语综合试题 2 综合试题

  1. Does Tom often play football after school? A./, / B./, the C.the, / D.a, a
  2.How wonderful! The is made of . A.house , glass B.house, glasses glass C.houses, glass D.houses, glasses
  3. Every morning Mr. Smith takes a to his office. A.20 minutes’ walk B.20 minute’s walk 2020C.20-minutes walk D.20-minute walk three
  4. Uncle Tom asked David, Sam, brothers and three to help write the cards. A.my, I B.my, me C.myself, I D.myself, me
  5.The man Mary was so tall that she could hardly see the show. A.in front of B.in the front of beginning C.at the back of D.at the beginning of
  6. The garden while the Greens were away from home. A. took good care of B.was taken good care care C.was taken good care of D.was taking good care
  7. ?? Have you finished the book? ?? Not yet. I’ll try it to you before Friday. A.reading, returning B.to read, to return C.reading, to return D. to read, returning returning
  8. Many people watched the boys the mountain at that time. A.climb B.climbing C.to climb D.climbed
  9. India had the second population in the world. A.largest B.larger C.most D.smallest
  10.When father was young, he from morning till night. A.was made work B.was made working B. C.made to work D.was made to work Five-year
  11. Five-year-old children are too young to go to school, ? A.are they B.aren’t they C.were they D.have they
  12. ??I put my coat here? ??I ??Sorry Sorry, ??Sorry, you . A.Must; mustn’t B.Do; don’t
C.can; needn’t D.May; can’t
  13. Tom wants to try some of his ideas. A.on B.off C.out D.to
  14. Could you tell me if it tomorrow? will A. rain B.will rain C.raining D.rains
  15.Do you know at the bus stop? waiting A. whom they are waiting for B.who they are waiting they C. whom are they waiting for D.who are they waiting 二、 填空:
(乞 Once a beggar (乞丐)had walked about five miles in the hot sun. He was quite tired and wanted to
  31. As he came to a crossing, he saw a tall tree, On one side 32 the tree he saw a board( ). Franklin” “Take This Road To Franklin” was written on the board. “I will rest under the 33 ,”said the beggar. “I can lie on the board while I sleep.”As the beggar 34, a doctor rode up to him. “Wake up, beggar!” said the doctor. “I am lost. Can you tell me 35 road to take to Franklin?” “It is too hot to think,” said the beggar. “Thinking is work in day.”“ dollar,” such a 36 day.”“Here is a dollar,” said the doctor, “now, will you think?”“Of course, I will, sir!” said the beggar, “37 that road to think?”“ Franklin.” After a while, a driver stopped to 38 the beggar which road Franklin.“ to take to Franklin.“You must give me a dollar,” said the beggar, “for me to start thinking.”The driver gave him a dollar. “Turn to the left,” the beggar said. The beggar went back to
  39. Before long a farmer woke him up. “ Which is the road to Franklin?” he asked. The beggar got 40 dollar and the farmer went along the road. “A doctor gets paid when he doctors.” Said the beggar to gets himself;“A driver gets paid when he drives, and a farmer gets paid when he farms. But this time a beggar got paid, and all he did was thinking!”

  16. A.
  16. A.drink B.eat C.rest D.ride

  17. A.
  17. A.with B.of C.by
  18. A.
  18. A.tree B.sign C.road
  19. A.
  19. A.thought B.said C.passed
  20. A.
  20. A.right B.which C.short
  21. A.
  21. A.warm B.cold C.hot
  22. A.
  22. A.Walk B.Take C.Go
  23. A.tell B.show C.ask
  24. A.sleep B.work C.read
  25. A.three B.more C. paid 三、阅读 : 共 15 题,计 30%) (共 ( 30%)
D.for D.bed D.slept D.only D.wet D.Get D.help D.write D. another
C.make sure that they have not missed anything out D.leave some mistakes on the question paper
  30. title(标题 标题)
  30. The best title(标题) for this passage is . A.An Important Exam B.An Easy Exam D. C.Get Ready for an Exam D.H0w to Pass an Exam

  39. fortyChineseI ( 费) forty-six yuan on the Chinese-English dictionary. The baby is smiling ( ). Could you ( ) your bike to me ? world’ English. Three ( ) of the world’s books are written in English. The machines are made in ( )countries. month I thing July is the ( ) month if the year. It’s too hot. Which is the most ( ) ,mutton, beef or pork? thirtyThere are thirty-one days in ( ). Sheep are kept by farmers for ( 产)wool and meat.
A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a y ear. You may fail in an exam if you are lazy for most of the y ear and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If y ou want to be good at English, you have to read stories in En glish. And speak English as much as possible. A few days bef ore the exam you should go to bed early. Do not go to bed la te at night studying. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, try to understand the exact ( ) meaning of each question. When you have at last finished your exam, read over your answers. Correct( ) the mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out.

  26. If people want to do well in an exam, they have to work hard . B. A.for most of the month B.every day in a year D. C.for only a few days D.late at night
  27. they
  27. If people want to learn English well, they . B. A. only need to learn grammar B. must often practise English C.have to go to England D.should go to bed early D.
  28. It’s important to a few days before the exam. A.play too much B.have a good sleep D. C.read the question papers D.have a good drink
  29. When people have finished the exam, they should . B. A.stand up and leave at once B.answer a few more questions
适当 五、 给词 适当 填空
  1.It’s very kind of you it for me. (do)
  2.My job is the students English. (teach) o’clock.(go)
  3.If you want with us, you should be ready by eight o’clock.(go)
  4.I dare him about it. (not, tell)
  5.He told me at six thirty. (leave)
  6.The children are warned in that lake. (not swim)
  7.Before you leave the room, please remember the light. (turn off)
  8.What ( 口)
  8.What will be the ( 口) of the world in the year 2000? 答案: 答案:
1-30 B B B C D A A D B A C B A D B C C B A D C B C A D A D C B A

  36. 四、
  31. spent
  32. happily
  33. lend
  35. different
  36. worst
  37. delicious
  37. delicious 38 December
  6.not 五、
  1. to do
  2. to teach
  3.to go
  4.not to tell
  5.to leave
  6.not to swim
  7. to turn off



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