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一、单项选择(30 分) ( )
  1.?is the weather in Shanghai? B. How; It’s B. join B .in C .How; Its D. on D. What; it’s ?windy. A. What; It’s ( ( ( ( A. joining A. at )
  2.Thank you for my birthday party. C .to join C. for B .are many D .on C .is much B. are taking photo D. take photos B. to wear; on D .to put on; on B .sound D .to sound B. Other D. Another B .on B. Who’s B .in C. at C. What C .at D. of D. What’s D. to D. is many )
  3.They often go to the zoo vacation. )
  4.Therepeople in the park on weekend. )
  5.Look,some girls in the park.
A. are much A .is taking photos C. are taking photos ( A. wearing; in C .wear; in (
  6.Egypatians like a kind of scarf their heads.
  7.Itterrible. A. sounds C. is sounding
  8.Some students are playing football. are doing their homework. A. The other C. Others
( ( ( (
  9.We must wear warm clothes winter. A. in A. How’s A. on A. sing, listen C.sings, are listening to )
  10.the weather like? )
  11.My uncle and aunt live France now. )
  12.One student , the others . B. is singing, are listening D. is singing, are listen C. suny D. sunny
( (
  13. It is a beautiful, day! A. sun B. sun’s )
  14. How is your summer going?
. A. Hot ( A. sunny 二、完形填空(10 分) It is 1 in Qing Dao. It’s very hot here. Now, there are many people 2 vacation. They go to the beach and have 3 good time there. Today is 4 , it is not very hot. On the beach, a lot of people 5 to their friends 6 looking at the beautiful sea. Some of them are 7 .Other are taking 8 .Can you find 9 ? I’m the boy in blue shorts. I’m going to dive. It’s
  10. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、A. August B. December )
  2、A. in )
  3、A./ )
  4、A. winds B. on B. an B. wind C. March C. at C. a D. January D. with D. the B. Great B. snowy C. Sure C. warm D. Of course D. hot )
  15. I don’t like weather, because it’s too cold.
C. winding D. windy
  5、A. is talking B. are talking C. is selling D. are telling )
  6、A. to )
  7、A. swim B. but B. swims C. and D. because
C. swimming D. swimming C. phones C. my C. cold D. potatoes D. mine D. cool
  8、A. photos B. photoes )
  9、A. I )
  10、A. hot B. me B. warm
三、阅读理解(10 分) It is Sunday morning. There are a lot of people in the park. Some Young Pioneers are in the park too,and they are having a good time. Some are playing games under a big tree. Some are singing and dancing. Some boys and girls are running up the hill. Others are rowing boats on the lake. Where is Li Lei? He is sitting by the lake. What’s he doing? He’s reading. Where is Meimei? She is on the grass. What’s she doing? She is running after a nice butterfly. She wants to catch it. ( )
  1.Who are in the park? D. Some Young Pioneers.
A. Some students and teachers. B. Many old men. C. Many different people.
  2.What are the Young Pioneers doing? B. They are reading. D. They are having a good time. B. He’s reading by the lake. D. He’s standing by the lake.
A. They are jumping. C. They are singing. ( )
  3.Where is Li Lei? A He’s sitting on the lake. C. He’s talking to others. (
  4.What does Meimei want to do? D. She’s on the grass. B. Saturday afternoon. D. Sunday evening.
A. She wants to catch a butterfly. B. She is a nice girl. C. She’s running after a butterfly. ( )
  5.When does the story happen? A. Saturday morning. C. Sunday morning. 四、根据要求变换词形(10 分)
  10.swim(现在分词) 五、用所给单词的适当形式填空(10 分)
  1.Some people (lie) on the beach now.
  2.I am (surprise) at the news.
  3.How’s the weather? It (snow) outside.
  4. In winter, some people often wear coats and (scarf).
  5. Li Lei usually (have) lunch at home.
  6. Everyone (have) a good time.
  7. What he (like) doing?
  8. Look! The students (clean) the classroom now.
  9. It’s seven in the evening. They (do) their homework at home.
  10. There (be) some money in the purse. 六、完成下列句子(10 分)
  1.瞧,孩子们在公园里玩得十分高兴。 Look, the children are a time in the park.
  2.北京冬天的天气寒冷而且有风。 The weather in Beijing is and in winter.
it ? Pretty good.
  4.他们正在给孩子们拍照. They are of the children.
  5.感谢你回答我的问题. Thank you my question. 七、句型转换 (10 分)
  1. I read books when it’s raining. (就划线部分提问) What you when it’s raining?
  2、How’s the weather in Beijing? (改为同义句)

  3. She does her homework in the evening.(用 now 改为现在进行时) She her homework now.
  4. You are helping me. Thank you. (合并为一句) Thank you me.
  5. There is a heavy rain today. (改为同义句) It today. 八、书面表达(10 分) 根据图示,如果这是一家人,用英语描述图中人物各自正在做的事情。
My mother
My father
My grandfather
Jim and Tim

一、听力(20 分)
1-5 BCBBC 6-10 BCCAB 11-15 ACAAC 16-20 BACBC
二、1-5 BADBC 6-10 BACAD 11-15 BBDBB
三、1-5 ABCDB 6-10 CCABD
  8、 cloudy
  1、are lying
  3、is snowing
  6、is having
  7、does, like
  8、are cleaning
  9、are doing
七、 having, good
  1、 cold, windy
  3、 How’s, going
  4、 taking photos
  5、 answering for
  1、do, do
  2、What’s the weather like in Beijing?
  3、is doing
  4、for helping
  5、 is raining



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