初三总复习之中考英语复习临考前词类填空 40 题
初三总复习之中考英语复习临考前词类填空 40 题 用括号内的词填空: 1 . This tree has green all over the year .(leaf)
  2. Nothing can stop me from English . (study)
  3. Forests can help to water from away .(run)
  4. The trees must be every year . (plant )
  5. When winter comes , the ground is with snow . (cover)
  6. He comes from the part of the country . (north)
  7. to the teacher , I passed the English exam . (thank)
  8. You will see our school will become more and more beautiful in a few time . (year)
  9. The you finish the work , the more money you will make .(soon)
  10. Children under
  1.2 m in can not be taken into the hall . (high)
  11. Tom did very well in the examination . (finally)
  12. It's not good to play football .(rough )
  13. Mother was to see her son was made to be the monitor . (please)
  14. I like music because it's (relax)
  15. In the second half the boys did very (bad)
  16. When we heard the good news , we were very .(excite)
  17. Who are the , girls or boys ? (win)
  18. His story is so . We have never heard anything so strange . (amaze)
  19. We enjoyed at the party last Sunday . (we)
  20. He is one of the most popular football at the moment . (play)

  21. Look at the four men and tell me who is the thief . (care)
  22. That happened at 2:00 in the morning on Monday . (rob)
  23. Two broke into the house and stole some money .(thief )
  24.Bill Gates is a man over all the world . (succeed)
  25. China has the population in the world . (large )
  26. They were all dressed in white dresses . (like)
  27. The life outside is and enjoy yourselves . (colour )
  28. Dalian is in the part of China . (north)
  29. More and more travel in China to see beautiful mountains . (visit )
  30. There are a number of on that hill . (bamboo)
  31. It's really a thing to play with fire in the open air . (danger)
  32. She is her mother . She is tall and her mother is very short . (like )
  33. Have you some compositions for the students to read ? (many )
  34.A: Tom , do you know the ? B: Yes, I once met him in one of his concerts . (sing)
  35. A: Do you know the of the new word ?(mean ) B: Yes, I can guess it .
  36. Jack felt very worried when he got the news that he was the one to leave the factory .(nine )
  37. When he hears the news , he feels very . (please )
  38. Tom does everything so that he makes few mistakes most of the time .(care )
  39. Most of the can have a day's holiday on March 8 .(woman )
  40. Students are taught to learn to look after . (they )
keys: 1-5 leaves , studying , running , planted , covered , 6-10 northern , Thanks , years' , sooner , height . 11-
  15. final , roughly , pleased , relaxing , badly , 16-
  20. winners , amazing , ourselves , players . 21-
  25. carefully, robbery, thieves, successful, largest,
  30. alike , colourful,
northern ,
visitors , bamboos ,
31_35 dangerous , unlike , more , singer , meaning , 36-40 ninth , pleased , carefully , women , themselves



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