初一年级(下)英语知识点梳理(一) 初一年级(下) 【知识梳理】 I. 重点短语
  1. a bottle of
  2. a little
  3. a lot (of)
  4. all day
  5. be from
  6. be over
  7. come back
  8. come from
  9. do one's homework
  10. do the shopping
  11. get down
  12. get home
  13. get to
  14. get up
  15. go shopping
  16. have a drink of
  17. have a look
  18. have breakfast
  19. have lunch
  20. have supper
  21. listen to
  22. not…at all
  23. put…away
  24. take off
  25. throw it like that
  26. would like
  27. in the middle of the day
  28. in the morning / afternoon/ evening
  29. on a farm
  30. in a factory II. 重要句型
  1. Let sb. do sth.
  2. Could sb. do sth.?
  3. would like sth.
  4. would like to do sth.
  5. What about something to eat?
  6. How do you spell …?
  7. May I borrow…? III. 交际用语
  1. ?Thanks very much!
?You're welcome.
  2. Put it/them away.
  3. What's wrong?
  4. I think so. I don't think so.
  5. I want to take some books to the classroom.
  6. Give me a bottle of orange juice, please. Please give it / them back tomorrow. OK.
  9. What's your favourite sport?
  10. Don't worry.
  11.I'm (not) good at basketball.
  12. Do you want a go?
  13. That's right./ That's all right./ All right.
  14. Do you have a dictionary / any dictionaries? Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
  15. We / They have some CDs. We / They don't have any CDs.
  16. What day is it today / tomorrow? It's Monday.
  17. May I borrow your colour pens, please? Certainly. Here you are.
  18. Where are you from? From Beijing.
  19. What's your telephone number in New York?
  20. Do you like hot dogs? Yes, I do. ( A little. / A lot. / Very much.) No, I don't. ( I don't like them at all.)
  21. What does your mother like? She likes dumplings and vegetables very much.
  22. When do you go to school every day? I go to school at 7:00 every day.
  23. What time does he go to bed in the evening? He goes to bed at 10:
  00. IV. 重要语法
  2. 祈使句;
  3. 现在进行时的构成和用法;
  4.动词 have 的用法;
  6.可数名词和不可数名词的构成和用法 初一年级(下)英语知识点梳理(二) 【名师讲解】
  1. That's right./ That's all right./ All right. That's right 意为"对的",表示赞同对方的意见,看法或行为,肯定对方的答案或判断.
例如: "I think we must help the old man.""我想我们应该帮助这位老人." "That's right."或 "You're right.""说得对". That's all right.意为"不用谢","没关系",用来回答对方的致谢或道歉.例如: "Many thanks." "That's all right." "Sorry. It's broken." "That's all right." All right.意为"行了","可以",表示同意对方的建议或要求. 有时还可以表示"身体很好" "Please tell me about it." "请把此事告诉我." "All right.""好吧." Is your mother all right?你妈身体好吗
  2. make/do 这两个词都可以解释为"做",但含义却不同,不能混用.make 指做东西或制东西,do 指做一件具体的事. Can you make a paper boat for me? 你能为我做个纸船吗? He's doing his homework now.他正在做他的作业.
  3. say/speak/talk/tell say:是最口语化的最普通的一个词,意为"说出","说道",着重所说的话.如: "I want to go there by bus" , he said . 他说,"我要坐汽车到那里去." Please say it in English .请用英语说. speak : "说话",着重开口发声,不着重所说的内容,一般用作不及物动词 (即后面不能 直接接宾语 ) .如: Can you speak about him? 你能不能说说他的情况? I don't like to speak like this. 我不喜欢这样说话. speak 作及物动词解时,只能和某种语言等连用,表达在对话中恰当使用词汇的能力. 如: She speaks English well.她英语说得好. talk : 与 speak 意义相近,也着重说话的动作,而不着重所说的话,因此,一般也只用 作不及物动词, 不过,talk 暗示话是对某人说的,有较强的对话意味,着重指连续地 和别人谈话.如: I would like to talk to him about it . 我想跟他谈那件事. Old women like to talk with children.老年妇女喜欢和孩子们交谈. tell : "告诉",除较少情况外,一般后面总接双宾语.如: He's telling me a story.他在给我讲故事. tell a lie 撒谎 tell sb. to do sth. /tell sb. not to do sth. Miss Zhao often tells us to study hard. 初一年级(下)英语知识点梳理(三) 【考点扫描】 中考考点在本单元主要集中在:
  1.动词一般现在时和现在进行时的用法,人称代词的用法,可数名词和不可数 名词的构成和用法.
  3.本册书中一些重点的词组和短语 考试形式往往是单项填空,完形填空,短文改错和短文填空.
  1.(2004 年安徽省中考试题) Hurry up! We're all waiting for you. I for an important phone call. Go without me. A. wait B. was waiting C. am waiting D. waited 【解析】答案:C.表示现在正在进行的动作,用现在进行时.
  2. (2004 年长春市中考试题) Could you help with English, please? A. I, my B. me, me C. me, my D. my, I 【解析】答案:C.第一个空作宾语,应用人称代词的宾格 me, 第二个空作定语,应用 形容词性物主代词 my.
  3.(2004 年长春市中考试题) Dr. White can French very well. A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell 【解析】答案:A.说什麽语言常用动词 speak.
  4.(2004 年黄冈中考试题) English is spoken by people. A. a lot B. much many C. a large number of D. a great deal of 【解析】答案:C.只有 a large number of 能用来修饰复数可数名词 people.


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