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2008-2009学年初一下学期英语期末试题 2008-2009学年初一下学期英语期末试题 大连市第六中学初一英语备课组 20
  09. 6 I.单项填空(本题共 小题;每小题 分,满分 分) 小题; .单项填空(本题共15小题 每小题1分 满分15分 从 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  1. I went to California Thursday morning. A. at B. on C. in D. for
  2. They went to the to have a big dinner. A. shop B. theatre C. beach D. restaurant
  3. Was there rain tomorrow? Yes, we were wet all over. A. heavy B. strong C. strongly D. heavily
  4. The Smith don’t live here any longer. They to another city ten years ago. A. hurried B. got C. moved D. returned
  5. did your journey last? Five days. A. How far B. How much C. How long D. When
  6. Please knock on the door before you the room. A. entered B. pushed C. noticed D. counted
  7. I’m hungry I’m going to buy some food. A. however B. because C. but D. so
  8. I’ll go to Hong Kong to do some sightseeing. A. No, I won’t. B. No problem. C. Have a good time. D. It’s kind of you.
  9. In 2012, people will go to London to see the exciting Olympic Games. A. ten millions B. millions of C. ten millions of D. million of
  10. The days get in summer. A. long and long B. longer and longer
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C. the longest D. longest
  11. I don’t like fall behind students. A. the other B. the others C. others D. another
  12. When he was young, he a hospital to help the sick people. A. opens B. opened C. will open D. is opening
  13. What is your teacher like? A. He likes teaching. B. He is like a friend. C. He is strict but nice. D. Vegetables and fruit.
  14. Tom has the longest journey because he lives from the school. A. far B. farther C. farthest D. closest
  15. People say “” to family and friends on Christmas Day. A. Happy Christmas B. You too C. The same to you D. You’re welcome II.情景交际(本题共 小题;每小题 分,满分 分) 情景交际( 小题; 情景交际 本题共5小题 每小题2分 满分10分 根据对话内容选出可填入空白处的最佳选项,有两项为多余选项。 A: Look. I’ve got a book about Shakespeare’s life. (
  16)He was born on 23 April, 1564 and he died on 23 April, 16
  16. B: So he died at the age of
  52. (
  17) A: No, he didn’t. He finished school at the age of
  14. B: Did he marry when he was young? A: Yes, he did. (
  18) B: Were there any children? A: (
  19)And this is interesting about vocabulary, too. (
  20)And Hamlet was the longest and most popular of all his plays. A. He married a woman called Anne at the age of
  18. B. There are 29066 different words in Shakespeare’s plays. C. Shakespeare was born and died on the same day. D. He has three children. E. He was born and died on different days. F. Did he finish school at the age of 12? G. Yes, there were three children. III. 按照要求完成句子(本题共 小题 每小题2分 满分 小题, 满分10分 按照要求完成句子(本题共5小题,每小题 分,满分 分)
  21. Are Tony and Daming going to have a party? (做否定回答) No, .
  22. He visited his aunt last weekend.(改为否定句)He his aunt last weekend.
  23.We clean the classroom every day. (用 at the moment 改写句子) We the classroom at the moment.
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  24. Skiing is more dangerous than running. (改为同义句) Running than skiing.
  25. The space flight lasted 21 hours. (对画线部分提问) did the space flight last? IV.完形填空(本题共10小题;每小题 分,满分 分) .完形填空(本题共 小题 每小题1分 满分10分 小题; Do you often think of your parents? You may say, “Of course, I 26 .I buy a present for my mother on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day I give my father 27 , too.” But what about the other days of the year? I have a friend whose parents live in another city. One day I went to see her. We had a nice conversation(谈话). Then she wanted to 28 . So she dialed(拨号) the number, but then she put down the phone. After about fifteen 29 , she dialed the number again. “ Hi, Mom…” Later I asked, “ 30 did you dial the number twice?” She smiled, “ My parents are old and 31 . They can’t get close to the telephone quickly. I always do so 32 the when I call them. I just want to give them enough(足够的) time to call.” My friend is a good girl. She is 33thinking about her parents. You also want to be a 34 child , right? Please always remember to 35 your parents in every situation(场合),not just on some important days.
  26.A.will B. do C. won’t D. don’t
  27.A. a cake B. a kiss C. some money D. a present
  28.A. make a call B. go sightseeing C. have a rest D. go for a walk
  29.A. seconds B. minutes C. hours D. days
  30.A. How B. What C. Why D. When
  31.A. fast B. slow C. healthy D. careless
  32.A. move B. bring C. take D. answer
  33.A. always B. never C. seldom(很少) D. sometimes
  34.A. bad B. clever C. good D. strict
  35.A. meet B. love C. call D. hear
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小题; Ⅴ.词语运用(本题共5小题;每小题 分,满分 分) 词语运用(本题共 小题 每小题1分 满分5分 阅读短文,根据文意,将方框内所给的词语填入相应的空白处,使短文意思 完整(每个词语只能使用一次) 。 baskets teachers thought weather unhappy
Basketball is still a young game. It’s over a hundred years old. In the winter of 1891, a certain college was having some trouble with its boy students. The
  36. was bad and the students have to stay indoors. As they couldn’t play outdoors, they were
  37., and some even got into fights(打闹) tim e to time. Some of the
  38.__ at the college asked Dr. Naismith to invent (发明) a game so that the students might have something to play at. It was not easy to invent such a game because it had to be played indoors, and the court (场地) was not very large. Dr. Naismith
  39.__ for a few days and invented a kind of ball game. It was played between two teams. To make a score, the ball had to be thrown into the basket ten feet above the floor on the wall. At each end of the court there was such a basket. At first, Dr. Naismith wanted to throw the ball into a box. As he could not find boxes of the right size, he had to use fruit
  40. instead (代替). That is how the game got its name. VI.阅读理解(本题共15小题,每小题 分,满分 分) .阅读理解(本题共 小题 每小题2分 满分 小题, 满分30分 (一) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D) 中,选出最佳选项。 (本题共10小题,每小题2分,满分20分) A In Canada and the United States, people enjoy entertaining(请客) at home. They often invite friends over for a meal, a party, or just for coffee and conversation. Here are the kinds of things people say when they invite someone to their home: “Would you like to come over for dinner on Saturday night?” “Hey, we’re having a party on Friday. Can you come?” To reply to an invitation(回应邀请), either say thank you and accept(接受), or say you’re sorry and give an excuse: “Thanks, I’d love to. What time would you like me to come?” or “Oh, sorry. I’ve tickets for a movie.”
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Sometimes, however, people use expressions that sound like invitations but which are not real invitations. For example: “Please come over for a drink sometime.” “Why not get together for a party sometime?” “Why don’t you come over and see us sometime soon?” They are really just polite way of ending a conversation. They are not real invitations because they don’t mention(提到)a specific(确定的) time or date. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly. To reply to expressions like these, people just say “Sure, that would be great!” or “Yes, thanks.” So next time when you hear what sounds like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?
  41.Why do Canadaians and Americans often invite friends for meals at home A. Because they can save time. B. Because they can spend less money. C. Because they enjoy entertaining at home. D. Because they have modern and beautiful houses.
  42.Which of the following is a real invitation? A. If you’re free, let’s go for a drink sometime. B. Please go to the cinema with me some day. C. Would you like to have a cup of tea with us sometime? D. I’ve two tickets here. Can you go to the concert with me?
  43.If people say “Let’s get together for lunch some day”, you just say “”. A. That would be nice. B. How about this weekend? C. Oh, sorry. I’m busy. D. That’s great. I’ll be there on time.
  44.People use “ an unreal invitation” in order to show that . C. they’re trying to be friendly. B. they’re try to be helpful. C. they’re trying to make friends with others. D. they haven’t got ready for a party yet.
  45. What’s the meaning of the phrase “sound like”? A.看上去像 B.听起来像 C.闻起来像 D.摸起来像 B Kunming is the capital of Yunnan. It’s a city with a long history. Kunming has a population of more than 5,000,0
  00. Though the weather in Yunnan changes from place to place, kunming is famous for her beautiful weather. It’s never too hot in summer or too cold in winter. That’s why more and more people like to travel and even to live here. You can see great changes have taken place there. A lot of tall buildings, cinemas and hospitals have been put up. You can cross(穿过) the streets over foobridges in the city. You can buy whatever you want in shops and supermarkets in or around the city. Peopl’s lives are becoming better and better.
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At weekend or on holiday, people like to relax themselves in different places and in different ways. In winter, people ,especially(尤其)old people, would like to climb the Wester Hills. From the top of the Hills , you can have a good look at the beautiful scenery(风景) of kunming. Far away from the Hills, you can enjoy the Sleeping Beauty among the Hills. After supper, families take a walk along the bank of Dianchi Lake. The Golden Temple and EXPO Garden(世博园) are two famous places fo interest in the north of the city. EXPO Garden is known to people all over the world. You can spend a whole day visiting the world-famous garden. A little farther away from the southeast of the city, a special forest welcomes you. It is not a tree forest, but a stone (石头) forest. So it is called the Stone Forest. People in Kunming are very friendly. They often invite their friends home to try delicious food, like rice noodles. If you want to know more about Kunming and taste her food, please visit her yourself!
  46.-What’s the population of Kunming? -- . A. Over five million B. Over five thousand C. Over five billion D. Over five hundred
  47.The weather in Yunnan is . A. the same in different places B.never too hot or too cold C. different in different places D. different in the same places
  48. The Sleeping Beauty is the name of a . A. person B. hill C. shop D. film star
  49. is know to people all over the world. A. The Western Hills B. The Stone Forest C. The Golden Temple D. EXPO Garden
  50. The writer of this passage wants to . A. invite visitors to Kunming B. visit Kunming C. taste her food D. know more about Kunming (二)A. 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容回答下列问题。 (本题共3小题,每 小题2分,满分6分) B.将文中划线的句子译成汉语。 (本题共2小题,每小题2分,满分4分) A kind of little cars may be seen(被看到) in the streets in the future. People will like this kind of small cars better than the big ones. The car is as small as a bike but it can carry two people in it. Everybody can drive it easily, just like riding a bike. Even children and old people can drive them to schools or parks. If everyone drives such cars in the future, there will be less pollution(污染) in the air. There will be more space for all the cars in cities, and ther



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