Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from ?
First , please answer my questions :
What ‘s the date today ?
It’s March 21th
What day is today ?
Today is Monday .
Let’s learn some new words : the names of some countries
the United Kingdom
the United States
Match the flags with the countries .
Australia States the Canada United Kingdom China Singapore France
the new drill :
be from ; 来自…… (哪里) 来自…… 哪里)
be 要随着人称和数量的变化而变化
eg: I am from China . He is from France . She is from the United States They are from Canada .
pen pal ;
eg: I am from China . My pen pal is from Canada .
Can you make the similar sentences ?
I am from ….
My pen pal is from ….
eg: I am from China .
①一般疑问句:Are you from China ? 一般疑问句: ②对划线部分提问:Where are you from ? 对划线部分提问:
My pen pal is from the United Kingdom .
① Is your pen pal from the United Kingdom ?
② Where is your pen pal from ?
Then let’s learn some names of cities :
New York
生活 居住 要跟上居住地点时要加介词in 是不及物动词 要跟上居住地点时要加介词in
eg: I am from China . I live in Beijing .
New York
Japan(日本) (日本)
Tokyo (东京) 东京) I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
Singapore(新加坡) (新加坡) Singapore I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
the United Kingdom(简称UK) (简称UK) 英国) (英国) London(伦敦) (伦敦) I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
France(法国) (法国)
Paris(巴黎) (巴黎) I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
Australia(澳大利亚) (澳大利亚) Sydney(悉尼) (悉尼) I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
the United States (简称USA) 简称USA) (美国) 美国)
New York(纽约) (纽约) I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
Canada (加拿大) 加拿大)
Toronto(多伦多) (多伦多) I am from … I live in …. My pen pal is from …. He lives in ….
Sydney is in Australia. France Canada USA Japan
Sydney New York Paris Toronto Tokyo
Australia USA France Canada Japan
the United states France Canada Japan
Japan Paris Sydney France Australia

  1. I from China . am
Goal exercises:
  2. He from Canada is
  3. Where your pen pal from ? live in 居住
  4. I (居住 Beijing . 居住)

  5. Where you (live) ? do live
  6. My pen pal is from the United Kingdom . (对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问
Where is your pen pal from ?

  7. Lucy lives in Toronto . (对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问
Where does Lucy live ?

  9.我来自美国。我居住在纽约。 我来自美国。我居住在纽约。 我来自美国 . I am from the United States . I live in New York
speak 一般用于说话的语言 eg:I speak English . He speaks Chinese . They speak English and Chinese .
My name is Geyou I am from China . I live in Beijing . I speak Chinese .
My name is Mical Jordan I am from the United States . I live in New York . I speak English .
My name is Sally. I am from the UK. I live in London. I speak English.
-What language do they speak in …? -They speak …

English French Chinese Japanese Chinese and English English and French
Gina Bob
Talk about yourselves Talk about your pen pals .
Country: UK City: London Country: Canada City: Toronto
Language: English Language: English, French
Scott John
Country: Japan City: Tokyo Language: Japanese
Country: Australia City: Sydney Language: English
Country: France City: Paris Language: French
Gina Bob
Scott Mary
Country: UK City: Language:
Country: City:
Country: Australia City: Language:
Country: City: Paris Language:
A: Where is your pen pal from? B: He/She is from… A: Where does he/she live? B: He/She lives in… A: What language does he/she speak? B: -He/She speaks …
Country: City: Tokyo Language:
Goal exercises : I speak Chinese . 我说汉语 Tom 说英语 Tom speaks English .
他们说英语和汉语 They speak English and Chinese .
does speak
What language he (speak) ?
We speak Chinese .
一般疑问句: Do you speak Chinese ? 一般疑问句: 对划线部分提问:What language do you speak ? 对划线部分提问:
Little writing :
Name : Age : From : Live : Language : Like : Want : James 15 Canada Toronto English and French Chinese hisrory jion the Chinese history club
My name is James . I am 15 years old . I am from Canada . I live in Toronto . I speak Chinese and English . I like Chinese history . Because I think it is interesting . I want to join the Chinese history club . Can you help ?
Canada Toronto Yes, she does .
Goal exercise:
and / or and I like English Chinese . or Do you like English Chinese ? He doesn’t like math science . or
用适当的介词填空: 用适当的介词填空:
to Can you take this book Tom ? to I get up at 7 o’clock and get school at
8 o’clock .
to Do you know the answer the question ?
Name : Age : From : Live : Language : Like : Want :
Ben 38 The United Kingdom London English Action movie To learn Chinese
name Australia sisiter soccer music movie
years English
亲爱的同学: 亲爱的同学: 我的名字叫Bob,我住在加拿大多伦多,我想要 ,我住在加拿大多伦多, 我的名字叫 一个中国的笔友。 一个中国的笔友。我认为中国是一个非常有意思的国 岁并且我的生日是在11月 家。我14岁并且我的生日是在 月。我能说英语和一 岁并且我的生日是在 点点法语。我有一个哥哥 和一个妹妹Sarah。他 点点法语。我有一个哥哥Paul和一个妹妹 和一个妹妹 。 们在英国和澳大利亚都有笔友。 们在英国和澳大利亚都有笔友。我喜欢和朋友去看电 影并且做运动。在学校我最喜欢的科目是体育。 影并且做运动。在学校我最喜欢的科目是体育。它很 有意思。但是我不喜欢数学。它太难了。 有意思。但是我不喜欢数学。它太难了。 你能快点给我写信吗? 你能快点给我写信吗?
I.根据句义和首字母写出正确的单词。 根据句义和首字母写出正确的单词。 根据句义和首字母写出正确的单词
  1.??Where does your uncle l ???Japan.

  2.I think math is t difficult . oo
  3.Can you w to me soon? rite
  4.The boys are from France. They speak F. rench
  5. ?What l does Ann speak?
?She speaks English.
  6. These friends come from many different c . ountries
  7. He is not a Chinese. He is a J .

  8. She likes g to the movies with her friends. oing
用所给词的适当形式填空。 用所给词的适当形式填空。 listening
  1.He likes (listen ) to pop music. . ?Can you speak English? ?Yes, I can speak English (good ). well
  2.How many pen pals he (have )? . have does
  3.My uncle (live) in Sydney. . lives
  4.My math teacher is a very interesting(interest) man. .
  5.Please write and tell me about (you). . yourself
  7. his brother(have) any color pencils? Does get
  8. What time does he(get) up every day?

  9. What language he speak (speak)? does help
  10. Let me(help) you find your pen.
根据汉语完成句子。 根据汉语完成句子。
  1.我认为她是来自巴西。 .我认为她是来自巴西。 I think she from Brazil. is
  2.她来自哪里? .她来自哪里?
from Where is she ?

  3.我最喜欢的语言是汉语。 .我最喜欢的语言是汉语。
favorite language My is Chinese.

  4.我认为中国是一个非常有趣的地方。 .我认为中国是一个非常有趣的地方。
China I think
a very interesting place.

  5.我会讲一点法语. .我会讲一点法语 I can speak French. a little
V.句型转换。 句型转换。 句型转换
  1.Lin Mei is from China.(同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 comes from Lin Mei China.
  2.Nancy speaks English.(就划线部分提问 就划线部分提问) 就划线部分提问 What language Nancy speak? does
  3.Where does your pen pal come from?(改为同义句 改为同义句) 改为同义句 Where your pen pal ? is from
  4.Sarah lives in France.(改为一般疑问句 改为一般疑问句) 改为一般疑问句 Sarah in France? live Does
  5.He can’t speak much English.(改为同义句 改为同义句) 改为同义句 a He can speak only little English.



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