初一下英语单元试卷 Unit 6 Topic 2
Class Name No. 一、根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子 (10%)
  1. Tom lives in a small farmhouse in the (农村).
  2. She wants to rent a (双人的) room.
  3. She is playing the (钢琴).
  4. There are some (博物馆) in the big cities.
  5. Jack is looking for a house with (家具).
  6. I am looking for a b . I want to keep some money in it. in front of our house. We like playing games there.
  7. There is a big y
  8. The t in the suburbs is often heavy.
  9. My school is f from my home.
  10. I have a beautiful m plane. 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 (10%) (be) many flowers on the desk.
  1. There
  2. Many young (people) like living in the city.
  3. There are twelve (month) in a year. (feet).
  4. They usually go to school on
  5. My friend often (go) for a picnic on Sunday.
  6. Jane sometimes (have) lunch at school. (time) a week.
  7. We go to the library three
  8. There are three rooms on the (two) floor.
  9. How many teachers (be) there in your school? (ride) her bike to school every day.
  10. She likes 三、单词归类并加以补充 (10%) mouth, subway, schoolbag, elephant, yellow, plane, head, chicken, brown, eraser
  1. 动物
  2. 颜色
  3. 学习用品
  4. 交通工具
  5. 身体部位 四、单项选择 (15%) ( )
  1. There is a small house a garden next to the school. A. at B. between C. in D. with ( )
  2. I’d like to rent a single room for¥48 per month. Please call me 29296
  49. A. with B. for C. at D. to ( )
  3. We are helping Michael his new book.
A. look after B. look for C. look at D. look like ( )
  4. Tim wants to rent a house with furniture a family of three. A. for B. at C. to D. with ( )
  5. Jane can’t find an apartment. Let’s help . A. she B. her C. his D. hers ( )
  6. I often hear you the guitar in the room. It sounds so beautiful. A. play B. plays C. to play D. to playing ( )
  7. My home is far the school. So I have to go to school by bike every day. A. to B. away C. for D. from ( )
  8. The post office is my home. A. closed from B. close from C. close to D. closed to the piano in the next room. ( )
  9. Listen! Someone A. played B. plays C. is playing D. are playing ( )
  10. My grandmother likes living in the suburb, because it’s there. A. quiet B. noise C. noisy D. quietly him 21 yuan. ( )
  11. The book A. take B. pay C. spend D. costs ( )
  12. I would like a cup of coffee. A. have B. drinking C. to have D. drink your favorite subject. ( )
  13. Tell me A. about B. of C. for D. on . ( )
  14. He like talking. He never stops A. talks B. talking C. a talk D. to talk ( )
  15. There aren’t flowers on the teachers’ desk. A. some B. much C. any D. many 五、完形填空 (10%) There is a very nice picture 1 the wall of my room. It’s a picture of the Children’s Park near my school. In the park, you can 2 many 3 . You can also see a lake. On the lake there are 4 boats. Some boys are boating in the lake. You can see many trees and flowers, too. Under the big tree, some girls are 5 games. 6 the trees many birds are singing. You can see two boys 7 at a table and 8 . Near 9 are some girls. They are drinking 10 juice. ( )
  1. A. at B. on C. watch D. to ( )
  2. A. see B. look C. watch D. go ( )
  3. A. girls B. boys C. children D. child ( )
  4. A. any B. a C. an D. some ( )
  5. A. playing B. plays C. to play D. play ( )
  6. A. At B. In C. To D. For
( )
  7. A. sits B. to sit C. sit D. sitting ( )
  8. A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. are talking ( )
  9. A. they B. them C. their D. theirs ( )
  10. A. orange B. oranges C. apples D. bananas 六、阅读理解 (10%) A 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) One afternoon John plays football behind a house with his classmates. A young man comes up and asks him, “John, is your father at home?” “Yes, he is.” Answers John. Then the young man goes over and presses the bell (按门铃). The bell rings and rings (响了又响), but no one comes to open the door. The young man gets angry (生气) and calls at him, “You tell me your father is at home, don’t you?” “Yes, my father is at home. But my home isn’t here. ( )
  1. One afternoon John plays football behind a house with his classmates. ( )
  2. The young man goes over to knock(敲) at the door. ( )
  3. The bell rings and rings but no one answers. ( )
  4. John’s father is at home but he wouldn’t like to meet the young man. ( )
  5. John’s home isn’t here. B 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案 Hello! My name is Gao Qiang. I am a Chinese boy. I’m in Class 5, Grade
  7. I have a good friend, Li Hui. We are in the same class. There are fifty students in our class.Our classroom is big and bright. There are some flowers on the window. There is a blackboard in the front of our classroom. There is a map of China on the front wall. We often play football after school Our English teacher is Mr. King. Our Chinese teacher is Miss Hong. They are good teachers, and they are our friends, too. . ( )
  1. Gao Qiang is from A. England B. America C. China D. Canada ( )
  2. There are desks and chairs in the classroom. A. thirty B. forty C. fifty D. sixty ( )
  3. The map of China is on . A. the front wall B. the back wall C. the floor D. the desk ( )
  4. teaches us English. A. Miss Chen B. Mr. King C. Miss Hong D. Mr. Li ( )
  5. are good friends. A. Lucy and Lily B. The teachers C. Li Hui and I D. B and C and the students 七、补全对话,每空一词 (10%) A: May I come ? B: Sure.
A: Hello, I’m Mary, your new . B: Oh, welcome. What’s the matter? A: I hear you are the guitar. The is very beautiful, but my dad is in his bedroom. I am afraid it’s loud. B: Oh, I’m about that. A: By the way, my friend Tom is looking an apartment building. Can you help . B: OK. We have two apartments the town. He can come here when he is free. 八、句型转换 (10%)
  1. There are no houses near the garden. (改为同义句) houses near the garden. There
  2. They live with their grandparents in the city. (改为单数的句子) He with grandparents in the city.
  3. Our school is very big and beautiful. (划线提问) your school ?
  4. There are many apples in the box. (改为同义句) apples in the box. There are 九、看图写话 (4%)

  1. cat,

  2. live,

  3. look for,

  4. hear, playing

  4. 十、完成句子,每空一词 (11%)
  1. 我的卧室在一楼。 My bedroom is
  2. 杰克先生想租一套三个卧室的公寓。 Mr. Jack wants an apartment
  3. 门后有一件衬衫。 There a shirt the door.
  4. 别把它们放在这里。把它们收起来。 Don’t put them here.
floor. three bedrooms.



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