读书郎初一进初二暑假培训英语考试试 读书郎初一进初二暑假培训英语考试试卷(满分:120 分) 英语考试
选择填空:从 A、B、C、中,选出一个最佳答案完成句子。(
  40) 一. 选择填空
  1. I like to drink milk. A.not
  2. What’s A./
  3. B. doesn’t matter ? B. the C. an C. don’t
do you exercise? Twice a week. A.How much B. .Howoften C. .How many

  4. My house is between the post office the bank.. A. or B. in C.and -- Because they are very cute. B .Where are they from? C. Why do you like dogs?

  5. --? A. What is it ?

  6. Do you want to an actor? A. be B. do C.is
  7. --. Good food and exercise me to study bettter. A. to help B. help C. helping --It’s C. snows
  8. ?How is the weather in Harbin? A. snow B. snowing

  9. Look!She is fun. A. having B. making C. taking

  10. --are the children doing now? --They’re playing football on the playground. A. What B. Where C. When

  11. ?Where is Parris? A. France
--I know it’s in . C. Japan
B. Brazil

  12. ?Is that Mr. Smith? A. is B. has
--Yes, he short hair C. takes

  13. ?-- of noodles would they like ? --They’d like mutton and potato noodles. A. what size B. what kind C. what other

  14. Please fight with others A. aren't B. don't C. be not ??. C. Tall

  15. ??How’s it going? A. Sunny
  16. Where B. Not bad
Simon . ? B.is ,from C. do ,come from ??They love them. C. What, of
A.is, come from

  17. ?? do they think the books? A. How, for B. What, for

  18. ??There’re three in the office. A. policewoman
  19. There are A . lots of B. policeman C. policemen
apples on the trees . B.much C . any

  20. The post office is A .in B .on
your right . C .at
完形填空 填空:从 A、B、C、中,选择一个最佳答案,使短文意思完整。(
  20) 二. 完形填空 ( I’m Li Fen. I have a pen pal. 21 name is Mary. She is from Canada. She lives in Toronto. She 22 is art.
English. She has a brother, but she has no sisters. Her favorite 23 Two of my good friends have 24 lives in Paris. He speaks play 28
pals, too. Lu Yang’s pen pal _ 25__ from France. His name is Tony. Tony 27 . His favorite subject is PE. And he can
26 . He has one brother and one
soccer very well . Ding Lan’s pen pal is from __29_. Her name is Wendy. Wendy can speak Chinese no brother or sister. Her favorite subject is history. B. My B. talks B. subject B. pencil B.is B. Japanese B. pencil B.the B. Singapore B. have C. / C. English C. has ( A) C. Her C.tells C. actor C.book C. are C. French C. sister
and English. She 30
  21. A. His
  22. A.speaks
  23. A. book
  24. A. pen
  25. A .am
  26. A. Chinese
  27. A. car
  28. A. a
  29. A. Japanese
  30. A. is 三. 阅读理解。40 4
This is a beautiful park near my home. People like to go to the park after work. Some of them go to the park every day. Look! This is Mr. Smith. He is sitting on a chair and watching the children. Some children are playing the game of hide-and- seek(捉迷藏). Some boys are playing yo-yo. Lucy and Lily are standing under a tree.
They are talking. There is a small river in the park. We can see some boats in the river. Some children are sitting in the boats with their fathers and mothers. Listen! A lot of birds are singing in the trees. This is really a nice park. I come here to read English after school every day. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正误,正确的写 T ,错误的写 F.
  31. People like to go to the park after work .
  32. Mr. Smith is sitting on a chair and watching the children
  33. Some boys are playing yo-yo.
  34. Some children are standing in the boats with their fathers and mothers.
  35. There is a small river in the park. (B) FM
  90.0MHz (all stereo) 15:00 Beijing Opera Excerpts(选段) 16:00 Football News 16:30 Popular CD 18:00 Chinese Pop Songs Ten 19:30 Radio Pop Songs 20:00 China Today 请阅读以上广播节目后解答下列各题。 ( )
  36. My brother can listen to Children Stories at of FM
  97.4 MHz. FM
  97.4 MHz (all stereo) 10:00 Pop Concert(演奏会) 15:30 Children Stories 16:30 Pop Music Saloon(大厅) 17:00 Animal World 20:30 Happy 123 21:00 School Plays
A. 15:30 (
B. 14:20
C. 18:00
  37. Football News comes out . A. in the morning B. in the afternoon 人与自然 C. in the evening C. 动物世界
  38. Animal World means in Chinese. A. 动漫世界 B.
  39. We can listen to pop music in ways(途径). A. three B. four C. five
  40. Mary wants to join the China Today, she should choose . A. FM
  97.4 at 20:30 (C) B. FM
  90.0 at 20:00 C. AM 628 at 12:30
You’re welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Everything in our restaurant is cheap and delicious. Let’s have a look. For breakfast, you can eat porridge, eggs and noodles. For lunch and dinner, you can have rice, dumplings, different kinds of meat and vegetables. There are also some drinks for you. Come and have a meal, please. It’s a good place to enjoy yourself. Breakfast: porridge($
  00), egg($
  00), noodles($
  00). Lunch and dinner: rice ($
  00), dumplings ($
  00), cabbage ($
  00), carrots ($
  00), potatoes($
  00), chicken ($
  00), fish ($
  00), mutton ($
  00) egg($
  00);green tea ($
  00), iced tea ($
  00), orange juice ($
  00). Business hours: Mon.-Fri. 6:30 a.m.-
  9.30 p.m. ; Sat.-Sun. 7:00 a.m.-
  10.00 p.m..
  41. What can you eat for breakfast in the restaurant. A. Dumplings. B. noodles. C. Ice cream.

  42. You can have a meal in the restaurant. A. at 6:40 on Saturday morning B. at 9:45 every evening C. at 11:30 every morning

  43. If you have rice, cabbage, and green tea for lunch, you need to pay. A. $ 8 B. $9 C. $10

  44. Mr Black has $ 22 for dinner. He can order(点) rice, potatoes, chicken and . A. iced tea B. orange juice C. an egg

  45. What does the speaker probably(可能) do ? A. A reporter. B. An actor. (D) There is a shop near my home .The people in the shop are friendly .On Saturday afternoon ,we often go and buy things there .It opens .early in the morning .It closes late in the evening .You can buy a lot of things in the shop .You can buy food ,clothes ,school things and many other things .But there are no English books there . C. A waiter.
Now we are in the shop .My mother wants to buy a shirt for my father and a blouse(女衬衫) for me .Then we’d like to have a drink of orange . ( ( ( ( ( )
  46.We often go to the shop and buy things A .on weekdays )
  47.The shop opens A .early , early )
  48.My mother wants to buy A . a shirt )
  49.There are no A .Japanese )
  50. B .on Sundays . C .on Saturdays in the evening .
in the morning and closes B .late , late C .early , late
for my father . B . a book C .school things
books in the shop . B .Chinese C.English
would like to have a drink of orange . B .My father and I C .My mother and I
A .My father and mother
四.补全对话。根据对话情景填空。 (
  10) A: B: A: B: Excuse Just go 54 You’re 51 .Where is the bank ,please? 52 left .It’s across 53 the library.
straight and very much. 55
  0) 短文写作( 请根据你的笔友给你所发的个人资料,向你的同学们介绍她。60 个单词左右.
Name A ge From
Mary 14 Australia
Language Favorite sport Favorite subject
English Soccer Music
Favorite actor Favorite Movie Family member
Jet Lee Shaolin Temple Sam (brother)
读书郎初一进初二暑假培训英语考试试 读书郎初一进初二暑假培训英语考试试卷答卷 英语考试 姓名
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