Unit 5 I'm watching TV.【单元检测】(60 分钟/100 分) Ⅰ.根据句意和首字母完成句中所缺单词(每题
  0.5 分,共 5 分)
  1.There are many books in our school l
  2.Look! The children are swimming at the p
  3.Let’s p
  4. The girl is c computer games. her room now. . ( . .
  29.Mary has a ?Yes,and we’re dog, and she likes very much. ? to live there. ?

  30.?Do you live in a new Ⅳ.选择填空(每题 1 分,共 15 分) (
  31.?Let’s play the computer games. A.Yes, I do B.Thank you

  5.The boy is taking photos with a c
  6.Look!There is a b
  7.Here is a photo of my f people in it.
  8.?What is the girl doing? ?She is w ?They are t a letter. in the tree.
C.That sounds good. D.No, we don’t )
  32.My father likes A.watching ( )
  33.Jane can play play A.the, the C./ , / ( )
  34.? ?At home. A.When ( B.Where C.How D.What )
  35.?Can you buy a dictionary for me? ? A.Sure B.You’re welcome C.Here you are ( )
  36.They are having D.Yes, I do now. books at night.
.There are five
B.reading C.seeing D.looking piano, but she can’t
volleyball. B.the, / D. / , the do the boys watch TV?

  9.?What are the boys doing? about the pictures. dinner now.

  10.Mr Green and his child are e
  0.5 分,共 5 分)
  11.The little boy
  12.Look! Dave and Mary
  13.? he ?No, he isn’t.
  14.She (not do)her homework. She’s reading. (have) ( (eat)a big apple now. (dance) (watch)TV?
A.dinner B.a dinner C. an dinner D.the dinner )
  37.?Is Alice writing? ? . She is listening to the music. B.Yes, she does D.No, she isn’t

  15.It’s seven in the morning. Mr Black breakfast.
  16.Lily likes well.She can
  17.My brother
  19.?What Bob very much. She English songs.(sing) (take)a shower now. (swim) now? the children ?He ?(do)
A.Yes, she is
C.No, she doesn’t ( )
  38.What A.about ( ?They (run).
Mary and Kate talking? B.is C.are D.do
  39.?Where are the boys? soccer at school.
?They are reading.
  20.?What is Mike doing? 分) toy, mall, read, clean, happy, wait, apartment, pool, camera,shop,bird
  21. I have a nice
  22.There is a small usually swim in it.
  23.My friend likes to
  25.Let’s go
  26.Look, a
  27.They are books at the library. ( . Let’s take some photos. near my house. We ( ( Ⅲ.用方框中单词的正确形式填空(每题 1 分,共 10 (
A.play B.are playing the C.are playing D.play the )
  40.Thanks for A.giving B.give us so much help. C.gives ? D.to give
  41.?Where are you
?We are going to the mall. A.go )
  42.I often Now I B.to go C.going D.goes the cleaning after school. the cleaning, too.
A.do, doing B.am doing, do C.do, am doing D.am doing, am doing ? C.talking about D.say it
the table, it’s too dirty. at the mall. is singing in the tree(树). for the bus now. (
  43.What’s the woman A.talk B.talking
  44.There’s a dog near here.What

  28.Does your mother like shopping at the now?

  62.他们在谈论什么? What are they
  63.那听起来是个好主意. That a good idea. ?
A.is, eating B.is, eat C.does, eat D.does, eating ( )
  45.Linda with her mother A.is go shopping now.
B.are going C.is going D.are go

  64.她正和她妈妈在商场购物. She is go shopping with her mother.
Ⅴ.句型转换(每题 1 分,共 10 分)
  46. They often draw pictures in the evening.(用 now 改 写句子) They 句) Linda a letter to her parents. pictures now.
  47.Linda is writing a letter to her parents.( 改为否定
they 分)
  66.Steve, watching, is, TV
in the library?
Ⅶ.根据横线后的标点,连词成句(每题 1 分,共 10

  48.Is she eating an orange?(作否定回答) , she 线部分) She the piano .
  69.get, o’clock, at, up, seven, let’s .
  67.friend, what, doing, is, your
  49.She plays the piano in the morning.(用 now 替换划
  68.you, the, to, want, to, do, go, movie

  50.Tom wants to go to the movies.(改为一般疑问句) Tom 替换 now) they 提问) are your sister and you
  53.She’ s running.(改为一般疑问句) she ? ? lunch at home ? to go to the movies?
  70.Tom, to, who, talking, is ?
  71.having, supper, are, we, all .
  72.letter, your, photos, for, thanks, and, the .
  73.you, when, to, go, do, want, ?
  74.some, here, books, are .
  75.talking, Linda, what, is, about ? Ⅷ.选择方框中所给的词并用其适当的形式补全对 话(每题 1 分共 10 分)

  51.Are they having lunch at home now?(用 every day

  52.My sister and I are cleaning our room.(对划线部分

  54.We’re talking to our friends.(对划线部分提问) are you to?

  55.I’m swimming at the pool.(对划线部分提问) you Ⅵ.完成句子(每题 1 分,共 10 分)
  56.他们正在和谁谈话? are they
  57.我妈妈正在车站等我. My mother the station.
  58.谢谢你的来信. your letter.
  59.她在等什么? she
  60.这儿有我的一些照片. Here some of . ? me to? ?
about, see, at, watch, boring, do, want, exciting, sound, thriller Lisa: Hi, Bill. Bill: Hi, Lisa. What are you Lisa:I am Bill:Do you Lisa:That 77 79 80 76 now? 78 .
TV. But it is
to go to the movies? good.
Bill:What kind of movies do you like? Lisa:I like action movies and 82 Bill:Great! There is an action movie today. When do 81 , They are

The people you want Lisa: How 83 84 the movies? 5:00 ? 85
“It’s me, David.” David is a friend of Sam. Sam is Jodie’s brother, the only boy in the family.
Bill: OK. Let’s go Lisa: See you later.
  76. 79 82 85 77 80 83
  00. See you then.
“Oh, hello, David.What’s up?” says Jodie. “Can I speak to Sam?”
78 81 84
“No,” says Jodie, “You can’t speak to him now.He is busy. He is getting ready for(为…做准备) his breakfast. Grandmother is combing(梳)his hair. Sister is under the table, putting his shoes on. Mother is getting his books and putting them in his backpack. I 86 have to go now. I have to open the door for him. The school bus is coming. Goodbye!” 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) ( )
  96.It’s seven forty-five in the morning, and the doorbell(门铃) rings. ( ( ( )
  97.David wants to speak to Jodie’s brother. )
  98.Jodie’s sister is putting her shoes on. )
  99.Their mother is putting Sam’s toys in the backpack. ( )1
  00.Jodie has to open the door because the school bus is coming.
Ⅸ.完型填空(每题 1 分,共 10 分) Kate and Ann are good friends. They sing. They 87
swimming. Kate likes English 88 in
very much, and Ann likes maths. They Beijing now. They week. They play games stay 91 89
to school five days a 90 Tuesdays. They
home on Saturdays and Sundays.They 92 93 name are Li Lei same class.
have two Chinese friends. and Han Mei. They are all in
They like school. They like China. They say “The Chinese 95 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( .” B.are B.can B.are B.go B.in B.in C.like D.aren’t 94 are very kind. The food is good,
  86. A.can )
  87.A.are )
  88.A.do )
  89.A.are )
  90.A.at )
Ⅺ.书面表达(共 10 分) 现在是晚上 8 点,根据 Frank 提供的信息,请描述 一下 Tom 一家的活动情况. 50 字左右. father mother grandmother Frank Mary read a book watch TV clean the room do homework play computer games
C.like D.likes C.can D.is C.do D.have
C.on C.on
D.about D.at C.They D.Then
  92.A.Theirs )
  93.A.a B.an
C.the D. / B.peoples C.the people D.man
  94.A.people )
B.very C.too
Ⅹ.阅读理解(每题 1 分,共 5 分) It’s a quarter(一刻钟) to eight in the morning. Everyone is busy now. The telephone rings and Jodie goes to answer it. “Hello, who’s that?” she asks.



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