初三英语综合试题 初三英语综合试题 1 综合
一、选择填空(20’) 选择填空 20’
  1. Do you know the girl father owns a company?
  2. A. who B. which C. that D. whose
  2. The young man is a friend of mine. A. who I had a talk B. whom I had a talk with C. which I had a talk with D. whom I had a talk
  3. There is nothing I want to say. A. which B. what C. whatever D. that
  4. It was interesting film that I saw it for a second time.A. so B. so an C. such D. such an .
  5. We’ll go shopping as soon as it . A. will stop raining B. stops raining C. will stop to rain D. stops to rain
  6. Three years has passed we left school. A. after B. since C. as D. as if
  7. While she TV in the sitting room, the bell. A. watches; rings B. is watching; rang watching; C. was watching; rang D. watched; was ringing won’
  8. cheep the car is, I won’t buy it. A. Whatever B. However C. Wherever D. Whenever
  9. I would like to buy the cell phone color I like best. A. of which B. in which C. on which D. whose on’
  10. Don’t worry! Three quarters of the work ! We can finish it on time. A. are done B. has been done C. have been done D. have been completed Why
  11. Why did you come to school late this morning? I watched the Football World Cup until 12 o’clock last night. A. If B. Because C. Since D. Though D
  12. Do you know last night? Sorry, don’ Sorry, I don’t know. But I think he should go to bed because early because he will have an English exam this
afternoon. A. when he goes to bed
C. when did he go to bed friend., I’ll
  13. I’m waiting for my friend., I’ll go shopping alone. comes A. If she comes B. If she will come
B. when he went to bed D. when does he go to bed
( )
  18. A. borrowed C. opened
B. taken D. broken
doesn’ didn’ C. If she doesn’t come D. If she didn’t come didn’
  14. I didn’t know they could pass the exam or not. A. why B. when C. that D. whether America.
  15. I wonder they had been to America. A. what B. who C. that D. if 、 填空(10’) (10’ In 1984, Albert Ostman left his home to go on a camping ( 营) holiday. He walked and slept in the forest ( ) for a few nights. Then one night, he saw something 17 the things in his bag were in a different order. "Someone or something has 18 my bag and looked through it!" he thought. "Maybe it was an animal." But it wasn't any of the animals he knew. That night, Albert was asleep in his sleeping bag. Then, in the middle of the night, he 19 up suddenly. He felt that he was moving. Someone or something was picking Albert up 20 his sleeping bag. Albert couldn't move or get away. For hours, he traveled like this. It was dark and he couldn't anything. 21
( )
  19. A. got B. woke C. looked D. jumped ( )
  20. A. under B. over C. behind D. inside B. do ( )
  21. A. feel C. hear D. see ( )
  22. A. pulling B. holding C. carrying D. picking ( )
  23. A. were standing C. are standing ( )
  24. A. as soon as C. when ( )
  25. A. him B. it ( )
  26. A. the ground C. his bed 三、 阅读 (10’ (10’) B. stood D. stand B. every time D. before C. us D. them B. the floor D. his head
Let children learn to judge ( 断)their own work . A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time; if corrected too much, he will stop talking. He notices a thousand him. Bit by bit, he makes the his necessary changes to make his language like other people’s. In the same way, children learn to do all the other things without being taught to walk , run , climb, whistle, ride, a bicycle--bicycle--compare their own
At last it was morning, and Albert could see the thing 22 him. He got a big surprise - four big, hairy animals 23 grownthere and looking at him, three grown-ups and a child. The animals looked friendly. But 24 Albert tried to go back into the forest, the animals stopped him. For six days, Albert interested had to stay with the animals. They were very interested in the things inside Albert's bag, and liked to play with 25 . Then, day, one day, the oldest took Albert's tobacco( )and ate some. Soon he was lying on 26 making a loud noise. When the other animals were busy looking after him, Albert quickly took his things and ran away. ( )
  17. A. strange B. pleasant C. interesting D. good
performances with those of more skilled people, and slowly make the needed changes. But in school we never give a child a chance to find out his mistakes for himself, let alone correct them. We do it all for lim. We act as if we thought that he would never notice a mistake unless it he was pointed out to him, or correct it unless he was made to. Soon he becomes dependent ( ) on the teacher.
“Let him do it himself ’’ Let him work out, with the help of other children if he wants to. What this word says is to give a chance to solve their problems by themselves, whether this is a good way of saying or doing this or not. If it is a matter of right answers, as it may be in mathematics or science, give him he answer book, Let him correct his own papers. Why should we teachers waste time on such tiring work? Our job should be to help child the child when he tells us that he can not find the way to get the right answer. Let’s end all this nonsense of grades, exams and marks. Let us throw them all out, and let the children learn what all educated persons must some day learn, how to measure their own understanding, how to know what they know or do not know.
  1. According to passage, which is the best way for children to learn things? other people do. B. By making mistakes and having them corrected. C. By listening to explanations from skilled people. D. By asking a great many questions.
  2. What does the author think teachers should NOT do? A. They give children correct answers. A. By copying what
B. They point out children’s mistakes to them. C. They allow children to mark their own work. copy D. They encourage children to copy from another.
  3. The passage suggests that learning to speak and learning to ride a bicycle are . A. Not really important skills B. More important than other skills C. Different from learning other skills D. Almost the same as learning other skills Exams,
  4. Exams, grades and marks should be not rid of because children’s progress should only be decided by
B: But the doctor says they are good for my health. A: Do you like junk food? B: But I try to eat it only once a week. A: Why? B: every A: How many hours do you sleep every night? B: A: Oh, I think you must be in good health. A. No. B. Yes, I do. C. About eight hours. D. How often do you eat fruit and vegetables? isn’ E. Because the doctor tells me it isn’t good for my health. (20’ 五、 给词 适当 适当 填空(20’)
  1. The radio says it cloudy tomorrow. (be)
  2. The headmaster hopes everything well. (go)
  3. Tom says that they (play) basketball at six o’clock yesterday evening. already.
  4. I hear they (return) it already.
  5. He said that they members of the Party since 19
  48. (be)
  6. He asked what they at eight last night. (do)
  7. The teacher told his class that light faster than sound. (travel) now.
  8. I think you about the relay race now. (talk)
  9. I didn’t know whom the letters from. (be)
  10. Miss Wang told me that the earth (move) round the earth. 答案: 答案:DBDDB BCBDB BBCDD ACBDD CABDA ABDBB DABEC will be; goes; were playing; have returned; had moves. been; were doing; travels; are talking; were; moves.
. A. Educated persons themselves C. Teachers D. Parents B. The children

  5. How can children learn more things? A. They should do as their parents ask them to do. B. They should learn to judge their own work. C. They should like every things taught by their parents. D. They should do their homework every day. 四、 对话(10 (10’ 补 对话(10’) A: Excuse me, may I ask you some questions? B: Certainly. A: B: I eat them every day. A: Do you like them?



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