1.用英语表达 in English

  2.在同一个班 in the same class

  3.第二行第一个 Number One in Row Two

  4.一年级一班 Class One, Grade One

  5.在学校 be at school

  6.在家 be at home

  7.很;非常 very much

  8.行;好;不错 all right

  9.进来;进入 come in

  10.值日 be on duty

  11.看起来很像 look the same

  12.看起来像…… look like

  13.照顾;照看 look after

  14.寻找 look for

  15.看起来年轻 look young

  16.看;观看 look at

  17.听;收听 listen to

  18.坐下 sit down

  19.就座 have a seat

  20.在那边 over there

  21.打扰一下 excuse me

  22.家谱 family tree

  23.有两个小孩子 have two children

  24.一个大家庭 a big family

  25.在英格兰 in England

  26.让我们 let’s= let us

  27.去同一所学校上学 go to the same school

  28.约翰叔叔 uncle John

  29.在书桌上 on the desk

  30.一些书 some books

  31.在椅子后面 behind the chair

  32.在铅笔盒里 in the pencil-box

  33.在河边 near the river

  34.在桌子下面 under the table

  35.在办公室门口 at the door of the teacher’s room

  36.把门打开 open the door

  37.拿到球 get the ball

  38.帮助某人干某事 help sb. do sth.

  39.什么颜色 what colour

  40.喜欢干某事 like to do sth.

  41.上到那儿 be up there

  42.树屋 tree house

  43.多少 how many

  44.多少岁 how old

  45.在工作 be at work

  46.让我数数他们 let me count them

  47.在天空中;在天上 in the sky

  48.河里的一条小船 a boat on the river

  49.在墙上 on the wall

  50.一幅非常好看的图画 a very nice picture

  51.许多事情(东西) many things

  52.跟上;赶快 come on

  53.我的小猫 my little cat

  54.一辆红色的小汽车 a red car

  55.给它们着上绿色 colour them green

  56.给它着上紫色 colour it purple

  57.浅蓝色 light blue

  58.哪一个 which one

  59.一件非常好看的毛衣 a very nice sweater

  60.开绿色小汽车的那个 the one in the green car

  61.骑黑色自行车的那个 the one on the black bike

  62.到这边来 come here

  63.住在…… live in

  64.一个小花园 a small garden

  65.晾衣绳 clothes line

  66.格林家的照片 the picture of the Green family

  67.穿上 put on

  68.脱掉 take off

  69.双胞胎的 the twins’

  70.给你 Here you are.

  71.给某人某物 give sb. sth.

  72.把某物给某人 give sth. to sb.

  73.去问问 go and ask

  74.上学 go to school

  75.回家 go home

  76.和某人一起去 go with sb.

  77.起床 get up

  78.迟到;晚的 be late

  79.锁上;锁着 be locked

  80.打扫教室 clean the classroom

  81.吃早餐 have breakfast

  82.吃午餐 have lunch

  83.吃晚餐 have supper

  84.看电视 watch TV

  85.玩游戏 play games

  86.从……到…… from… to…

  87.……中的一些 some of …

  88.问答 ask and answer

  89.别的什么 what else

  90.还有谁 who else

  91.我家的一张旧照片 an old photo of my family

  92.在A和B之间 between A and B

  93.在中间 in the middle

  94.在教室中间 in the middle of the classroom

  95.又高又大 tall and big

  96.小女孩 the little girl

  97.你最喜欢的动物 your favourite animal

  98.黑色的,黑白相间的,花白的 black and white

  99.电话号码 telephone number
  00.你的电子邮件地址 your e-mail address
  01.说几句汉语 speak some Chinese



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   第一节 1.liketodosth/likedoingsth 喜欢做某事 2.lovetodosth/lovedoingsth 喜欢做某事 3.hatetodosth/hatedoingsth 憎恨做某事 4.prefertodosth/preferdoingsth 宁可做某事 5.begintodosth/begindoingsth 开始做某事 6.starttodosth/startdoingsth 开始做某事 7.continuetodosth/continuedoingsth 继续做某 ...


   1. at the thought of 一想到… 2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论 3. at will 随心所欲 4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有 5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解 6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外. Without accident(=saf ely) 安全地, ...


   …(money) worth of sth. ……价值……(接数词) …has a population of… ……人口数量是…… …times as big as ……是……几倍大 …times the size of ……是……几倍大 a (great/large/small) number of 许多(接可数名词复数;谓语动词用复数) A (together) with B… A 与 B 一样,……(谓语动词与 A 一致) A as well as B… A 跟 B 一样,……(谓语 ...


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   30 天学不会英语 无效退款 宫方网站 www.28k.cn by accident 偶然 on account of… 因为 …,由于 … in addition to… 除 …之外 on (the/an) average 平均,一 般来说 onthebasis of… 根据 …,在 …的基础上 at (the) best 充其量,至多 on business 因公,因事 in any case 无论如何,总之 in case of… 假使 …,万一 … in case 假如,以防 (万一 ...

英语 写作中的常用短语

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