sometime no one some time less than by the way more than
Zhang Hong hopes she will have a chance to study in America next year. The population has increased from 6,600,000 to 8,300,0
  00. home father told me about the accident. we finished the work successfully. She is interested in these books. II
(A) 选用下列短语的适当形式填空. cut down slow down
  5. come down shut down fall down turn down get down write down put down sit down
We have when we come to the main road. There is a lot of traffic on it. Something must be done to stop them from trees. Please your hands before I ask you questions. The room is too noisy. Please the radio. Sue had the computer before she left the room.
(B) 选用下列短语的适当形式填空. drop off keep off fall off turn off get off set off hurry off put off

  1. This morning we for our field trip together.

Can't you see a girl with some flowers in her hands the bus? He had to the meeting because of illness. The doctor asked the patient sleeping pills. Don't forget to the lights when you leave here.
(C) 选用下列短语的适当形式填空. come up with catch up with hurry up hands up make up one's mind ring up eat up look up send up grow up open up wake up give up put up pick up

  1. Tell me how the word in the dictionary, please.
  2. The teacher asked a difficult question, but finally Ted a good answer.
  3. A new cinema in the center of the city last year.
  4. , or we'll miss the train.
  5. Look! The teacher the competition result on the wall.
  6. If you work hard, you your classmates.
  7. The doctor told my father smoking.
  8. Will you the rubbish and throw it into a dustbin to keep the room clean?
  9. They to turn it into rich farm land.
  10. The dog was so hungry that it all the food.
  11. or I'll shoot you.
  12. The news reporter said China another spaceship soon. (D) 选用下列短语的适当形式填空. think about think over hear of hear from
  8. work out used to work on be used to have been to look for have been in find out
I going to Beijing for my holiday. I play football when I was younger, but not very often. The scientists inventing new ways of reaching outer space. We the Great Wall twice already. There is an important matter . you Mr Black, sir? Yes, we often write to each other. Can you when the train will leave for Shanghai? Of course. We the cost of the holiday and decided that we could afford it.
(E) 选用下列短语的适当形式填空. wear out pay for make sure speak highly of try out make room for learn … all by oneself get on stop … from take care of prefer to enjoy oneself

  1. I'm sure that you must the library book if you still can't find it anywhere.
  2. We are going hiking on our first trip. So we to bring enough food for the trip.
  3. My English teacher often us so that we all like to study English.
  4. Edison always new ideas when he was young.
  5. All the students in Class 1 well with each other.
  6. They walk rather than take a bus when they lived in town.
  7. Mum, can you buy new trousers for me? Mine .
  8. Bruce is clever enough this song . III (A) 选用所给的词组填空,每小题只能填一个词组,每个词组只能用一次. far away from went wrong went over arrive in give … back are used for at the second crossing come along talking to from now on come out over there

  1. Can I borrow this new book? Yes, but you must it in a week.
  2. Is your school your home? Yes, I go to school by bus every day.
  3. I'll give you a call as soon as I Beijing.
  4. Man-made satellites studying the universe now.
  5. Our teacher was Ann's mother when I passed the teacher's office.
  6. He his exam paper and found two mistakes.
  7. , we must learn more to meet the need of the world.
  8. Some flowers have begun to .
  9. It would be terrible if anything .
  10. Turn right and you'll see a supermarket. (B) 选用所给的词组填空,每小题只能填一个词组,每个词组只能用一次. in red waiting for laughed at
  9. knocking at the same as hour after hour the day before yesterday played a joke on went on to make money
Be quick! Mr Liu is you at the school gate. Do you hear someone the door? Mr Green works hard . The two brothers don't look each other. We waited , but the visitor didn't arrived. It was raining hard but they working in the fields. He doesn't like to be . A girl is smiling to us far away. The boys James. They did his shoes and he couldn't find them.

  10. They planted trees in the park . (C) 选用下列短语的适当形式填空. be surprised at be famous for be worried about be angry with be amazed at be sorry for be made of be afraid of be fast asleep be made for be fed up with be able to

  1. The children had a good time in the zoo. But they the animals in the cages.
  2. I used to eat a lot of meat. But now I it.
  3. I the beautiful scenery in Xiamen. I really enjoyed myself when I was visiting the city.
  4. Han Mei was born in the year of snake. But she snakes.
  5. All of us the news that Miss Gao won't come to the evening party this Saturday.
  6. Please don't me if I don't go swimming with you.
  7. Look! The baby .
  8. I found the dress which paper very strange.
  9. She said that she support her family since two years ago.
  10. Mrs Green is ill in hospital. Everyone her. (D)选用下列短语的适当形式填空. fill … with agree with as well take away play with thanks to do their best run away begin with so far throw about wash away quarrel with regard … as put away keep from

  1. Many more houses have been built for teachers in our city .
  2. the teacher, we all did well in maths.
  3. She not only sings, she dances .
  4. The doctor often the bottle medicine.
  5. It's dangerous fire.
  6. The museum one of the best schools.
  7. They what I said after I had explained.
  8. The Chinese people to make their country strong.
  9. Luckily they from a fire.
  10. Mother always tells me not my clothes in the room.
  11. You'd better the food. It smells bad.
  12. The bridge by the flood.
  13. My English teacher often her class an English song.
  14. The sand can moving towards the rich farmland.
词组专练参考答案 I
  1. at most
  5. as usual
  9.At first (B)
  1. How often
  5.How soon (C)
  1. instead of
  5.in English (D)
  1. not only…but also
  5. on display
  9. on the other hand (E)
  1. ever since
  5.either… or
  9. at the moment (F)
  1. at sea
  5. One day (G)
  1. some time
  5. none of
  2. at times
  6. at once
  10. at the head of
  2. How much 6 .How many
  2. in the future
  6. In this way
  2. no longer
  6. Neither…nor
  10. not…at all
  2. Even though
  6. up and down
  10. just now
  2. before long
  6. The number of
  2. less than
  3. at the same time
  7. At last
  11.at least
  3. How far
  7. How deep
  3.in fact
  7. in the open air
  3.on foot
  7. no matter
  4.as fast as possible
  8.at the beginning of
  12. at the top of
  4. How long
  8. How old
  4.in the day
  8. in time
  4. on watch
  8.on earth

  3. more or less
  7.out of

  4.as if
  8. First of all

  3. in front

  4. To his surprise

  3. On the way

  4. In the end
  1. to slow down
  2. cutting down
  3. put down
  5. shut down (B)
  1. set off / will set off
  2. getting off
  3. put off
  5. turn off (C)
  1. to look up
  2.came up with
  3.was opened up
  5. is putting up
  6. will catch up with
  7. to give up
  9. have made up their minds 10 .ate up
  11.Hands up (D)
  1. am thinking about
  2. used to
  3. are working on
  5. to th


新课标 人教版初三英语总复习 词组专练

   初三英语总复习 词组专练 代词须放在中间的短语( ) 代词须放在中间的短语(1) bring it out carry it on clean it up cut it down drop it off eat them up find it out get it back give it up hand it in hold it up look him over look it up open it up pick it up put it down put it into put it ...


   八种动词时态,有的只要求达到理解层次,有的则要求达到熟练运用层次。 八种动词时态,有的只要求达到理解层次,有的则要求达到熟练运用层次。至少其中五种时态包括过去进 行时是要求达到熟练运用层次的,而且其考查方式肯定不会以某一时态的独立形式出现, 行时是要求达到熟练运用层次的,而且其考查方式肯定不会以某一时态的独立形式出现,而是时态的综合 运用,尤其要重视各种时态之间的区别。 运用,尤其要重视各种时态之间的区别。 找出它们之间的不同冠词的用法. 找出它们之间的不同冠词的用法 现以冠词为例: 1.J ...

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   听力部分的解题技巧 主讲人: 主讲人:赵文娟 一,中考对听力理解能力的考查主要集中在以下 几个方面: 几个方面: 能听懂基本上没有生词, 能听懂基本上没有生词,贴近学生生活的语 言材料,语速为每分钟120个词左右 言材料,语速为每分钟 个词左右 1,能听懂并正确的辨别做听到的句子; ,能听懂并正确的辨别做听到的句子; 2,能听懂声音材料中涉及到的主要信息或 , 重要细节; 重要细节; 3,能听懂对话或短文中谈论的要点,中心 ,能听懂对话或短文中谈论的要点, 意思,并根据题目要求做出合理的判断 ...


   复习思路: 第一轮复习针对学生对已学基础知识。因时间久,部分已遗忘的共性,本着“依 纲靠本”和“温故知新”的原则要求学生一步一个脚印,扎扎实实搞好基础知识的 复习。(暂定于四月中旬结束)具体安排如下: 一: 按教材顺序归纳语言点, 并形成电子档, 印发给每个学生, 讲透语言点运用, 对各个单元的知识要点进行梳理。我们备课组八位老师轮流按单元整理归纳,每 天都有复习目标。二:根据复习内容,备课组自编练习一套,及时巩固。三:单 词按单元顺序打印出中文,每单元默写,及时批改并要求订正。四:词组按单 ...


   初三英语总复习计划 南安中学英语组 吴芳敏 初三英语开始进入总复习阶段,由于只有三个多月时间,要在短短的时间里 完成初中三个学年所学到的知识的复习并非轻而易举的事。所以复习要有计划 性,针对性,在复习中要抓纲务本。 “纲”就是教师要进一步明确中学英语教学 大纲中对初中各个年级的教学要求, 从而根据其要求, 把学生三年来所学的语言, 基础知识和基本技 能进行全面复习。 “本”就是要统编初中课本预备教材到 9B 的内容作为复习知识和训练技能的重点。 从近几年中考试题来看,其试题容量大,覆盖 面广 ...


   英语作文常用谚语、 英语作文常用谚语、俗语 1、A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. 说谎者即 、 使讲真话也没人相信。 使讲真话也没人相信。 2、A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 一知半解,自欺 、 一知半解, 欺人。 欺人。 3、All rivers run into sea. 海纳百川。 、 海纳百川。 4、All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 、 条 ...


   习惯用语和固定搭配 a bit (of) 有一点,一会儿 a few 一些,少量 a great deal 大量,许多 a good/great many 大量, 许多 a kind of 一种,一类 a little 一点,少许 a lot of 许多,大量 a number of 一些,许多 a pair of 一双,一副 a piece of 一块,一张,一 根,一片 above all 首先,首要 according to 根据,按照 add up to 合计达…… after al ...


   初三英语总复习 词组专练 I (A) 用所给的词组填空. as fast as possible at the beginning of at the top of at the same time at times at most as usual at once at first at least at the head of at last 1. I can pay only fifty pounds . 2. my mother lets me watch TV in the eve ...


   中考英语总复习词组翻译练习 有一点儿 a bit (of) 两个,几个 a couple of 一群 a group of 一种;一类 a kind of 许多 a lot of(lots of) 一双;一副 a pair of 一(块,张,片,件) a piece of 按照 according to 终究;毕竟 after all 放学后 after school 同意某人的意见 agree with 整天 all day(long) 到处 all over 行了;好吧;(病)好了 al ...

初三英语总复习 7B Unit 4 学案提纲

   初三英语总复习 7B Unit 4 学案提纲 班级: 姓名: 学号: 1. It’s a UFO. 那是一个不明飞行物。 UN 联合国 UNESCO 联合国教科文组织 ORBIS Oxfam UNICEF World Vision World Wide Fund for Nature Project Green Hope Project Hope Save China’s Tigers Spring Bud Project 2. It takes about three days to tr ...



   2007 年 12 月大学英语四级试题 Part I Writing (30 minutes) What electives to choose 1. 各大学开设了各种各样的选修课 2. 学生因为各种原因选择了不同的选修课 3. 以你自己为例…… Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning ) (15 minutes) Universities Branch Out As never before in their long hi ...


   更多英语学习资料,请访问 www.xlan.net.cn.在线学习英语,听说读写全掌握 2000 年北京市西城区初中毕业,升学统一考试 --年北京市西城区初中毕业, 英语试卷--英语试卷 第Ⅰ卷 听力测试(选择题 20 分) 一,看图听句子, 选择与图画内容意思相符的选项. ( 共 4 分, 每小题 1 分) 二,听句子,选择恰当的答语. (共 5 分, 每小题 1 分) 5. A. How do you do? B. Nice to meet you, too. C. How are yo ...

英语 练习发音

   英语发音规则浊化、连读、弱化、爆破... 英语中浊化、连读、弱化、爆破的规则是怎样的?何时弱化、何时浊化、 英语中浊化、连读、弱化、爆破的规则是怎样的?何时弱化、何时浊化、何时 连读、何时爆破? 连读、何时爆破? 我们都有过这样沮丧的经验,很容易听懂中国人说的英语, 我们都有过这样沮丧的经验,很容易听懂中国人说的英语,但是同样的对话一 到英美人的嘴里,便觉得很难跟上,有时甚至是不知所云。 到英美人的嘴里,便觉得很难跟上,有时甚至是不知所云。这主要是因为我们 说的英语通常单词之间很清晰, 说的 ...


   T (Page 157-168) 775. tab 1) 2) One more please. Just put it on my tab. 请再来一份,记在我的帐上好了。 I’m tired of keeping tabs on the kids. 我对监护照顾孩子烦透了。 776. table 1) 2) 3) 4) I’ll get us a table. 我去找(或:定)座位。(注:一般是去餐厅进餐时的用语。) We’ve got a couple of plans on the ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 初中英语语法 英语 16 种时态 时间:2009 年 02 月 25 日 作者:匿名 来源:网络 英语共有十六种时态,其表现形式如下(以 study 为例) 一般时 现在 study 过去 studied 将来 will study studying 过去将来 would study would be studying studying 时态(Tense)是表示行为、动作和状态在各种时间条件下的动词形式。因此,当我们 ...