新目标七年级上学期期末试卷 英 语 试 题
I.单项选择 10% ( )
  1.My pen pal Brazil. A. from B. is from C. come from D. are from ( )
  2.There is u and s in the word us. A. an, a B. an, an C. a, an D. a, a ( )
  3.There are two windows the wall and one picture it. A. on, on B. in, in C. in, on D. on, in ( )
  4.He likes to eat rice, and . A. chicken, tomatoes B. chickens, tomatoes C. chicken, tomato D. chickens, tomatos ( )
  5. She can play basketball, but she can’t play guitar. A./,/ B./,the C. a,/ D. the,/ ( )
  6.Mum, is my friend, Mike. A.he B.she C.this D.it ( )
  7. a black cat and name is Mimi. A.It’s,its B.Its,it’s C.It’s,it’s D.Its,its ( )
  8. Can you English? Yes, just a little. A.say B.talk C.tell D. .speak ( )
  9.Most people like a shower in the evening. A. takes B.take C.takeing D. taking ( )
  10. You speak good English. A.No,thanks. B.Thanks. C.Yes,right. D.Don’t say it. II.综合填空,首字母已给出。 10% Rick is a tall boy with blond hair. He is sixteen y old. He has a big family. He has two b and two sisters. But there is oone shower in their home. Do you think it is difficult? No! Let me tell you, they have a shower s. His brother Bob takes a shower f at 5:
  00. Then his sister Mary takes a sat 6:
  00. Next Jerry takes a shower aten to seven, then Alicia at 7:
  30.Rick is the last t take a shower? Why? He’s the o child in his home. He likes to sleep a little lin the morning.. III.阅读理解 10 分 A. 读短文,选择正确的选项 My name is Wang Qiang. I live in Beijing. I have a pen pal from the United States. His name is Victor. He is 16 years old. He can speak English and Chinese. He has a sister and a brother. He likes music and dancing, but he doesn’t like math. He usually gets up early in the morning. Now, look at the pictures. In the first picture, he is eating dinner with his family. In the second picture,
he is playing baseball at school. In the last picture, you can see he is swimming at the pool. He is a good boy, and he has a happy family. Do you want to make friends with him? ( )
  1.Wang Qiang and Victor are . A.classmates B.brothers C.friends ( )
  2.speak English. A.Wang Qiang B.Victor D.A and B ( )
  3.There are children in Victor’s family. A.one B.three D.five ( )
  4.Victor likes . A.music and math B.math and baseball C.music and sport ( )
  5.There are pictures in the passage. A.three B.four D.five
B.读短文,将后面的句子补充完整 Dear Jennifer, It’s Tuesday, November
  11. I’m really busy today! At 8 o’clock I have math. I don’t like math. Then at 9:00 I have science. It is difficult, but interesting. Then I have P.E.at 10:
  00. That’s my favorite subject. My music class is relaxing. I like my music teacher, Mr Morgan. He’s fun. Love, Selina
  1. Selina’s first lesson on Tuesday is .
  2. She doesn’t like .
  3. She likes best.
  4. She likes science but she thinks it’.
  5. She thinks music is . Writing I.用所给词的适当形式填写。 5%

  1.Let’s play baseball. That (sound) good.
  2.The shorts (be) ten dollars.
  3.When is your (brother) birthday?
  4.What club do you want (join)?

  5.All our (class) finish at 4:30 PM.
II.根据句意填写所缺的单词。 10%
  1.The month is September.
  2.I like comedies I don’t like thrillers.
  3.My favorite is P.E..
  4.What does your pen pal speak?
  5.What are you doing? I’m (watch) TV.
  6.My phone is 28429
  7.How is the bag? Two dollars.
  8.breakfast, I like eggs and milk.
  9.Let’s play tennis. Sorry, I don’t have a tennis .
  10.My desk is the bed and the bookcase. III.按要求进行句型转换。 10%
1 My friend comedies.
  2.What’s your name? (变为同义句) I your name?
  3.My backpack is under the bed. (对划线部分提问) backpack?
  4.I get up at six o’clock. (对划线部分提问) do you get up?
  5.I’m watching TV? (对划线部分提问) What you ? IV.写作 10% 请给你的笔友写一封信,开头和结尾已给出。信的内容应包括以下内容:姓名、年龄、出 生日期、家庭、喜爱的颜色、食品、电影和学科等。不少于是 60 个词。 January 7th, 2004 Dear Jim, I know you want to have a pen pal in China.
I hope you can write to me soon. Yours. Li Dong



   初一英语语法总结 初一英语语法虽然是从简单的一些日常用语出发的, 但语法中常会有一些知识点看起来 很细小,容易被忽视,但这些知识点掌握不熟练,往往会造成一些语法应用上的错误。因此 在学习初一英语语法时,要认真、细心,不要觉得一些地方不重要而得过且过。 下面从几个方面,总结出了初一英语语法,如果要复习英语句法的同学,可以参考一下, 初一英语语法??词法 一、初一英语语法 词法 1、名词 A)、名词的数 我们知道名词可以分为可数名词和不可数名词, 而不可数名词它没有复数形式, 但可数名词 却有单 ...


   2008 2009 学年度第 学期期末 银川外国语实验学校 2008-2009 学年度第一学期期末考试 笔试部分 (100 分) 用所给字母重新组合写出一个你学过的单词。 (2.5 Ⅰ. 用所给字母重新组合写出一个你学过的单词。 ( 分) 21. rcok 22. onruad 23. sruhb 24. umdr 25. uritf 初一英语试卷 初一英语试卷 时间: 时间:120 分钟 分值: 分值:120 分 命题教师: 命题教师: 冷 梅 狄永晶 吴静 学 号 听力部分 (20 分) ...


   教师专业成长档案 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 第一章 真我素描 个性宣言 我的简历 第二章 心智着色 我热爱着教育事业 我崇尚的教育思想 我实践的教育理念 第三章 教坛泼彩 我的教育特色 我的教学感悟 班主任工作收获 第四章 教海润笔 教学案例 教学反思 教学随笔 教海润笔 第五章 人生彩绘 获奖展示 第六章 教育格言 第一章 真我素描 " 我的个性宣言 " 无论什么时候,渊博的知识、良 无论什么时候,渊博的知识、 好的修养、文明的举止、优 ...


   初一英语期末考试题 一.语音语调(7%) (一).找出与所给单词划线部分发音不同的单词. ( ) 1.home A.some B.ok C.brother D.come ( ) 2.new A.cup B.student C.bus D.but ( ) 3.nice A.hill B.his C.sit D.fine ( ) 4.these A.egg B.desk C.pen D.he ( ) 5.brown A.yellow B.luindow C.row D.how (二)选出下列各组 ...


   初一英语 读单词,把单词变成现在分词的形式 buying lying standing reading buy lie stand read talking walking singing dancing talk walk sing dance have take write shop having taking writing shopping eating driving calling enjoying eat drive call enjoy telling swimming wa ...


   初一英语 初一英语摸底考试 最牛青少儿英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛青少儿英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 青少儿英语口语学习法 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程:www.pacificenglish.cn 姓名: 班级: 成绩: A 卷 (80 分) 词汇:(20%) Ⅰ. 词汇:(20%) A)根据首字母填空:(10%) ) 根据首字母填空:(10%) 1. ...


   t. d) No, they don’t. e) No, she isn’t. 2) 选择疑问句 Is the table big or small? 回答 It’s big./ It’s small. 3) 特殊疑问句 ① 问年龄 How old is Lucy? She is twelve. ② 问种类 What kind of movies do you like? I like action movies and comedies. ③ 问身体状况 How is your uncle ...


   一. 词汇 ⑴ 单词 1. 介词:in, on, under, behind, near, at, of 1). in表示"在……中", "在……内"。例如: in our class 在我们班上 in my bag 在我的书包里 in the desk 在桌子里 in the classroom 在教室里 2). on 表示"在……上"。例如: on the wall 在墙上 on the desk 在桌子上 on the blac ...


   语法 1. 名词所有格 名词如要表示与后面名词的所有关系,通常用名词所有格的形式,意为"……的"。一般有以 下几种形式: (1). 一般情况下在词尾加"'s"。例如: Kate's father Kate 的爸爸 my mother's friend 我妈妈的朋友 (2). 如果复数名词以 s 结尾,只加"'"。例如: Teachers' Day 教师节 The boys' game 男孩们的游戏 (3). 如果复数名词不以 s 结 ...


   一、英汉互译 1、 for example 2、 right now 3、 go to bed 4、 make money 5、 have a rest 6、 it takes(took) sb sometime to do sth 7、The great wall 8、Here you are 9、Look the same 10、This way please 二、用 be 的不同形式(am,is,are)填空 1、 you in Grade Two? No, I not. 2、What ...



   Unit One: 5. 1) Finally, with my mother red in the face and short of breath, we find Room 8, I unlock the door, and we all walk in. 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁, 等我们终于找到 8 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁, 我们都走了进去。 我们都走了进去。 2) She impresses me, and ...


   高雄市立前??中九十二[x年度第二[x期第一次段考一年}英??科?f卷 一年 {?:Unit 1~Review 1 一、文意字_Y:每?L 2 分,共 10 分 1. Mr. Wang is an ig teacher. 2. Is it a real pl ? 3. Many little girls like to play with d. 4. Teacher’s Day (教^+{? is in S. 5. In , people have sushi (X? for their m ...


   二○一○年“外教社”杯北京邮电大学 第三届“明日之星”英语课文短剧表演及视频制作大赛 比赛通知 2010 年“外教社”杯北京邮电大学第三届“明日之星”英语课文短剧表演及视频制作 大赛(以下简称大赛) ,由北京邮电大学人文学院、教务处、学生处与上海外语教育出版社 合作举办。本次大赛以培养学生英语学习的兴趣、增强英语语言的应用能力为目的,旨在鼓 励学生大胆创新、彰显个性,推动我校的英语语言教学和校园文化建设。大赛定于 2010 年 3 月至 2010 年 4 月在北京邮电大学宏福校区举行,欢迎全 ...


   全册教案 【课题名称】Unit1 What a big school! Lesson 1 【授课时间】一课时 【教材分析】 本节课是一节对话课,主要是让学生能够围绕学校的事物,利用There be句型进 行有效的交际.并能根据不同的图片或实例选择正确的短语和句型进行描述.本节课的内容 是第一单元的第一课时,学生在学会primary school, street, middle school等单词的基础 上,理解There be句型的语法意义,所以学生学习时不会感到困难.本课时内容比较贴近学生 ...

牛津小学英语5B Unit7 A busy day 公开课

   It’s time for class. 是上课的时候了。 是上课的时候了。 准备好的 Are you ready for class? 你准备好上课了吗? 你准备好上课了吗? Yes, I’m ready . Not 还没有。 yes Not yet.yet.还没有。 还没有。 t Guess! What time is it? What do I do at…? ⑴ What do you do at…? 3 3 4 11 12 1 10 2 9 3 4 8 7 6 5 ten past ...