初一英语( 初一英语(上)期中测验题
二、词汇。 A.从下列各组单词中找出一个与其他三个不属于同一种类的单词,把序号填在 括号里: ( )
  1.A.these B.thank C.they D.those ( )
  2.A.woman B.boy C.girl D.jeep ( )
  3.A.one B.clock C.five D.eight ( )
  4.A.eraser B.pencil C.ruler D.orange ( )
  5.A.orange B.goodbye C.pear D.apple ( )
  6.A.Chinese B.excuse C.English D.Japanese ( )
  7.A.your B.his C.yes D.my ( )
  8.A.bus B.tree C.car D.jeep ( )
  9.A.am B.is C.are D.not ( )
B.desk C.friend D.table B.选择正确的译文,把序号填在括号里: ( )
  1.图 片 A.eraser B.picture C.pencil D.where ( )
  2.十三 A.number B.fourteen C.thirteen D.three ( )
  3.他们的 A.their B.they C.theirs D.these ( )
  4.谢谢 A.sorry B.hello C.think D.thank ( )
  5.朋友 A.frined B.friend C.fienrd D.frenid ( )
  6.请 A.plseas B.peleas C.please D.pealse ( )
  7.班级 A.class B.grade C.row D.number ( )
  8.香蕉 A.apple
B.orange C.banana D.pear ( )
  9.对的 A.light B.right C.wrong D.sorry ( )
  10.树 A.bird B.hill C.tree D.boat C.翻译下列词组:
  11.一只蛋 三、根据要求写词。
  6.do not(缩写形式)

  7.aren’ t(完全形式)
  11.boy(复数) 四、选择填空。 ( )
  1.That isn’ tegg.That’ scake.
A.an, an (
B.an, a
C.a, an
D.a, a
  2.?Are these their cars?
?Yes,. A.they are C.these are ( A.she ( B.it is D.they’ re
  3.Is that womanteac her? B.they C.her D.he
  4.Tom and Jim at school today. B.is C.am D.they are
A.are (
  5.?What are these?
?. A. It’ s a bike ( A.Oh ( B. They’ re bikes C. Bike D. bikes Are
)6 , is this your eraser? B.Please )
  7.It is not. B.a egg C.egg D.an egg C.OK D.Excuse me
A.eggs (
  8.?Thank you very much.
?. A.OK ( B.That’ s right )
  9.?are they? C.That’ s all right D.Yes
?They’ re cups. A.How old ( B.How C.Where D.What
  10.?are my books?
?They are here.
A.Where (
D.How old
  11.?Are these your boxes?
?. A.Yes, these are C.No, they aren’ t ( B.No, they are D.No, these aren’ t
  12.name is Han Meimei.name is Li Lei. B.My, His C.Me, His D.My, He
A.I, Your 五、用代词填空。

  1.Li Lei and Han Meimei aren’ t here.are at home.
  2.Jim is a boy. is twelve.
  3.Wei Fang is a girl. is thirteen.
  4.?What row are in??I’ m in Row Four.
  5.He is my good friend. name is Wu Dong.
  6.?Is a girl??Yes, she is.
  7.?How old is Li Fang?? is fourteen. 六、连词成句。 Model: these, your, are, boxes→Are these your boxes?
  1.grade, he, not, three, is, in
  2.in, are, what, row, you
  3.who, are, girls, these
  4.is, good, he, a, boy

  5.Mike, home, is, at, not
  6.his, is, desk, in, not, it
  7.bus, my, number, 1
  12, is
  8.an, Jim, English, is, boy 七、用 am,is 或 are 填空。
  1.?everyone here today? ?No, Mike and Tom not here.
  2.?Whothey? ?TheyLi Fang and Ming Ming.
  3.?How old his friend? ?He ten.
  4.These my boxes.Those
  5.Han Meimei and Iin Class Five.
  6.?Whatthis in English? ?It a pencil-box. his boxes.
  1.My name is Wei Hua.(对划线部分提问)

  2.These are our coats.(改为否定句)
  3.What are they? They’ re buses.(改为单数形式)
  4.He’ s at school today.(对划线部分提问)
  5.The man is our teacher.(对划线部分提问)
  6.Is that your pencil-box?(用否定形式回答) 九、选择正确的译文。 ( )
A.Where her box is? Here. B.Where is her box? It’ s here. C.Her box is where? It’ s here. D.Her box where is? Here. ( )
A.Meet you is nice. B.I’ m nice meet you. C.Nice to meet you. D.Nice neet you, too. ( )
A.I’ m in Class Three, Grade One. B.I’ m in Grade One, Class Three. C.I in One Grade, Three Class.
D.I in Three Class, One Grade. ( )
A.These are your boxes? Yes. B.What are these boxes? Yes, they are. C.Are these boxes your? Yes, they’ re. D.Are these your boxes? Yes, they are. ( )
A.They’ re Japanese. B.These are Japanese. C.They are Japanese man. D.These are Japanese mans. 十、阅读短文,然后选择填空。 This is my friend.His name is Tom.He is twelve.He is an English boy.He is in Class Two, Grade One.He is in Row Five.My name is Li Dong.I am a Chinese boy. I’ m thirteen. I’ m in ClassTwo, too. are good friends. We ( )
  1.Tom is an boy. B.Japanese C.good D.English
A.Chinese (
  2.is a Chinese boy. B.Tom C.Li Dong D.Li Lei
A.Wu Dong (
  3.Tom and I are in A. Class Two B. Two Class C. Class Three D. Three Class
  4.Tom and Li Dong are. B.friends C.teachers D.English



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