a bit (of) a group of a kind of a lot of (lots of) a pair of a piece of after all after school agree with sb. all day (long) all over all right all the same all the time all the way
有一点儿 一群 一种; 一类 许多 一双; 一副 一(块,张,片,件) 终究, 毕竟 放学后 同意某人的意见 整天 到处 行了;好吧;(病)好了 还是, 仍然 一直 一路上
and so on 等等 arrive at / in a place 到达某地 as well 也;又 ask for 请求; 寻求 at breakfast /lunch /supper 早/午/晚餐时 at first / last 起先;开始的时候/ 最后;终于 at home 在家(里) at least / most 至少/ 至多 at once 立刻;马上 at present 现在, 目前 at school 在学校;在上课 at the moment 此刻,目前; 那时,当时 at the same time 同时 at work 在工作 at/on weekends 在周末
be able to 能够(有能力) be afraid of 害怕 be angry with sb. 生某人的气 be bad for 有害于 be born 出生于 be busy with / doing sth. 忙于做某事 be careful with 小心 be covered with 被……覆盖 be different from 与……不同 be familiar to 对……熟悉 be famous for 以……而著名 be fond of 爱好 be full of 充满 be good / poor at 善长于 / 对……比较差 be interested in 对……感兴趣 by oneself 亲自 by phone 打电话 by the way 顺便说;顺便问一下
be keen on be late for be located (in/on/at) be made of be made up of be on be pleased with be proud of be ready for be surprised at be thankful to sb. be used to be worried about because of belong to break into by air mail by bus
喜爱 …...迟到 位于 由……制成 由……组成 上演, 上映 对……满意 为……而感到自豪 为……作准备 对…...感到惊奇 对某人很感激 习惯于 为……而担心 由于 属于 闯入, 破门而入 寄航空邮件 乘公共汽车
call on care for carry on carry out catch (a) cold change one's mind cut down
拜访 照顾; 喜欢 继续/进行/经营/继续 活动/进行下去 执行 着凉;伤风 改变主意 砍倒
check in come from come on come to an end come to know come to life come true
办理登机,办理入住 出生于;来自 快;走吧;跟我来 结束 知道 显得逼真; 苏醒 实现
deal with die of do one's best do sb. a favour each other eat up
处理 do some shopping 因……病而死 do with 尽最大努力 dream of 帮某人忙give sb a hand ress up d 互相 吃光,吞噬 enjoy oneself
买东西 处置, 处理 梦见 穿着打扮 过得愉快
fall down fall off far away (from) fill in find out for ever
倒下,掉下,跌倒 从…...跌落 (离)遥远 填充, 填写 找出;查明;了解 永远
for example for the first time from door to door from now on from time to time
例如 第一次 挨家挨户 从此以后; 今后 不时;有时
get along / on (with) get back get in get in the way get off get on get ready for get tired of get to get up give back give out give sb. a hand give up go shopping / bowling go for a swim go on a picnic
进展;与…...相处 返回 进入;收集 挡道 下车 上车 为……作准备 对……感到厌倦 到达 起床 归还;送回 分发,派发 助某人一臂之力 放弃 去购物 / 打保龄球 去游泳 去野餐
go on with / doing sth. 继续做某事 go out 熄灭 go over 复习;仔细地再读一遍 go sightseeing 去观光 go to (the) hospital 去医院(看病) go to bed 就寝 go to college 上大学 go to school 上学 go to sleep 入睡 go to the cinema / movie(s) 去看电影 go up 走上前去 go wrong 出错 grow up 成年;长大 go home 回家 go on 继续 go on a diet 实行节食
had better do sth hand in happen to do happen to sb. have (got) to have a class / lesson have a good time hold one's breath hold up hurry off in a hurry in a minute
最好还是;还是……好 have breakfast 上交,上缴 have no idea 碰巧做 have sports 发生到某人身上 hear from 不得不 hear of 上课 help sb. with sth. 玩得很愉快;过得很愉快 here and there 屏住呼吸 hold a meeting 举起 hold on 匆忙离开 匆忙 一会儿 in no time in one's fifties
吃早餐 不清楚 进行体育活动 收到……来信 听说 帮助某人做某事 到处 举行会议 等一等(别挂电话)
立刻,转眼间 在某人五十多岁时
in all in English in fact in front of in hospital in line in time in trouble/difficulties instead of join in just a minute
总共 用英语 事实上;实际上 在……前面 住院 成一排;成一直线 及时 处于困境中 代替;而不是 参加;加入 等一下
in one's opinion in order to in return in surprise in the end in the future in the middle of in the years to come in this way just now
根据某人看法 为了 作为回报 惊奇地 最后;终于 在将来 在……中间 在即将来临的几年里 这样 现在;刚才
keep doing sth. keep fit keep... from keep in touch (with) later on laugh at learn…from leave school leave a message leave for less / more than let out line up lose weight make a film make a fire make a living make a mistake make a noise make friends with meet with
继续做某事 保持健康 使……不做 (与……)保持联系 过后;后来 嘲笑 向……学习 毕业 留个口信 动身去 少于 / 多于 放出 整队; 排成行 减肥 拍电影 生火 谋生 出差错;犯错误 弄出声 与……交朋友 遭遇
keep off keep quiet keep sb. busy knock over listen to live on look after look at look for look like look out of look up lose one's way
阻挡;不让……接近 保持安静 让某人忙个不停 撞倒;撞翻 听……(讲话) 靠……为生,赖以生存 照料;照顾 看;观看 寻找 看上去象;显得 从……朝外看 查寻; 抬头看 迷路
make fun of 拿…...开玩笑 make money 挣钱;赚钱 make the bed 整理床铺 make out 辨认出 make up one's mind to do sth 下决心做某事 meet the needs of 迎合……的需要
next to 紧挨着;紧靠着 no longer / not …any longer 不再 of course of one's own on business on foot on holiday on one's side on show on the other hand 当然 属于某人自己的 有事, 出差 步行;走路 在休假 在某人一边 在展出 另一方面
not…at all now and then /again on time on weekdays once a day once every four years once more one after another one another out of
(用来加强语气)一点也不,根本不 时而; 偶而 准时 在工作日 每天一次 每四年一次,每隔三年一次 再次 一个接一个,连续地 互相 从……里出来; 缺乏
on the phone on the right on the/one's way (to) pay for pick out pick up play with point at put out put up
在听电话 在右边 在去……的路上 付…...钱; 买,赔偿 挑选出 拾起 玩弄 指向;指着 伸出; 扑灭 举起; 挂起
out of date over and over over there point out prefer…to protect…from pull down put off put on
过时 再三; 一遍又一遍 在那边 指出 (比起……来)更喜欢 保护……免受 推倒 延期 穿; 戴上;上演
right now run after run away
立刻,马上 追捕;追踪 逃跑
save one's life search sp for sb see…off sell out set off / out set up speed up stop…from
挽救某人生命 搜寻; 搜查 为……送行 售完 出发, 起程 建立;设立 加快速度 阻止……做,不让做
shake hands with show sb. the way show sb. around shut up so as to some day sooner or later such as
与……握手 给某人指路 带某人参观 住口 为的是;使得 将来有一天 迟早 例如
take an underground take a message for sb take an exam take away take care of take/catch hold of take in take it easy take notes take off take one's advice take out take part in take place take time turn down turn into turn over
乘地铁 take the place of 给某人捎个口信 take up 参加考试 talk about 拿走 talk to / with sb 照料 tell…from 抓住 the same…as 吸入, 吸收 the week after next 别紧张 think about 记笔记 think of 脱掉(衣物等); 起飞 think over 听从某人劝告 throw away 取出 tie up 参加 to one's joy / surprise 发生; 举行 too…to 不急不忙,从容进行 try on (把音量)调低 turn off 变成 turn on 翻车;翻阅;翻身,翻过来,(书)再翻过来
取代 开始从事 谈到 与某人谈话 区别; 分辨 与……同样 下下周 考虑(做某事的可行性) 想起; 想到,考虑,思考考虑关心,记得 仔细考虑 扔掉 捆绑 使某人高兴 / 惊奇的是 太……以至不能 试穿 关掉(电灯,电视,收音机等) 开,旋开(电灯,电视,收音机等)
up and down
used to wait for wake up with great care with one voice with one's own eyes write down
过去常常 等候; 等待 醒来; 叫醒 非常小心 异口同声 亲眼(目睹) 写下;记下 with pleasure with the help of work out would like (to) would love to would rather 愉快地 在……的帮助下 做出; 算出; 制定出 想要 (表示喜欢,愿意)很想;很愿意 宁愿, 宁可
open your books 翻开书本 turn over to page 9 再翻到第9页 turn back to page 9 翻回到第9页



   a bit (of) a group of a kind of a lot of (lots of) a pair of a piece of after all after school agree with sb. all day (long) all over all right all the same all the time all the way 有一点儿 一群 一种; 一类 许多 一双; 一副 一(块,张,片,件) 终究, 毕竟 放学后 同意某人的意见 整天 到处 行了;好吧 ...


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       本文由kelu1314贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     英语四级常用 300 个口语化短语句子     whats your asl 你的,年龄,性别,地点 (聊天用的) how are you doing (o r: how you doiin) 你好。 whats up 什么事 或是: 你好 lol 大笑 = laugh out  loud so long 一般不用它……意思是:再见 what are y ...


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