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My sister broke her leg yesterday. She couldn’t go to her c
  1. She had to stay in b2 and felt very l
  3. “What can I do for the m4” she asked h
  5. Suddenly she got a good i
  6. She could turn on her pocket computer. She could c7 with her net friends. She was so p8 with her idea that she took out her pocket computer i
  9. She was happy enough to spend the whole d
  10. talking with his friends on line.
I got home at last. But I found that I had l1 key on the k2 table.I tried to wake my wife u
  3. But she was s4 asleep. Although I knocked at the door so h5, making a lot of noise, she had no r6 at all. In the end, I had to climb up to the window which was o7 .I was n8 to the window when suddenly I heard a voice” Are you so interested in climbing into the room.’ I saw a policeman down b9
I am i1 in playing computer games. Every day a2 school, I go to the bar of computers I s3 in the bar for a4two hours. Later and later, I am p5 at my lessons. My p6 and the teacher ask me not to be there any l7 I want to c8 up with my class .So I decide to s9 playing computer games and s10 more time on my subjects.
Class bed lonely moment
herself idea chat pleased immediately day
left , kitchen up sound hard response open nearly below Interested after sit/stay about poor, parents longer, catch stop spend
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完形填空题是测试综合应用语言能力的题型,要求学生有较高的阅读理解能力、综合应用 基础知识的能力、分析和判断能力。要做好完形填空,首先要综观全文,理解大意,再从语法、 惯用法、用词和常识等方面考虑,找出答案。 一般说来,做完形填空题一定要注意先通读全文,掌握全文大意;要联系上下文,特别是 要联系下文。不仅要联系下一句,有时甚至要看完全文才能选出正确答案,否则就有可能选错; 找到文章的中心句也是很重要的。 完形填空的能力要求:
  1. 掌握足够的词汇,有词语活用能力以及运用句型造句的能力。
  2. 有扎实的英语语法基本功,能熟练地运用动词时态、语态等。
  3. 有较宽的阅读面及其派生的英语语感。
  4. 有依据上下文猜测和推断的能力。 完形填空的解题技巧(一): 从总体上把握文章主旨,接受作者所传达的信息与情感,针对完形填空,提出了各种 多层次、全方位的理解技法,其中以总体把握法、词语搭配法、语法判定法、语境联想法、举 例对比法最为重要。
  1. 总体把握 要通读完形填空的短文,跳过空格快速阅读,了解全篇的主要内容。切不可把宝贵的时间 浪费在个别字句推敲上。
  2. 弄清体裁 文章体裁通常分为四种:论述文、记叙文、说明文和应用文。中考选文以叙事性文章为主, 如:幽默故事、科普知识、童话、简短新闻、名人轶事、社会热点问题等。读这类文章,要大 体上了解故事所涉及的时间、地点、人物、事件及前因后果。
  3. 重视主题句 完形填空所用的短文一般不给标题,但短文的主题句,往往在每段文章的首句,有时也出 现在文章的中间或结束处。主题句提供全篇的性质、大意等,这是深入了解全文的“窗口”, 甚至能以语句为立足点,从该句的时态、语气推测全文的主要内容。

  4. 语境联想 利用上下文的提示,用学过的知识和已有的生活经验,扫清部分词汇理解上的障碍。 [典型例题解析] (A) Most adults(成年人) once studied at school, had classes and did their homework everyday. The same __1__ is going on at school now. __2__ it seems that doing weekend homework is __3__ problem for the modern students. All the students agree that weekend homework should be abolished (取消). It's __4 __ for them studying at school five days a week. They have a lot of interests. With homework to do on Saturday and Sunday, when can they find __ 5__ to help around the house, go and see a football or basketball game or a good film, join in family recreations (娱乐) ,or just have __ 6_ at home? Because of these other activities, the homework can't be finished until 7 . So their weekend homework is usually done in such a hurry that on Monday teachers are 8 and often threaten (威胁) to fail the whole class of students because they know nothing about the __9 . If there was no weekend homework for the students to do, they would be happy to go to school on Monday 10 having a good rest and to learn what the teachers teach.
  1. A. thing B. school C. class D. homework
  2. A. Also B. But C. Still D. Though
  3. A. no B. another C. one D. other
  4. A. not enough B. enough C. no good D. no use
  5. A. friends B. time C. places D. money
  6. A. a rest B. an exam C. a lesson D. a picnic
  7. A. Monday afternoon B. Saturday afternoon C. Friday night D. Sunday night
  8. A. pleased B. sorry C. unhappy D. not worried

  9. A. lesson B. games C. interests D. activities
  10.A. until B. when C. before D. after 解析:首句“All the students agree that weekend homework should be abolished” 提供了本段的中心思想,为下面的选项做铺垫。
  1. 只要能看懂文章,就会选 A,thing。
  2. 上下文是转折关系,故选 B。
  3. 做双休日的家作对现在的学生来说是一个问题,故选 C。
  4. 对学生来说一个星期学习五天已经是足够了,所以选 enough。
  5. 根据上下文判断,学生需要得到的是时间,故选 B。
  6. “have a rest” 休息,在家应该为休息。
  7. 周末家庭作业应该在周日晚上前完成,周一上学去。故选 D。
  8. 根据上下文, 学生的家作是在匆匆忙忙的情况下完成的, 周一老师看了当然是不高兴的, 故选 C。
  9. 学生不知道的应该是 lesson,而不是 games, activities and interests。
  10. 联系上下文,只要看懂就能选 D。 (B) Bill likes football very much, and he often goes to watch matches in our 1 on Sundays. He doesn't get the best seats, 2 they are very 3 and he doesn't see his friends there. There was a big football match in our town last Sunday. 4 , it was very cold and cloudy, but then the sun 5 , and it was very hot. There were a lot of people on benches (凳子) 6 Bill at the match. Bill was on one bench, and there was a fat man on a bench 7 him. At first the fat man felt cold, __8 then he felt very hot. He took his coat off and put it in front of him, but it fell on Bill's head. Bill was not angry. He took the coat 9 his head, looked at it and then laughed and said,“Thank you ... but 10 are the trousers?”

  1. A. village B. country C. town D. home
  2. A. so B. if C. because D. but
  3. A. dear B. cheap C. nice D. near
  4. A. At that time B. Then C. At first D. First
  5. A. was shining B. shining C. shone D. shines
  6. A. in front of B. behind C. round D. near
  7. A. behind B. beside C. over D. by
  8. A. why B. but C. and D. so
  9. A. away B. from C. on D. off
  10. A. how B. when C. where D. whose 解析:
  1. 单独看此句,A、B、C 三个答案都有可能,但根据短文第二段第一句 There was a big football match in our town last Sunday 的提示确定为 C。
  2. 后面一句解释他为什么没有得到最好的座位,故为 C。
  3. 他没有得到好座位的原因是票很贵,故答案为 A。
  4. 根据下句 but then the sun shone 的提示确定是 C,否则有可能选 A。
  5. 此句应用一般过去时态 shone。
  6. 四个答案都符合语法, 但根据后面的语境, 此句意为“比尔周围有许多人”, 确定选 C。
  7. 根据后面的提示,即胖男子脱下上衣放在前面,掉在了比尔的头上,确定胖男子坐在比 尔的后面,故为 A。
  8. 先冷后热,是转折关系,but
  9. take...off his head 意为“从头上拿下”,根据语义答案 C 显然不对,away 是副词, 后面不能接宾语。此外也可用 take...away from,故答案为 D。

  10. 衣服掉在比尔的头上,他没有生气,还问:“裤子呢?”意思是“你把衣服给了我,裤 子也给我吧”,表现出比尔的幽默。故答案为 C。 完形填空的解题技巧(二):
  1. 词语搭配 (
  1)从语法角度来说,句子不是词的序列,而是词组的序列。 (
  2)因搭配关系而产生的一般性词汇。如:see a film (
  3)词序和意义皆以固定的复合词和动词短语。如:push ahead with(奋力前行)。 (
  4)因词组而构成的常见的句式:It feels+形容词+不定式,在搭配判断时,注意:要区 别外形相近而意义不同的搭配。如:look for, look over, look out, look after, look up 等。要区别形不相似而意义相近的搭配。如:I paid 12 pounds for the dictionary. The book cost me a lot. It took three men to lift the box.句中都有“付出、花费、需要”的意思。 译成汉语时似乎相通。 但更要注意它们之间的搭配变化; 要注意单个词组的多义性。 take off 如: 有“脱下(衣服),(飞机)起飞,匆匆离开,取下,休假”等多种含意。
  2. 语法判定 (
  1)要注意出现频率较高的词类题,依次为动词、介词、代词、连词、形容词、副词。选 择各类词时,要注意以下几个方面: a. 名词的选择,应联系文章主题及空格前后出现的有关词,注意其性和数的一致。 b. 动词的选用, 要注意词义和惯用搭配, 还要区分近义词之间的用法差异及所给词的形式。 c. 选择介词,应注意其惯用法,特别是与动词或其他词组成的固定搭配。 d. 选择代词,要注意性、数、格是否准确。 e. 选择连词,要注意分析前后句或上下文的逻辑关系。 f. 选择形容词和副词,要注意词义的区别,用于比较时,还要注意词形变化。 (
  2)要注意句法题,搞清句子的种类、类型、省略和倒装 a. 句子的种类包括陈述句、疑问句、祈使句和感叹句。一般以考查疑问句、感叹句的词序 为多见,其次是祈使句的零时态等。
b. 句子的类型有简单句、并列句、复合句和并列复合句。中考考查要点是在复合句里的状 语从句、宾语从句和直接/间接引语,也考查简单的定语从句。 c. 句子的省略与倒装很少考查,却要看懂,不能引起对文章的曲解。 (
  3)在语法适用方面,可以用择优法和排除法 a. 择优法是把各选项代入短文中, 选出在词义上符合要求, 且在语法上又没有语病的答案。 b. 排除法是在代入选项时如发现选项单词意义不对, 或词与词搭配不妥, 或存在语法错误, 或与上下文有矛盾,则迅速排除不合适的选项,剩下的就是正确答案。
  3. 例举对比 在完形填空的多项选择中,常常会遇到难以选择的题目。需要调动头脑里的知识“储备”, 例举熟知的语言现象与之相比较,再做出明智的选择。 一般的解题过程是:
  1. 通读全文,掌握大意。结合选项初步弄清短文写了些什么内容。
  2. 瞻前顾后,分析先行。在理解全文意思的基础上,结合文章内容对空缺句子作合乎逻辑 的推理。必须弄清空缺词句的确切含义,空缺词句与其前后句的意义衔接必须自然、合理,不 可出现意义断层或说东道西的情况,必须从空缺句的内部结构入手,从语法、词语固定搭配、 词形变化等角度考虑,务必使所填的单词准确无误。
  3. 反复推敲,攻克难关。如果做不出来的话,可能要改变一下思路。如实词多与文章的内 容直接相关,虚词多与文章的连贯性或句子结构直接相关,如果从内容上实在看不出要填哪个 单词的话,应考虑是否需要填介词、连词等。
  4. 验证答案,修正错误,着重注意这几点: (
  1)文章是否顺畅; (
  2)所填单词是否是最佳单词; (
  3)所填单词是否有拼写错误。 [典型例题解析] (2001 大连)(A)
People worry about that they often lose their keys. Now if you forget 1 your key is, you can find it quickly. Let's read the following. Yesterday Mr. Smith 2 his key in the room.“Where is my key?”he said to himself .He didn't know 3_ . He thought hard and 4 had an idea.“Hello!”he said in a loud voice.“Hello!”a voice came from inside the drawer of the desk. He was 5 to hear that. He hurried to the desk and pulled the drawer 6 .To his pleasure, he 7 out the key from the drawer. What is all 8 ?? So, that is a new 9 invented in America. There is an integrated circuit(集成电 路) and a very small speaker built in it. It can tell its 10 voice in no more than nine metres.
  1. A. what B. where C. how D. which
  2. A. took B. got C. brought D. lost
  3. A. what to do B. how to do C. when to find D. where to go
  4. A. when B. while C. then D. t



   初三中考英语完型填空经典练习题和答案 时间:2009 年 04 月 22 日 作者:匿名 来源:blog My sister broke her leg yesterday. She couldn’t go to her c1. She had to stay in b2 and felt very l3. “What can I do for the m4” she asked h5. Suddenly she got a good i6. She could turn on her po ...


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   2009 年中考英语真题分类汇编:完形填空 年中考英语真题分类汇编: 广州) .完形填空( 个空格, (一)(2009 广州)VII.完形填空(共 10 个空格,每个空格 1 分) )( 先通读下面短文, 掌握大意, 先通读下面短文, 掌握大意, 然后从下面四个答案中选择可以填入相应空白处的 最佳答案 Peter and Paul passed by a small house on their way home late at night. They saw thick 64 coming ...


   高中英语完形填空应试与解题技巧 完形填空题对考生们来讲一直是难度较大的语言能力测试题, 但同时也被认为是当今比 较可行的, 能较好体现区分度的英语测试题. 它要求考生能够去领悟一篇有残缺的文章语篇 大意,根据已学知识,整体理解,通篇考虑,推导"未知"内容.它具有主观性测试和客观 性测试的双重优点.它既可以在篇目中考查学生的英语基础知识即语法,词汇知识;又可以 考查学生的运用所学语言知识的能力,如词义辨析,词语搭配;习惯用法,语言交际,文化 背景和社会风俗等等, 同时还要求 ...


   时代学习网??职业人士网上考试辅导学习的家园 ,资料由本站网上收集整理。 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留。 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留。 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧。 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧。 长风万里送秋雁,对此可以酣高楼。 长风万里送秋雁,对此可以酣高楼。 蓬莱文章建安骨,中间小谢又清发。 蓬莱文章建安骨,中间小谢又清发。 俱怀逸兴壮思飞,欲上青天览明月。 俱怀逸兴壮思飞,欲上青天览明月。 抽刀断水水更流,举杯消愁愁更愁。 抽刀断水水更流,举杯消愁愁更愁。 人生在世不称意,明朝散发弄扁舟。 人生 ...


   《大纲》要求学生能独立阅读生词不超过3% 的题材熟悉的文章,理解语篇大意,获取有关信 息.重点考查学生对词汇,语法等语言知识的运 用能力,同时也考查阅读理解英语短文,进行逻 辑推理,综合判断,分析归纳的能力. 一,中考中常见的题型 1. 四选一 2. 首字母填空 3. 任意词填空 二,解题方法与技巧 1. 通览全篇,把握主旨. 做题前,应先快速地浏览全文,了解其大意. 切忘在未把握文章大意之前就忙于见空就填.见 空就填会打断阅读的思路,影响对全文大意的了 解,势必无法从整体上把握文章的脉络, ...



   大学生英语面试实战指南 2010-07-04 18:50 摘自搜狐教育 一、英语面试一般包括三轮:   chie介绍说,第一轮面试一般由公司人力资源部的人员担任考官,他们会从你的个人简历出发,询问一些有关个人的问题,比如请你用英语做一个自我介绍。有些公司也会有一部分英语笔试,主要考查应聘者基本的语言运用能力。   第二轮面试则由部门主管经理出面,这时候有关业务方面的问题成了面试的重点,所以英语面试也从个人情况转向了专业领域。比如应聘市场部,则应聘者通常会被要求谈一谈以往最成功的一个案例,或者 ...


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