7AUnit6 单元测试
一、选择填空(25%) 选择填空( )
  1. I can buy because I don’t have any money me. A. something, on B. anything, with C. nothing, in D. nothing, with
  2. There is delicious (美味的)fruit on the table. A. too many B. too lots of C. too much D. too a lot of
  3. Look, there is a boy in the river. He also likes near the river. A. swims,lying B. swimming,lie C. swimming,lying D. is swimming,lying
  4. Miss Li wants to 20 dollars for a new dress. A. pay B. cost C. spend D. take
  5. The boy a toy gun his hand. A. has, in B. have, on C. is having, in D. having, with
  6. I don’t think the color of the tie your skirt. A. fit B. fits C. match D. matches
  7. She isn’t good Maths. Could you help her her maths? A. with, with B. at, at C. with, at D. at, with
  8. Amy’s boots are so beautiful! A. long leather red B. leather long red C. long red leather D. red long leather
  9. TV do you watch every day? More than one hour. A. How often B. How long C. How much D. How many
  10. This term I get score Jane. A. the same, like B. same, as C. the same, as D. same, like
  11. Suzhou Zoo is a fun place . A. really, to go B. really, go C. real, to go D. real, go
  12. Do you your meal? Yes, very much. A. has B. take C. cook D. enjoy
  13. I don’t know it today. A. what to do B. how to do C. to do what D. to do how
  14. He goes to the room, but it is dark . He is afraid to (不敢) to go . A. outside, out B. inside, in C. outside, in D. in, in
  15. Look, this little dog a cat. A. is like B. look like C. just like D. is likes
  16. She is a red blouse today. A. putting on B. wears C. in D. dressing
  17. This coat costs too much. May I have a look at ? A. other one B. another one C. the other D. one another
  18. I often money him, because he is so poor. A. borrow, to B. borrow, from C. lend, to D. lend, from

  19. the window and the radio. Let’s music. A. Turn on, open, listen B. Close, turn on, listen C. Close, turn on, listen to D. Turn off, open, listen to
  20. is your poster ? A. What, doing B. How, doing C. Where, going D. How, going
  21. Tom with his family in a small town now. A. live B. lives C. living D. lived
  22. Look! football is under the tree. I can see . A. Their, them B. Their, it C. They, it D. Them, them
  23. We often do some reading in the . A. bathroom B. kitchen C. study D. dining room
  24. This skirt is the best, isn’t it? Yes. It’s not too long too short. A. or B. and C. but D. both
  25. I’m hungry. Please me some bread and milk. A. take B. have C. bring D. do 二、完形填空(10%) 完形填空( ) Mr. Brown lives in a city. He 26 all kinds of shoes in his own shop. He is 27 to the buyers and the commodities(商品)are a little 28 , so people like to buy shoes in his shop. He gets some 29 and his family live a happy life. The 30 loves his mother, old Mrs. Brown. It is difficult for her to foster(抚养)her only son. Mr. Brown remembers all his mother’s hard work, so he buys 31 she wants and tells the servant(佣人)to 32 the old woman carefully. One day old Mrs. Brown doesn’t feel well and can’t fall asleep (入睡) night. Mr. Brown is at worried about it and sends for(请来)a doctor. The doctor looks her over carefully and says something is wrong with her 33 and asks her to have a good rest by the sea. He listens to the doctor and decides(决定)to go there with his mother. Before he 34 , he tells the servant to look after the house. A few months later the old woman feels 35 and they go back to the city. And at the end of the next month the servant asks for a rise(加薪). It makes Mr. Brown surprised and he asks her why. “I sleep when you are out,” says the girl. “But I work this month!”
  26. A. buys B. shows C. sells D. lends
  27. A. friendly B. useful C. careful D. safe
  28. A. stronger B. cheaper C. expensive D. more expensive
  29. A. shoes B. clothes C. knowledge D. money
  30. A. servant B. shopkeeper C. worker D. teacher
  31. A. something B. everything C. nothing D. anything
  32. A. help B. save C. look after D. look for
  33. A. hair B. mouth C. heart D. teeth

  34. A. sleeps
  35. A. bad
B. leaves B. worse
C. sits down C. good
D. stands up D. better
三、阅读理解(20%) 阅读理解( ) A When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say “How do you do?” and shake hands(握手). Usually they do not shake hands when they just meet or say goodbye. But they shake hands after they haven’t met for a long time or when they will be away from each other for a long time. Last year a group of German students went to England for a holiday. Their teacher tells them that the English people seldom shake hands. So when they meet their English friends at the station, they keep their hands behind their backs. The English students learn that the Germans shake hands as often as possible 尽可能地) so they put their hands in front and get ready to shake hands with ( , them. It makes both of them laugh.
  36. It is if you know the language and some of the customs (风俗) of the country. A. not useful B. not helpful C. very helpful D. very bad
  37. English people usually shake hands when they. A. meet every time B. meet for the first time C. say goodbye to each other D. say hello to each other
  38. Usually English people don’t shake hands. A. when they will be away for a long time B. when they say“How do you do?” C. when they just meet or say goodbye D. after they haven’t met for a long time
  39. Which is right? A. German people shake hands as often as possible. B. English people like shaking hands very much. C. German people hardly shake hands. D. English people don’t like German people.
  40. The story is about . A. shaking hands B. languages C. customs D. languages and customs B Mr. Knight is the manager (经理)of a hotel (旅馆). One weekend all of the hotels in the city are full because there is a large meeting. On Friday night, three men come into the hotel and ask for rooms. Mr. Knight says there are no rooms ready because of the meeting. The men are unhappy. Mr. Knight wants to help them. He remembers that Room 418, a very small room, is empty. He asks them if they can share (共用)a room. The three men says they will. Mr. Knight says the
room will be thirty dollars: ten for each one. Each man gives him the money and then go up to the room. Mr. Knight soon begins to feel sorry. "Thirty dollars is a lot to ask as a price for that small room." he thinks. He says to his assistant (助手), "Here is five dollars. Take it to the men in Room 4
  18. I asked too much for their room. " The assistant takes the money. While he is on the way there, he starts to think, "How can three men divide (分配) five dollars? I'll give them each only one dollar and keep the two dollars for myself. The men will be happy to get something back. And Mr. Knight will never know. " So the assistant returns (归还) one dollar to each man. Each man at first pays ten dollars. After the assistant returns them one dollar each, each actually (事实上) pays nine. There are three men. The assistant keeps $
  2. Where is the missing dollar?
  41. The three men are not happy because . A. there is a large meeting B. it’s weekend C. there’s only one small room D. they have no place to live
  42. With the help of the manager, the three men . A. go to another hotel B. each gets a small room for the night C. stay together in a small room D. get a small room Mr. Knight keeps for himself
  43. At first, . A. $27 is paid by the three men B. $10 is paid by the three men C. $25 is paid by the three men D. $30 is paid by the three men
  44. The assistant . A. helps the men to divide the money B. keeps two dollars for himself C. returns three to the men and two to the manager D. keeps three dollars for himself
  45. Where is the missing dollar ? A. There is no missing dollar. B. It’s taken by the assistant, too. C. It’s taken by Mr. Knight. D. It’s taken by the three men. 四、根据所给提示写出单词(10%) 根据所给提示写出单词( ) (后来)he went to the US.
  1. He studied in Beijing first. A 1
  2. We can see many kinds of 2 (套头衫) in the clothes shop.

  3. Charles Chaplin is known for his movie “ 3 (现代) Times”.
  4. It’s late, but they’re 4 (仍然)working there.
  5. Lucy and Mary are good friends. They b 5 like playing tennis.
  6. Simon gets up early and c 6 what to wear for the fashion show.
  7. May I have a look at your photos? C 7 .
  8. That movie star is p 8 with young girls. .
  9. I want my trainers to be light and c 9
  10. Which m 10 do you like, silk or leather? 用所给词适当形式填空 词适当形式填空( 五、用所给词适当形式填空(10%) )
  1. What are you going to do in the 11 (two) month this year?
  2. The Greens often 12 (watch) CCTV news at seven in the evening.
  3. It’s midnight now. You should be 13 (care) on your way home (be) a teacher some day.
  4. I hope 14
  5. 15 (eat) more vegetables is good for your health.
  6. We usually celebrate May Day by 16 (have) a trip. (final), the poor got the money raised for them.
  7. 17
  8. This dress is 18 (suit) for the dinner party? (comfortable) to wear.
  9. The trainers are too small for me. They are 19
  10. Who’s the boy 20 (wear) a green sweater and black trousers? 六、完成句子(10%) 完成句子( )
  1. I have something to tell you. It’s important enough. (合并句子) I have to tell you.
  2. Sandy looks very beautiful. (改为感叹句) !
  3. He looks smart and modern in blue and yellow sports clothes. (划线部分提问) ?
  4. We must buy four glasses of orange juice. (划线部分提问) ?
  5. Tom is going to have a meeting in Shanghai next week. (划线部分提问) ? 七、翻译句子(15%) 翻译句子( )
  1. 我认为那件女式衬衣不是棉制的。
  2. 你能帮我谢谢他们为希望工程筹款吗?
  3. 告诉他们不要去旅行了。
  4. 这些是 20 世纪 30 年代到 90 年代的发型。
  5. 我还要一些时间来做这张海报,因为我想让它更好。


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