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单项填空( 小题; 一. 单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 、 、 、 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 ( )
  1. It’s generous them to donate money to UNICEF. They think it’s important them to help poor children go to school. A. to, for B. for, of C. of, to D. of, for ( )
  2.Mr. Wu this math problem him many times, but he still doesn’t understand it. A. explains ; to B. have explained ; for C. has explained ; to D. explained ; with ( )
  3. She has spent on her study, but the result of her study isn’t. A. enough time ; enough good B. time enough ; well enough C. time enough ; enough good D. enough time ; good enough ( )
  4. We must run, we will miss the train. A. so B. otherwise C. though D. but ( )
  5. You aren’t weak. You are a strong man. The sentence elements of the underlined parts are and . A. predicative ; attributive B. adverbial ; predicative C. attributive ; predicative D. predicative ; object ( )
  6. Eddie is lazy enough all day without . A. to asleep; moving B. to sleep ; to move C. to sleep ; moving D. sleeping ; to move ( )
  7. It is necessary you English as often as you can. A. for ;to read B. of ; to read C. to ; to reading D. of ; reading ( )
  8. ?I think English is more useful than Chinese. I don’t you. They are both useful. A. get on with B. catch up with C. talk with D. agree with ( )
  9. creates the feeling of harmony and also represents sadness. A. Blue B. White C. Red D. Yellow ( )
  10. He felt so that he fell soon. A. asleep, sleep B. sleepy, sleep C. sleep, asleep D. sleepy, asleep ( )
  11. Strong colours can help when you are having difficulty a decision. A. make B. making C. to make D. made ( )
  12. I’m too tired. I would rather at home than football. A. stay, play B. staying, playing C. to stay, to play D. stay, playing ( )
  13. There’s with my computer. It can work well. A. something wrong B. wrong something
( ( ( ( ( ( (
C. nothing wrong D. wrong nothing )
  14. Green can give you energy, as it is the colour of and represents new life and growth. A. power B. nature C. wisdom D. purity )
  15. If you are feeling stressed, you should wear . A. red B. black C. white D. green st )
  16. Tom was born on 1 October. He is a polite and fair person. His star sign is . A. Scorpio B. Libra C. Cancer D. Gemini )
  17. A person cares only about oneself. A. selfish B. fair C. curious D. patient )
  18. Kitty dances for two hours every day. She is very . A. imaginative B. generous C. modest D. active )
  19. David is and never forgets to do the things he needs to do. A. hard-working B. confident C. organized D. clever )
  20. Jim is energetic and brave, sometimes too impatient. A. after B. but C. and D. so
小题; 二、完形填空(共 10 小题 每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 完形填空( 阅读下面短文, 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处 、 、 、 四个选项中, 的最佳选项。 的最佳选项。 Some people believe that some star signs get along better with each other than other star signs. Perhaps we should first start with those signs that are incompatible (合不来的).Aries and Leo are not a good mix. 21 of them are leaders. Aries is energetic and is not compatible with Leo because Leo is strong and confident. Also, Pisces and Taurus are not a good pair. Taurus is practical and will not be 22 to wait for Pisces to stop 23 ! Perhaps the best choice of friend for Taurus is Capricorn. Taurus can be stubborn and Capricorn is patient and would be prepared to wait for Taurus to change his or her 24 . Aries should get to know Pisces. Aries is active but Pisces is gentle and easy-going. They are a good match. Leo would be matched 25 with Libra. Leo likes to give gifts and Libra likes beautiful things. The perfect pair are Libra and Scorpio. Libra does not like to 26 and loves peace. Libra will never ask Scorpio about his or her secrets. In addition, Libra will be quite happy to watch Scorpio 27 things. Sagittarius and Gemini are also a perfect match. Sagittarius loves to travel and Gemini loves to 28 new things. Sagittarius has a good sense of humour and will enjoy 29 Gemini talk. Virgo and Aquarius are a good match too. Sometimes, however, there can be problems in their relationship. Aquarius has many friends but Virgo worries 30 about meeting a lot of people. ( )
  21. A. All B. Both C. One D. Each ( )
  22. A. enough impatient B. impatient enough C. patient enough D. enough patient ( )
  23. A. dream B. dreams C. to dream D. dreaming
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  24. A. mind )
  25. A. bad )
  26. A. save time )
  27. A. to do )
  28. A. look at )
  29. A. listen )
  30. A. a lot of
B. secret B. badly B. argue B. does B. look B. listen to B. lots of
C. name C. well C. dream C. did C. discover C. listening to C. many
D. details D. good D. wait D. doing D. look after D. listening D. a lot
小题; 三、阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 阅读理解( 阅读下列材料, 阅读下列材料,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 、 、 、 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A Are you a creative person? You may answer, ‘No, but I really want to be.’ In fact, everyone has creativity. Some realize it, but others don’t. Creative people never follow others blindly. They are good at watching and thinking. They have sharp eyes like a hunter. Moreover, creative people can get useful information from others’ findings. Besides, creative people should have persistence like a camel. On their long way to success, they have to say goodbye to leisure (悠闲 ). They must overcome difficulties and persist without complaint. Creative people are adventurers (冒险家) and explorers. They use their creativity to make miracles (奇迹) one after another. Of course, you are creative boys and girls. You have unlimited (无限的) creativity. Believe in yourselves. You can also create miracles. ( )
  31. Everyone has according to the passage. A. talent B. gift C. creativity D. ability ( )
  32. Creative people have sharp eyes like a . A. hunter B. teacher C. camel D. dog ( )
  33. Which does NOT belong to the personalities of creative people? A. They never follow others blindly. B. They are good at watching and drinking. C. They always do as other people do. D. They can get useful information from others’ findings. ( )
  34. What does the underlined word ‘persistence’ mean in Chinese? A. 开心。 B. 毅力。 C. 想像力。 D. 创造力。 ( )
  35. If you want to be a creative person, what should you do? A. Believe in yourself. B. Overcome difficulties. C. Say goodbye to leisure. D. All of the above.
B When you are feeling unhappy or forget how great you are, these are six ways to make you feel good about yourself.
  1) Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am a special person and there’s no one in the world like me. I can do anything!” It may not sound so good, but it really works!
  2) Do something nice for someone. Helping others always makes you feel good.
  3) Smile! Be friendly to people you meet. Look for the good things in your friends and family.
  4) Learn something new! Have you always wanted to decorate ( 装修 ) your own room or learn how to swim? Go for it! New challenges ( 挑战 ) are fun and give you a sense of accomplishment when you have finished.
  5) Read and start a diary. Turn off the TV and let your imagination fly! Write down your thoughts, dreams or anything you want! Writing always helps to express your feelings.
  6) Stay with your family. We all need our family time. Talk with your Mum or Dad or maybe even your cousin. ( )
  36. This passage may be taken from . A. a science book B. a story book C. a magazine D. school rules ( )
  37. According to the passage, when you are helping others, you will . A. be special B. be remembered C. feel nice D. be sure ( )
  38. What do the underlined words in
  4) “ a sense of accomplishment” mean? A.成就感 B.忧伤感 C. 挫折感 D.信任感 ( )
  39. Which of the following should you say “NO” to when you are unhappy? A. You should always look for the good things of others. B. Stay alone at home as much as possible. C. Learn something new and go for it! D. Keep a diary to express your feelings. ( )
  40. The best title for the passage is . A. Do Your Best B. Six Ways to Feel Good about Yourself C. It’s Never too Late to Learn D. Always Smile to Your Life C Americans have used colors to create many expressions they use every day. We say you’re ‘in the pink’ when we are in good health. It is easy to understand how this expression was born. When my face has a nice fresh, pink color, it is a sign my health is good. The color green is natural for trees, it is an unnatural color for humans. When someone doesn’t feel well, someone who is sick, for example, we say he ‘looks green’. When someone is angry because he doesn’t have what someone else has, we say he is ‘green with envy’. Some people are ‘green with envy’ because someone else has more dollars, or ‘green backs’. Dollars are called ‘greenbacks’ because that’s the color of the backside of the money. Blue is a cool color. The traditional blue music of American blacks is the opposite of red hot
music. It is slow, sad and soulful ( 深情的 ). To be blue, of course, is to be sad. The color black is often used in expressions. People describe a day in which everything grows wrong as a ‘black day’. A ‘black sheep’ is the member of a family or group who always seems to be in trouble. If someone meets a ‘black cat’, something unlucky might happen to him. Not all the ‘black’ expressions have bad meaning. A company ‘in the red’ is losing money. If someone tells you to put someone ‘in black and white’, they want you to write it down. ( )
  41. After reading the passage, we can infer ( 推断 ) if someone ‘looks grey’, he . A. looks well B. may need a doctor C. is healthy D. is ‘in the pink’ ( )
  42. I was really when I saw his nice new car. A. red B. blue C. green D. black ( )
  43. Which word doesn’t describe the blue music? A. Fast. B. Sad. C. Slow. D. Soulful. ( )
  44. My brother is of our family, everyone hates him. A. a black horse B. a black cat C. a black dog D. a black sheep ( )
  45. Which of the following is true? A. A company surely likes to be ‘in the red’. B. All the color expressions in the passage come from Britain English. C. Not all the ‘black’ expressions have bad meanings. D. Dollars are called ‘greenbacks’ because they have trees on the backside. 小题; 四、填空(共 20 小题; 每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 填空( A) 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。
  46. He is an (随和的) boy. Everyone wants to make friends with him.
  47. My cousin loves ( 和平 ) and doesn’t like to argue with others.
  48. Mike is very ( 幽默 ) and likes to enjoy life.
  49. Do you know how many colours there are in a ( 彩虹 )?
  50. Red is the colour of ( 热量 ) and represents power and strong feelings. B) 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。
  51. The PLA is a (power) army.
  52. If some sportsmen use drugs (兴奋剂),it is (fair)to the others.
  53. Would you mind (organize) the party for those exchange students?
  54. It’s ( excite) to be the winner of the match.
  55. Amy is outgoing enough to make friends ( easy ).
  56. I always worry about(be) late , so I get up early every day.
  57. It is kind of him(help) me with my English.
  58. Jack is (energy) enough to be the host of the charity show.
  59. Don’t be (patient) with her. She is only a child.
  60. A year ( divide) into twelve months.
C)根据短文内容,从下面方框中选择适当的单词或词组填空,使短文内容完整正确。 根据短文内容,从下面方框中选择适当的单词或词组填空, 短文内容完整正确。 根据短文内容 内容完整正确 For example, prefer to use, joy, remind, satisfied Some colours can make you feel warm. These colours give you a happy and 61 feeling. People living in cold climates 62 warm colours in their homes to create a warm and comfortable feeling there. They would rather use colours like orange or yellow than white or blue. Orange represents 63 . It can bring you success and cheer you up when you are feeling sad. Yellow is the colour of the sun, so it can 64 you of a warm, sunny day. Yellow is also the colour of wisdom. Some people prefer this colour when they study for exams. 65 , they may use yellow stationery.



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