I. 请从下列各组单词中选出一个与其他三个单词划线部分的读音不同的单词。( 5 分 )
  1. A. these B. egg C. twelve D. spell
  2. A. how B. down C. know D. now
  3. A. teacher B. school C. much D. children
  4. A. those B. that C. think D. they
  5. A. is B. bus C. see D. sit II. 词汇和短语。(15 分) A) 按要求转换下列各词。 (10 分)
  1. down(反义词)
  2. woman(复数)
  3. these(单数)
  4. their(同音词)
  5. it(复数)
  6. me(主格)
  7. glass(复数)
  8. no(同音词)
  9. are not(缩写)
  10. too(同音词) B) 看图读句子或对话,为每幅图片选择正确的答案。 (5 分)
A. Li Ming is at No. 18 Middle School. B. - Can I see your car license? - Yes, here you are. C. Mr Wang's phone number is 686270
  45. D. - Excuse me, Miss Gao. Can you spell this word, please? -Yes, I can. E. - My name is Zhao Lin. What's your name? - I'm Tom Black. Nice to meet you, Zhao Lin. -Nice to meet you , too, Tom. III. 选择填空。( 5 分 )

  1. -Who's that man? -my teacher. A. She's B. It's C. His D. He's
  2. -Hello!6328988!? - Lily. A. Who are you; I am B. Who is it; I am C. Who are you; This is D. Who's that; This is
  3. , is your mother at home? A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Yes D. OK
  4. -What's five and six? -It eleven. A. am B. is C. are D. be
  5. Please comeand sit. A. on; down B. in; down C. in; up D. on; up IV. 按要求连词成句。(10 分)
  1. No. 9, Middle School, twins, in, are, the .
  2. teacher, Kate's, is, an, mother, English, school, in, our ?
  3. teacher, Chinese, English, your father, or, teacher, is, an, a ?
  4. rulers, where, the, are, new ?
  5. English, what, me, in, are, excuse, these ? V. 用适当的疑问词完成下列对话。(15 分) A: Hello!__1__are you? B: I'm fine. Thank you. And you?
A: I'm OK. __2__are you? B: I'm twelve. Look, __3__is that? A: That's Jim. Jim, come here. This is Li Lei. C: __4__do you do? B: How do you do? __5__class are you in? C: I'm in Class Four. A: Jim, __6__is Kate, do you know? C: I think she's at home. B: Excuse me, Jim. __7__is this in English? C: It's an egg. B: __8__is two plus three? C: It's five. And__9__is that? Is it a bike? B: Yes, it's my bike. C: __10__is your bike? B: Well, it's 5732
  08. C: Thank you. VI. 根据短文内容填空,每空一词,然后按题后的要求做题。(10 分) My name is Lin Tao, I'm twelve. I'm a middle school student. I am__(
  1)__Class Five, Grade One. My English teacher__(
  2)__Miss Gao. She is __(
  3)__good teacher. I__(
  4)__a pen, a ruler __(
  5)__ two pencils. I have a bike, __(
  6)__. Liu Ping is in my class. She is a girl. We__(
  7)__good friends. She is not__(
  8)__today. I think she is at home. Look!Here is a__(
  9)__. But it is not my book. I think it is__(
  10)__book. Yes, it's Miss Black's book.
  11. 将 I'm a middle school student.变为一般疑问句并作肯定回答。
  12. 写出 Liu Ping is in my class. 的同义句。
  13. 写出 I think she is at home. 的同义句。
  14. 写出 I'm a middle school student.的同义句。 I'm a student.

  15. She is ill.这句话是从短文中摘出来的,请你用∧添加到原文中。 VII. 阅读理解。(10 分) We have two new students in our school. they're Mike and Tom. They look the same, but they aren't twins. Tom is English. He's twelve. He and I are in Class Four. He is in Number 9, Row
  6. He is very tall. Mike is American. He's twelve, too. He's in Class Five. He is in Row
  7. They are our good friends. 阅读短文,回答下面的问题。
  1. Are Mike and Tom twins?
  2. Are they in the same school?
  3. What class is the writer(作者)in?
  4. How old is Mike?
  5. Tom and Mike are in the same row. Is it right or wrong? VIII. 根据表格内所给资料,以 My Good Friend 为题用英语写一段话介绍你的朋友。(10 分) 要求:
  1. 用词准确;
  2. 语句通顺;
  3. 表述清楚;
  4. 不少于 50 词。
参考答案: 听力录音原文及参考答案 I.
  1. Are these boxes?
  2. What are these?
  3. What class are you in?
  4. Is this your pencil?
  5. Is this a Chinese jeep or an English one? II.
  1. W: Hello!Mr Jiang. What's your mobile phone number?
M: It's 135831710
  00. W: 135831710
  00. Oh, I see.
  2. W: What's thirteen plus twelve, Peter? M: Let me see. It's twenty-five. W: Yes, you are right.
  3. M: What row is Lucy in, Lily? W: She is in Row
  4. We are in the same row. M: What's your number? W: I am Number
  4. M: Is this your new car? W: Yes, it is. M: What's your new car's number? W: Its number is 967
  5. W: Hello, Jack!Hello, Jim! M: Hello, Sun Huifang. W: You look the same. M: (laughing)Of course. We are twins. W: Are you twelve? M: Bingo! III. M: My name is Tian Xiaopeng. I am a boy. I am 12 years old. My address is 28 Park Road, Ji'nan. I am a student in No. 29 Middle School. My postal code is 2500
  66. My e-mail address is txp@tom.com. My home phone number is 29862
  27. I like reading books very much. Dear friends, do you want to make friends with me? Please write soon. (I.( 写问句略)1-5 ABCBB II. (
  1) 13583171000 (
  2) Twenty-five; twelve (
  3) 8 / Eight; 4 / Four (
  4) 96789 (
  5) 12/twelve III. Name: Tian Xiaopeng Age:
  1. Twelve Address:
  2.28 Park Road, Ji'nan School: No. 29 Middle School Postal Code:
  3. 250065 E-mail address:
  4. txp@tom.com Home phone Number: 2986627 Hobby:
  5.Reading ) 笔试部分 I. 1-5ACBCA II. A).
  1. up
  2. women
  3. this
  4. there
  5. they
  6. I
  7. glasses
  8. know
  9. aren't
  10. two
/ to B) 1-5DBCEA III. 1-5DDBBB IV.
  1. the twins are in No. 9 Middle School
  2. Is Kate's mother an English teacher in our school
  3. Is your father an English teacher or a Chinese teacher
  4. Where are the new rulers
  5. Excuse me, what are these in English V.
  1. How
  2. How old
  3. who
  4. How
  5. What
  6. where
  7. What
  8. What
  9. what
  10. What number VI.
  1. in
  2. is
  3. a
  4. have
  5. and
  6. too
  7. are
  8. here
  9. book
  10. her
  11. -Are you a middle school student? -Yes, I am.
  12. Liu Ping is my classmate.
  13. I think she is in.
  14. of /from a middle school
  15. 添加到 Look!或 I think...的前面。 VII.
  1. No, they aren't.
  2. Yes, they are.
  3. He is in Class Four.
  4. He is twelve.
  5. It's wrong. VIII. One possible version: My Good Friend I have a good English friend. Her name is Ann. She is thirteen. She is in Class 3, Grade 1 in No.4 Middle School. Miss Ma is her English teacher. Ann likes playing computer games, singing and drawing. Her telephone number is 6688998 and her e-mail is Ann123@yahoo.com



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