Module 12 A holiday journey
Unit 2 We didn’t see the queen
Look at the pictures. Say something about the pictures.
Hyde Park
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
British Museum
Chinese restaurant
Tower Bridge
10 places of interest in England

  1.Buckingham Palace
  3.The Palace of Westminster
  4.St.Paul’s Cathedral
  5.The Tower of London
  6.The British Museum
  7.Fleet Street
  8.Trafalgar Square
  9.Piccadilly Circus
  10.Hyde Park 白金汉宫(英国王宫 白金汉宫 英国王宫) 英国王宫 白厅(英国政府机关所在地 白厅 英国政府机关所在地) 英国政府机关所在地 议会大厦(英国议会所在地 议会大厦 英国议会所在地) 英国议会所在地 圣保罗大教堂 伦敦塔(伦敦古堡 伦敦塔 伦敦古堡) 伦敦古堡 大英博物馆 舰队街(英国的新闻中心 舰队街 英国的新闻中心) 英国的新闻中心 特拉法加广场(市中心 特拉法加广场 市中心) 市中心 皮卡第利广场(商业娱乐中心 皮卡第利广场 商业娱乐中心) 商业娱乐中心 海德公园
Read the email fast and put the places in the correct order
1 Hyde Park 2 Big Ben 3 Buckingham Palace 4 British Museum 5 Chinese restaurant 6 Tower Bridge
arrive by plane take a taxi (to) go for a walk be tired have dinner
搭飞机抵达 arrive in a plane 乘出租车(去 乘出租车 去) 去散步 劳累 吃饭
do some shopping 购物 listen to a concert听音乐会
come back (to) read the newspaper write some postcards
回来 return (to) 看报纸 写明信片
send some emails (to sb)发送电子邮件 take lots of photos fly home say hello to sb. 拍很多照片 乘飞机回家 向某人问好

  1. The next day we visited the British Museum and had a dinner in a Chinese restaurant. “the next day” 或 “the following day” 意思是第二天,用来叙述过去的事情, 注意定冠词the不能丢掉. 2 Tomorrow we’re going to fly home. “be going to do” 将要做某事。

  1. I hope you’re well.
  1) hope to do sth. eg. He hopes to be a professor in the future. = He hopes he will become a professor in the future. 他希望将来成为一名教授。
  2) well 作adj.时仅指身体好,而 good指 其他方面好。
  2. be tired of doing sth. 我讨厌听那首曲子. 厌烦做某事 eg. I am tired of listening to that piece of music.
Important and difficult points

  1. hope to do sth. 希望做 希望做…… eg: I hope to visit my grandparents as soon as possible. 我希望尽快去看望爷爷奶奶。 我希望尽快去看望爷爷奶奶。
  2. on holiday 在度假 在休假 在度假; They are in Hong Kong on holiday 他们在香港度假。 他们在香港度假。

  3. Jenny didn’t buy anything. = Jenny bought nothing.
  4. fly to a place = go to a place by plane eg. Yesterday Jim flew to Beijing. 昨天吉姆坐飞机去北京。 go there by plane = fly there
  5. say hello to sb. 该句用于向别人传达问候, 常用于口语中或书信、电子邮件末尾 eg. We always say hello to each other when we meet. 当我们见面时我们总是互致问候。

  3. go …by plane = go …on a plane = fly to … 乘飞机 乘飞机… take a taxi 打的 take 乘 They went to England by plane. =They went to England on a plane. =They flew to England. 他们坐飞机去伦敦。 他们坐飞机去伦敦。 He takes a taxi to work. 他打的去上班。 他打的去上班。

  4. go for a walk 去散步
  5. do some shopping = go shopping 买东西; 购物 买东西
  6. didn’t buy anything = bought nothing
  7. come back to +地点 return to +地点 地点= 地点 地点 回到某地

  1.They arrived last Sunday.
  2.They went for a walk in Hyde Park.
  3.They bought lots of presents.
  4.On Wednesday they saw Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

  5.On Thursday they saw the River Thames √ ) and visited Tower Bridge. (
  6.Today they spent the day at the hotel. ( )
  7.She did some shopping on Friday.
  8.Jenny went for a walk in the park. ( √ ) ( )
Check (√) the true sentences.

  1. They arrived last Sunday.
  3. They bought lots of presents.
  4. On Wednesday they saw Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. X X X
  2. They went for a walk in Hyde Park. X

  5. On Thursday they saw the River Thames and visited Tower Bridge.
  6. Today they spend the day at the hotel.
  7. She did some shopping on Friday.
√ X √

  8. Jenny went for a walk in the park. X

  2.Check (
)the true sentences.

  1.They arrived last Sunday. They arrived by plane on Monday.
  2.They went for a walk in Hyde Park. Gran went there but Jenny didn’t.
  3.They bought lots of presents. Gran bought some presents but Jenny didn’t buy anything.
  4.On Wednesday they saw Big Ben and Buckdingham Palace. On Tuesday they saw Big Ben.

  5.On Thursday they saw the River Thames and visited Tower Bridge.
  6.Today they spent the day at the hotel.
Today Gran did some shopping and Jenny listened to a concert in the park, and then she came back to the hotel.

  7.She did some shopping on Friday.

  8.Jenny went for a walk in the park. Jenny listened to a concert in the park,
Complete Gran’s diary
arrived by plane, went to hotel, Monday went for a walk saw Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, Tuesday bought some presents visited the British Museum, Wednesday had dinner in a Chinese restaurant relaxed in the morning, went to Tower Thursday Bridge and looked at the city did some shopping, read the newspaper, Friday wrote some postcards, sent some emails Saturday flying home
Big Ben Hyde Park
Betty’s Gran went for a walk ’ in Hyde Park on Monday.
Buckingham Palace
Tower Bridge British Museum Chinese restaurant
Match these words with the words in the email.
buy bought came read sent wrote
come read send write
We’re on holiday in London. After we arrived, we took (take) a taxi to our hotel. went We (go) for a walk in Hyde Park. Then saw we (see) the clock, Big Ben and other bought places. I (buy) some presents.
did The next day, we (do) some shopping had came and (have) dinner. I (come) back to the hotel and then I (write) some wrote sent postcards and (send) some emails. I took (take ) lots of pictures.
Look at the pictures. Write a passage about Daming and Lingling’s holiday.
Workbook: Ex.6, Ex.7, Ex.13 同步练习册:Unit 2 Unit 悦读联播:Passage 2


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