( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  1、I A. have , A. A. A. A. )
  6、 A. do, do I
a big nose .He
a big nose . Your mouth ?
have ,B. has , have ,C . have , has about He is B. What is C. What are
  2、He has a big mouth. what am B.
  3、Look ,she has big eyes and long hair . C. Me ,too B. She is twelve doesn't C.She has small eyes . C . No, I she doesn't Yes , )
  4、Who is that girl ? She is my friend No,she isn't you B. Are )
  5、Does she have a cell phone ? B.No,he ,am have a knife ? C. Do , do do C. No , they don't schools .
  7、Do they have a car ? A. Yes , they are A. A. )
  10、 A. My B. the same with B. B. in B. No , they C. the one your partner(搭档) . )
  8、They are in different schools , but we are in same )
  9、Talk about the pictures C. about is big , her eyes are small . C . I is her hair? It is black . A. what color B. do B. Whose What class you like ? one C. What grade The red one . me nose


  12、 A. How
C. Which one girl red.

  13、Which girl is from Guilin ? The A. in B. about C. with


this letter
Maria in Class 2,Grade
A. say, ( )
  15、 A. what ( )
B. give
, to he
C . spell ,
look like ? Her mother . C. What , is are blue .
, does color
B. How , does
her eyes ?
A. is , they (
B. do
, they
C. are , They we are good friends .

  17、We have different looks , A. but B. and is B. Who he has B. Is , C. or

  18、 A. What
that boy over there ? My new friend . C. What color black hair ? Yes, he does. have C. Does , have are blue .

  19、 A. Does ,

color A. we
are the trousers ? B. They C. You
( ( ( ( ( (
she look like ? )
  21、 A.What ,does B. What , is C.How ,does )
  22、He is tall a thin face . A. about B. with C. in )2
  3、Is the boy tall short ? He is tall . A. or B. and C. but )
  24、Is this apple or orange ? It is an orange . A. an , a B. a, an C. an , an )
  25、 dress is this ? It is A. What , mine B. Whose , mine C . Whose , me )
  26、 My dress very nice . I like color, but it is too long . A. looks , it's B. looks , its C. looks , his )
  27、You grow fast . The dress will you . A. fits B. fit C . tell )
  28、Whose bike is this ?It is . It is bike . A. his, his B. he , his C. his, )
  29、Whose shoes are those ? They are . They are A. yours , your B. you, your )
  30、Whose apples are these ? They are . They are their B. theirs , their C. he shoes. yours , apples. you
( ( (
A. they , (
C. theirs , they

  31.This is .
A.a picture of my family I family
B.my family’s picture
C.a picture of
( )
  32.Howyou spell your name ? C.is (

  33.Who are they?father and mother . A.He is Jim’s B.They are Jim A. teacher C.They are Jim’s B. the teacher C. they
( (

  34. Who is ?

  35.Can you see the book ? A.am B.do
Yes , I.
C.can English.

  36.What does he do ?He is a teacher. He A.teaches B.does C.is

  37.Her bag door A.behind the B.is behind C.is behind the

  38.My penold. Your pen new . A.am, are B.am, is C.is , is

  39.I can see two birds in the picture. They look . A.the same B.at C.same . C. She is an office worker . Sure . Mike .

  40.What does your mother do ? A. She is here B. She is in green I have your name ? B . B. me Am C. C. Do mine
( ( (
  41、 A. May A. I
  42、My name is Michael .Please call )
  43、Do you have
friends here ? Yes , I do .
A. ( ( ( ( ( A. A. A A much .
any in
B. B.
a little English about B. from lives
C. C.
a lot you , Jane ? with C. You are welcome . a far land . C . is come from in Guilin . No problem .
  44、May I study
  45、Thank you very much ! All right . come B. No problem B . He C. is live it very )
  46、Where does he come from ? He comes from )
  47、 Where does he live ? .live )
  48、Does Jim like A. likes B.
the English corner ? Yes , he does C . says
( (
  49、Do you A. say B. tell
English at the English corner ? C. speak
A little . the Great
) 50 、What does he say in the letter ? He wants A. to go B. to go to C . going to
Wall . ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( your order ? Let me see . )
  51、May I A. take B. eat C. drink )
  52、Would you like to have dinner with me ?
A.OK, I’d love to B. It is good C. Do you like it )
  53、 the same order as theirs ? That’s fine . A., What is B. How is C . What about )
  54、Please help yourself ! . A. You are right B. Thanks C. Don’t say that )
  55、Would you like something ? No, thanks .I am full A. drink B. to drink C . have a drink )
  56、What would you like to drink ? . A. Two breads )
  57、What do you A. see B. B. A bread C. Two pieces of bread . of the coffee ? Nod very bad .
think C. talk )
  58、 do you like the fish ? Very much . A. Who B. What C . How )
  59、Why not have a glass of coffee? . A. good ideas . B. Good idea C. I am full do you want to have ? I want some milk and )
some cakes . A. What B. How C. Who 完型:I am 1 English girl. 2 name is kate. I’m twelve. I 3 a Chinese friend. 4 name is Han Meimei . She is twelve, 5 . Han Meimei and I 6 in the same class. We are in 7 . Han Meimei is 8 She is in Row
  2. I 9 in Row
  2. I’m in Row
  3. We are not in the same row, are in the same team(组). ( )
  1.A. the B. an C. a D./ ( )
  2.A. I B. Her C. My D. She ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  3. A. am )
  4.A. She )
  5.A. too )
  6. A. is B. know C. have D. has B. Her C. His D. My B. two C. to D. please B. am C. are D. / 10 we
  7. A. Class One, Grade One B. Grade One ,Class One )
  8. A. 5 Number B. Number 5 C. in Number 5 D. Number five )
  9. A. am not B. isn’t C. amn’t D. aren’t )
  10. A. and B. but C. or D. too
Dear Li Ming: How are you? I miss(想念)you very much. Let me 1 you something about us. My brother and I are in 2 school. We have classes 3 Monday to Friday. 4 weekends, we don’t have 5 classes. We 6 many American friends now. We often play games together(一起) 7 school. They help us with our English. How many classes do you 8 9 week? Do you like it? Please 10 me soon. Jeany
  1.A. say B. speak C. tell
  2.A. different B. same C. the same
  3.A. from B. on C. between
  4.A. In B. On C. Between
  5.A. some B. many C. any
  6.A. are having B. have C. has
  7.A. behind B. after C. from
  8.A. teach B. play C. have
  9.A. every B. the C. an
  10.A. speak to B. tell C. write to
One day, an old lady was 21 in the street. When she passed a bank, she saw a car there. A man got 22 it and went into the bank. She looked into the car. The keys were in the lock(锁). . The old lady took the keys and followed 跟着) man into the ( the 23
The man 24 a gun (枪)out of his pocket, and said to the officers, money. “Give me 25 But the old lady didn’t see. She went to the man and 26 the keys in his hands and said, “Young man, you’re careless. Remember not to 27 your keys in your car. Someone’s going to steal(偷)it.” The man looked at the old woman for a few seconds. Then he took 28 and 29 the bank, money. got into his car and drove away 30
  21. A. walking B. walk C. walked D. to walk
  22. A. out B. of C. out of D. from
  23. A. school B. bank C. car D. hospital
  24. A. take B. took C. bring D. takes
  25. A. some B. more C. all D. all the
  26. A. put B. took C. carried D. got
  27. A. put B. forget C. leave D. have
  28. A. money B. keys C. the keys D. key
  29. A. ran B. ran of C. ran outside D. ran out of
  30. A. with B. without any C. with little D. with much
阅阅:Billy is a student of Grade Two. He doesn’t work hard(努力) at his lessons. He likes to play. But he thinks he is very clever(聪明). One afternoon Billy goes home after school. He is very hungry(饿). So he says to his mother, “Mum, I’m hungry. Can I have something to eat?” “Supper is not ready. But here are two apples. You can eat them first,” says his mother. Billy takes the two apples in his hands. He looks at the apples and says, “Mum, I have three apples now. Look, this is the first (第一) one. This is the second (第二)one. Isn’t one and two three?” “Oh, yes, you are very clever, Billy,” says his mother(母亲), “now please give me the first one. Give your father(父亲) the second one. And you eat the third (第三)one.” (一)、根据短文内容,选择正确答案(8 分): ( )
  1、Billy is a student of ( ( A. Class Two B. Grade Two C. Class Two D. Grade Three )
  2、Billy is when he gets home . A. tall B. short C. hungry D. happy )
  3、Does Billy like his lessons ? A. Yes, he is B. No ,he isn't C. Yes , he does D. No, he doesn't
( apples

  4、In fact( 事实上 ), Billy's A. an apple B. two
mother only has apples C. three apples
. D. no
A Picture of Mary’s Family A picture is on my desk. This is a picture of Mary’s family. The man is her father. A woman is behind Mary. She is her mother. She’s a teacher. A boy is in the picture, too. He is Mary’s brother. Mary and her brother are in the same school. But they aren’t in the same grade. They look like their mother. They are English.
  6. Is this What a picture is of Kate’s Mary’s . family?. mother?.
  7、 Are Mary and her brother in the same grade ?
  8. Where are they from?. __.
  9. Who do Mary and her brother look like? This is Mr Wang's classroom. It is class 4, Grade 1 of the No.14 Middle School. Mr Wang usually stands in front of the blackboard(黑板). He often talks with his students and sometimes writes on the blackboard. His class is very big. There are a lot of students in his class. Some of them are not Chinese, but they are all good friends. Wang Lin and Tim are not tall. They sit in the front row now. Wei Hao and Mary sit in the second row. The twins are in the middle of the classroom. Bill smith is taller than most of the class. So he sits at the back now. ( ( ( ( ( )
  10. This is a big classroom. )
  11. Mr Wang often stands in the back of the classroom. )
  12. There is a blackboard in front of the classroom. )
  13. The students in Mr Wang's classroom are all Chinese )
  14. Bill is the tallest(最高) boy in the class.
Mrs Jones’ telephone number is 2562781 and the number of the city cinema(电影院)is 25627
  18. because the two numbers look the same(一样),
some people often make a mistake(弄错)and telephone her when they want the cinema. One evening, the Jones are having supper at the table. Just then, the telephone bell rings. Mrs Jones goes to answer the telephone. A tired (累的)man says, “Excuse me, at what time does your last(最后) movie begin?” “I’m sorry.” says Mrs Jones, “But you have the wrong( 错 误 的)number. This is not the cinema.” “Oh, sorry, it began twenty minutes ago(以前)? Thank you all the same. Goodbye.” Says the man. Mrs Jones is very surprised(惊讶), so she tells her husband(丈夫) the whole thing. Her husband, Mr Jones laughs(笑)and says: “I see. The man’s wife wants to go to a movie, but he is tired. He doesn’t want to go to a movie. So he telephones the cinema. His wife hears(听见)him, but she can’t hear you. Now they stay at home this evening, and the husband is very happy and he can have a good rest(休息)at home.” 根据上文内容判断正(T)误(F)。 ( )
  1. Mrs Jones’ telephone number is the same as the number of the city cinema. ( )
  2. People often telephone Mrs Jones when they want the cinema. ( )
  3. One evening when the telephone bell rings, they are having supper. ( )
  4. The tired man wants to know when the last film begins. ( )
  5. The husband is happy to stay at home. Mr and Mrs Smith come from Sydney. They teach English in a middle school in China. They like their work. They have a son and a daughter, Jim and Sue. They are all in China now. Mr Smith can speak Chinese. He likes swimming and reading. Mrs Smith likes swimming in the afternoon and cooking. Jim and Sue like playing chess. They often play games with Chinese boys and girls. Jim’s uncle, Green, works on a farm(在农农里)near Sydney. He likes swimming, too. He wants to work in China. But he can’t speak Chinese. So he is still there and goes to Chinese classes every week.
  1.Where are Jim and Sue from? A. America B. Canada C. Australia
  2.What does Mr Smith like? He likes . A. cooking B. reading C. playing games
  3.What does Jim’s uncle like? He likes .
A. reading B. playing games C. swimming
  4.Where does Sue’s uncle work? A. On a farm. B. In a school. C. In a club.
  5.Who works in different countries(国家)now? A. Mr and Mrs Smith. B. Mr Smith and his uncle. C. Mr Smith and his brother. B Brain is a school boy. He’s twelve. He lives in Shanghai now. He is from England. He studies in a junior middle school. He gets up at half past five every day. He has breakfast at seven after that, he goes to school with his friends. They have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the evening he does his homework at home, but he often watches TV on Saturday evening. Brain likes drawing. He joins an art club. He likes reading story books. Now he is reading an En



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