Where’s your pen pal from?
Unit 1
France Toronto Japan Tokyo England Singapore New York
at home/in my home
at school/ in the school talk about sth be from/come from an interesting country in America her favorite subject
speak a little French speak English live in Paris too difficult write to sb tell sb about sth in November
twelve cities on weekends/ on the weekend look for a pen pal / pen pal wanted play soccer an action movie likes and dislikes Japanese for Kids
French for Today Our World in English Where is your pen pal from?- He’ s from Australia. Where does your pen pal come from? ?He comes from Australia. Where is Tom’s sister from?- She is from America.
Where does she live? ?She lives in Sydney. What language does he speak? ? He speaks French. Where’s Toronto?- It’s in Canada. I usually play soccer on weekends. Does he have any brothers or sisters?
I think China is a very interesting country. I don’t think China is a very interesting country. I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports.
Key words
Be from = Come from
Where is he from? He’s from the United States. Where does he come from? He comes from the United States.
Flags and countries
the United Kingdom
the United States
Where is he from? He’s from … Where does he come from? He comes from…. What language does he / she speak?

Chinese Japanese
语 言
Chinese Japanese English French English English
English and French English and Chinese
China Japan
The United Kingdom Englishman England France Frenchman The United States America Australia Canada Singapore American Australian Canadian Singaporean
Complete this dialogue.
A :What a nice day! is B :Yes, it . me A :Excuse . Where are you ? from B :I’m from Canada. What you? about A :Me? Oh, I from Singapore. am B :So you speak English Chinese. can and A :Yes, you’re right. What can you speak. language B :Well, I can speak French and . My pen English pal can speak some Chinese He lives in Beijing. .
Read or recite 3a and 3b for 5 minutes.
I have a (笔友) He is from (加拿大) Tokyo is the capital of (日本) China is a great (国家) He (居住) in London. Thanks for watching around the .(世界)
写信给 你能尽快给我写信吗? 做运动 我喜欢和我的朋友一起做运动。 告诉某人关于某事 请写信告诉我关于你的事 一点法语 我会讲一点法语。
假如你叫张涛,请向你的笔友Paul 写信介 绍你最喜欢的电影明星周星驰。注意: 表 格内容必须涉及,可适当拓展发挥。
Name Age From Job Language Favorite color Favorite sports His best movie
Stephen Chow 47 Hong Kong , China actor Chinese and English blue soccer ; swimming Kung Fu( comedy;action movie)
  1. Lily and her sister (come) from America?
  2. The twins come from America?
  3. Where Lily and Lucy from? England. A. are, come B. do ,\ C. does, come; D, do, come
his book new old? A, Is ; and B.Is ; or C. Can ; and D. Does; or 他的朋友是男孩还是女孩? ???? his friend a boy __ a girl? How do you Sichuan food? -- I it at all. It’s too hot.
wear glasses a pop singer have a new look not … any more go shopping 棕色的头发 戴着滑稽眼镜的男人 来自北京的男人
know with hair look have
has wear more don’t from
1, is ;has
  2. is; has
  3. is; is 4, with; is
  5.with; has
Do you know I have a new friend in Grade 2? I don’t think I know her. What do they look like? She doesn’t wear funny glasses. Is he heavy or thin?
singer glasses height musicians singing
to wear sleep look doesn’t think to wear
has ; children; From; stays ; to do; with; parents’ ; but ; on ; singing


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