考 识 给词 适当 填空.
词& 词专项练习
  1. We are (good) than them at running.
  2. Lucy does (well) than me in maths.
  3. Who is (bad) in Chinese, Jim or Tom?
  4. My mother does much (badly) than my father in driving.
  5. I think English is (easy), so I can get 100 in the English exam very (easy).
  6. It is (easy) for me to get 100 in the English exam.
  7. Helen speaks English (clear) than Jane.
  8. Jack practices playing the piano (hard) than me, so he is (good) than me at it.
  9. Lily always does her homework very (careful).
  10. My elder brother gets home as (early) as me.
  11. Sam answers the question as (loud) as the teacher. .
  1.这 句 . 高 .
This mountain is than that one.
  2. 高 .
The cat can jump the mouse.
  3. 们 狗 们 强壮 .
Our dog is .
  4. Suki .
Suki is .
  5. 口 热吗?
Is than Foshan? = Is city than Foshan? = Is than in Foshan?
  6. 学语 . 选择题
  1. Which is , cycling or football? A. relaxing B. relaxinger C. much relaxing D. more relaxing .
It's for the old a language.

  2. I like basketball. But I think football is . A. popular B. popularer C. more popular

  3. He does his homework than me. A. quicker B. quickly C. much quickly D. more quickly

  4. John works than Jack, so we like John than Jack. A. more hardly, more B. harder, more C. much hard, much D. harder, much

  5. I have 10 bottles of milk but he has . A. much B. many C. much more D. very much

  5. What do you think of his English? No one speaks . A. good B. well C. better D. best
时态专项练习 (
给动词 适当时态填空 ( 红笔标
现 时 &现 进 时 &
将来时) 将来时)

  1. Look! Our family (paint) the wall white.
  2. Bill (shop) with his friend? No, he isn't. He is on the beach and he is (lie) in the sun.
  3. What he (do) every weekend? He (watch) TV.
  4. What she (do) next weekend? She to Japan.
  5. Listen! Anna (play) the guitar in the bedroom. How well she plays!
  6. It's 11:00 pm. No one (study) in the classroom. Everyone (sleep) in the dorm.
  7. Betty always (get) up early? No, she .
  8. Where is Betty? She (talk) with her friends on the Internet.
  9. Mrs. Li (work) on a farm and she is a farmer.
  10. you (be) a doctor in the future?
  11. I think there (not be) schools in 100 years. Yes, I am.
请 M1
适当 介词填空. (from, to,at,in,on,for,with,about,of)

  1. We plan to buy some presents Betty because her birthday is coming. === We plan to shop some presents because Betty's birthday is coming.
  2. They are lying the sun and enjoying themselves a lot.
  3. The boys like playing volleyball the beach.
  4. It's 5:00 pm. People are leaving work. Some are waiting buses. Others are running trains.
  5. I'm standing the Great Wall and talking you ( 你
  6. We're a business trip London .
  7. My mother like taking photos the dogs .
  8. Jim is going to Guangzhou car. === Jim is going to Guangzhou a car.
  9. We send photos to him email.
  10. Would you like to have lunch a restaurant today?
  11. midday, we don't have any classes.
  12. Thanks your greetings UK.
  13. What are you doing the moment?
  14. Look the baby! He is sleeping. M2
  15. Spring Festival, we visit our family and our friends.
  16. We are getting ready the Lantern Festival.
  17. What is happening you? You look so unhappy.
  18. What's Tom doing? He's work.
  19. We decorate the Christmas tree a lot of lights ( ). I get 60 in the maths exam. ).

  20. New Year's Eve, we usually get together and have a big dinner. M3
  21. Do you have a plan this weekend?
  22. We are revising English our mid-term exam.
  23. I'm looking forward walking the Great Wall.
  24. How do you get London Paris?
  25. Look! Lily is reading bed quietly. M4
  26. Teachers won't write the blackboard chalk the future.
  27. Linda is taking her mother the cell phone.
  28. Machines will do the dull jobs farms and factories and offices.
  29. It will get warm the North Pole.
  30. People will do many things the Internet.
  31. Robots will help us care children in 50 years.

  32. What will be the weather ? It will be rainy a few days. M5
  33. Our classroom is bigger yours.
  34. Foshan is the south of China and the west of Guangzhou.
  35. Foshan is South China.
  36. Cambridge is the north of London. (伦 )

  37. There are lots of small villages the coast.
  38. Cambridge is the River Cam and it's famous Cambridge University.
  39. Jay is famous a singer.
  40. What is the population China?
  41. Daming, can you answer some questions my homework? M6
  42. What sports are you good ? I'm good gymnastics.

  43. When will you arrive Foshan? I'll arrive Foshan at 9:00 am and I'll arrive Huaying School at 9:30 am.
  44. Who sits the back. John sits the back. 客) every year. 学校 处 )? I'm new here. ).

  45. There are many visitors Foshan (去
  46. Can you take me the school (带

  47. These popular lessons will continue 2008 (

  48. Tony is leaving Foshan Hong Kong tomorrow morning.
适当 动词 适当
给动词 适当 填空

  1. Linda, are you (enjoy) (read) books now? Yes, very much.
  2. Tom, what are you doing? I'm getting (dress).
  3. We start (have) our lessons at 8:10 am every day.
  4. Jim, when will you finish (do) your homework? At about 8:00 in the evening.
  5. Can you help me (do) some cleaning tonight? Sure.
  6. What does "babysitting" means? It means (look) after the child when the parents are not at home.
  7. Christmas is coming. There are lots of (decorate) on the streets.
  8. We plan (have) a picnic this weekend.
  9. I'm looking forward to (go) to Disneyland with my parents.
  10. We are going to do some (sightsee) there because we like Chinese culture a lot.
  11. Would you like (go) (cycle) with me? I'd love to, but I'm too busy.

  12. We hope it is going to (be) windy, so we can (sail) all the way.

  13. We use the Internet (learn) English.
  14. in the river (swim) is dangerous.
  15. My dream is (be) a teacher in the future.
  16. My uncle is good at (drive).
  17. We need (finish) all the homework today.
  18. What about (have) a drink this afternoon? Yes, that's a great idea.
词(组)对 专项练习
给词 适当 填空
  1. a lot, a lot of
  1) We enjoy the school trip .
  2) There is orange juice in the bottle.
  3) It is hotter in Wuhan than in Foshan.
  2. put on, wear, get dressed, dress
  1) It is too late. Please yourself quickly. Mary is waiting for us.
  2) Look, Lingling a new skirt. She looks very beautiful.
  3) It's raining outside. Please your raincoat (
  4) What are you doing? I'm .
  3. look at, see Please the tree. There is a bird in it. But I nothing(
  4. listen to, hear I'm enjoying some music, so I can't you.
  5. a few, a little
  1) Today I will have bread for breakfast.
  2) I can see students in the classroom.
  6. little, a little
  1) There is milk in the fridge. Can you go and buy some?
  2) There is only milk in the fridge. Can you go and buy some?
  7. take, bring away this dirty shirt and me a clean one.
  8. revise, revise for
  1) The Chinese exam is coming. So I'm Chinese.
  2) The Chinese exam is coming. So I'm it.
么 没 ).

because, so
  1) People will work three days a week they'll have long holidays and lots of hot water.
  2) No one will be cold and there'll be lots of hot water we'll use the sun to heat our homes.

  10. job, work No one likes doing the dull . ( 求写 两个
  11.the population of, a population of China is big. It has over
  1.3 billion ( 亿)
  12.be famous for, be famous as
  1) Jay is famous a singer.
  2) Jay is famous his songs.
  13. relaxing, relaxed Skiing is . We all feel after one hour of skiing.
  14. in the front of, in front of
  1) There is a blackboard of our classroom.
  2) The teacher is standing of the classroom and giving lessons to us ( 课 ). )



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