二、听句子,选择意思相同或者相近的选项。 ( ( )
  1.A.How is Jim? B. What’s the matter,Jim? )
  2. A.He wants to go to bed very much. B.It isn’t easy for him to get to sleep. C.It is difficult for him to feel sleepy. C.What’s Jim doing?
  3.A.He spent two yuan on the ticket. B.The train ticket was too expensive for him to buy. C.He didn’t have two yuan. )
  4.A.Jane is taller than Hanmei. B.Jane is shorter than Hanmei. C.Jane is as tall as Hanmei. )
  5.A.Li Ming couldn’t help me with my English. B.I feel really sad because I didn’t pass the English exam.
C.With Li Ming’s help,I did well in the English exam. 三、听句子,选择正确的答语。 ( )
  1.A.I’m reading. B.I do it by hand. C.Not bad,thank you. ( )
  2. A.I got one. I’m lucky. B.What a shame! he is! ( )
  3. A.Good idea. B. It doesn’t matter. welcome. ( )
  4. A.It doesn’t matter. B.Thank you. easy. ( )
  5. A.I’m sorry to hear that. B.He needs to take medicine. C.How kind he is! 四、听对话和问题,选择正确的答案。 ( )
  1.Why does Maria look sad? A.Because she failed the Chinese exam. B.Because she wasn’t able to go to the party. C.Because she had a bad cold. )
  2.What color can make us feel better? A.White. B.Red. C.Green. )
  3.Who is strict with Maria? A.Maria’s father. B.Maria’s mother. )
  4.How long has Tom felt like this? C.How helpful C.You are C.Take it
( ( ( (
A.Wednesday B.Two days. C.Three days. )
  5.How do we feel when it rains? A.We feel well. B.We feel better. C.We feel worse.
笔试部分 一、单项选择。(20%) ( )
  1.Please thanks to your classmates for me. A.say B.speak C.tell ( )
  2.I want to invite you dinner. ( ( ( A.have B.having C.to have )
  3.The food delicous. A.sounds B.tastes C.feels )
  4.Zhou Jielun is popular young people. A.by B.with C.in )
  5.Goodbye! Bye!Please later. A.ring up me B.rings up me
C.ring me up
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  6.Mr Lee wants to get a ticket the Sound of Music. A.to B.about C.with )
  7.Helen failed to pass the English exam.She feels very . A.happy B.upset C.angry )
  8.The playground many students. A.is full of B.fill of C.filled with )
  9.Now I’m , but I don’t feel . A.alone, alone B.alone, lonely )
  10.There’s with my TV. A.something wrong B.anything wrong C.lonely, alone C.wrong anything
  11.It’s difficult me work out this problem. A.of, for B.for, of C.for, for )
  12.Li Ming is taller than Wei Hua. Yes.Wei Hua is not so as Li Ming. A.taller B.tallest C.tall )
  13.Can you give me some ? A.advice B.advices C.suggestion )
  14.I’m very nervous about my math exam. . A.Of course. B.What a pity. C.Take it easy. )
  15.My little brother is ill.I stay at home to look afer him. A.must B.have to C.need )
  16.The TV programs made me . A.sleepy B.to sleep C.sleeping )
  17.Don’t be worried.It be SARS.
( (
( ( (



   The Spring Festival comes after New Year's Day. It's usually in January or February. It's the Chinese New Year's Day.The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China. All of the Chinese like this festival.When it comes,people are busy.They usua ...


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