1. The price of the computer is very expensive.
  2. The traffic in the street is busy now.
  3. I went to the hospital to see a ill man.
  4. He very likes pop music.
  5. My clothes is very dirty.
  6. The book is belong to me.
  7. This film is very interested.
  8. The old man felt asleep after the meeting.
  9. What he spoke at the meeting yesterday proved true.
  10. The cloth is felt soft.
  11. The food tastes well.
  12. The mountain is much more higher than that one.
  13. The knife is very fast.
  14. How much is the price of the car?
  15. There is much too food in the box.
  16. How long is it from Beijing to Shanghai? 二,
  1. The couple bought a new furniture last week.
  2. There are a lot of deers in the forest.
  3. The police was searching the house when Mr. Brown came back.
  4. My family is having breakfast in the dining-room.
  5. I have surprise for you.
  6. He is a friend of my father.
  7. The table's legs are broken. 三,
  1. We couldn't finish the work without he.
  2. He introduced Mr. Wang and I to his mother.
  3. Their classroom is bigger than our.
  4. All his parents are away from home.
  5. Could you lend me any money? 四,
  1. France is an European country.
  2. He lent me a book that he bought the other day.
  3. They often play the football after school. 五,
  1. Is there important anything in today's newspaper?
  2. The kite flies very highly.
  3. The song sounds beautifully.
  4. This dictionary is more thicker than that one.
  5. It is very much hot today.
  6. I've never seen so good film.
  7. It is sure that we will win the match.
  1. She is an eight-years-old girl.
  2. Two fifth of the population are peasants. 七,
  1. How long did you had the new car?
  2. He has gone to Europe twice.
  3. The war was broken out in 19
  4. This kind of clothes are sold well.
  5. This child was missed last night.
  6. The house is needed to be painted.
  7. My mother hopes me to go to university.
  8. The news is excited.
  9. Held the book, the manager walked into the meeting room.
  10. Knowing not what to do, we had to wait.
  11. He tried to avoid to meet her.
  12. I saw him to pass a book to her. 八,
  1. There stands an old tree in the front of the building.
  2. My English under the teacher's help, I made progress in my English.
  3. Lucy got married with Jack.
  4. I was familiar to these words.
  5. I'll wait you at the entrance.
  6. Suddenly a stone hit my face.
  7. She set a good example for us.
  8. Because he got up late, so he didn't catch the first bus this morning.
  9. I think English is as important than in the past.
  10. Hurry up and you'll be late. 九,
  1. The number of the students in our school are increasing.
  2. One of the books are written by Shakespeare.
  3. Neither Jim nor Jack and I am right.
  4. Nobody but he go to church every day.
  5. The population of out city are increasing year by year.
  6. Three fourths of the homework have been finished today.
  7. There are a book and a pen on the table.
  8. No one knows what will human look like in the future. 十,
  1. The price of the house is very expensive.
  2. My family is very happy.
  3. I don't think your plan will be useful.
  4. There are always two or three buses staying in the station.
参考答案: 一,词汇错误
  1. expensive high
  2. busy heavy
  3. ill sick
  4. very very much 放句末
  5. is are
  6. is belong belongs
  7. interested interesting
  8. asleep sleepy 二,名词语法错误
  1. a a piece of
  2. deers deer
  3. is are
  4. is are

spoke said is felt feels well good more 删除 fast sharp How much What much too too much long for
类似词还有:advice, information, news, paper, chalk, bread, work, fun 等 类似词:sheep, Chinese, Japanese, police 等,单数形式表复数意义 类似词:people, clothes, cattle, trousers 等 类似词:class, group, team 等,集合名词的单复数:强调群体成员时用复 数,强调整体用单数
  5. surprise 前加 a 表示一件令人惊讶的东西(如:礼物)时,surprise 为可数名词
  6. father father's
  7. The table's leg The legs of the table leg table 无生命的
  1. he him
  2. I me
  3. our ours
  4. All Both
  5. any some 四,冠词错误
  1. an a
  2. a the
  3. the 删除 五,形容词副词错误
  1. important anything
  2. highly high
anything important 形容词副词同形: high 高 highly 高度地(如:高度赞扬) late 晚 lately 近来 hard 努力 hardly 几乎不 near 近 nearly 几乎
  3. beautifully beautiful 类似词:turn, grow, get, taste, feel, smell 等系动词,只能用主动 语态,其后面要跟形容词
  4. more much a little, any, that, ever, far, no 等可修饰比较级
  5. much 删除 very much 修饰动词

  6. so such a
  7. sure certain 六,数词错误
  1. years year
  2. fifth fifths
sure 主语为人 I'm sure… certain 主语为人或物 I'm certain that/it is certain that
  1. did have
  2. gone been
  3. was 去掉 类似词: break out, happen, take, place, disappear, occur, appear, sit 等只 能用主动语态,不能用被动
  4. are sold sell sell 的同法比较特殊:The new dictionaries are very useful. They sell well and have been sold out already.
  5. is needed to needs painting
  6. me to that I can 类似词:hope, agree, suggest, insist, refuse 等均不与 sb. to do 搭配
  7. excited exciting
  8. Held Holding
  9. Knowing not Not knowing
  10. avoid to meet avoid meeting 类似词:enjoy, finish, mind, imagine, practice, keep, put off, be used to 后面只能跟 v-ing 八,介词连词错误
  1. the 去掉
  2. My English under With
  3. with to
  4. to with
  5. wait you wait for you 九,主谓一致错误
  1. are is
  2. are is
  3. am are
  4. go goes 十,语言运用错误
  1. expensive high
  2. I have a happy family.
  3. I don't think your plan will work.
  4. staying waiting

hit my face hit me in the face for to so 去掉 as more, than 后加 it was and or

are is have has are is will human
human will



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