基础训练 Unit 10 Ⅰ.根据句意及词首字母写出单词. 根据句意及词首字母写出单词.
  1.Gina wants to j the music club.
  2.Can you s English?
  3.I can play the guitar but can't play the p .
  4.My e-mail a is cindyyjones @ 1
  63. com.
  5.Can you h kids with swimming? Ⅱ.从第Ⅱ栏中找出第Ⅰ栏中问句的相应答语. 从第Ⅱ栏中找出第Ⅰ栏中问句的相应答语. Ⅰ ( )
  6.What club do you want to join? ( )
  7.What's your phone number? ( )
  8.How are you? ( )
  9.How can I contact you? ( )
  10.How much is the shirt? Ⅲ.单项选择 ( )
  11.Tom wants to you. Are you free? A.to tell B.tells C.to talk ( )
  12.Can you help me my English? A.with B.of C.learning )
  13.Here . A.is some in formations C.are some information
Ⅱ A.Very well. B.It's $
  10. C.It's 89897
  66. D.The music club. E.You can call me at 8989
B.are some in formations D.is some information
  14.Bob can play tennis but can't play violin. A.the, the B.×, × C.the, × D.× , the )
  15.Can you paint? . A.Yes, a little B.Yes, little C.No, a little )
  16.Please call me 89897
  66. A.in B.at C.about
D.No, little
  17. like to go swimming summer. A.Children, on B.Children, in C.A child, on D.A child, in ) Miss Read is good music. can be good children in the music
  18. She A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at
( club.
  19.The young plays the very well. A.pianist, piano B.piano, pianist C.pianist, pianist D.piano, piano )
  20.What can you do, Lin Tao? . A.I like sports B.I want to join the music club C.I am well D.I can do Chinese Kung Fu )
  21.Hi, can I help you? . A.Yes, please B.No, I can't C.Yes, I can )
  22. you can our school concert. A.Maybe, in B.Maybe, be in C.May be, in D.May be, be in )
  23.We want two good our rock band. A.music for B.musician in C.music in
D.You are welcome
D.musicians for
  24.Little Tom can draw .His drawings are very . A.good, well B.well, good C.good, good D.well, well )
  25.Can he it in English? A.speak B.speaks C.say
D, talk
Ⅳ.选词填空,每词只用一次. 选词填空,每词只用一次.

  26.you dnce?
  27.I sing.
  28.What club does she to join?
  29.We want to the guitar club.
  30.What can you ? Ⅴ.连词成句,注意标点符号. 连词成句,注意标点符号.
  31.play, brother, the, your, guitar, can, (?)
  32.can't, he, piano, the, play, (.)
  33.play, you, the, can, guitar, (?)
  34.guitar, sing, the, I, play, can, and, yes, (.)

  35.to, club, music, join, want, do, you, our, (?)
  36.I, show, want, to, talent, my, (.)
Ⅵ.将下列句子译成英语. 将下列句子译成英语.
  40.请向张老师咨询更多的信息. 能力训练 Ⅶ.下列句子可以组成一则会话.根据提示,请排列出顺序. 下列句子可以组成一则会话.根据提示,请排列出顺序. A Yes, I can. B Do you want to join the art club? C Can you paint? D What club do you want to join? E Can you swim? F No, I can't. G Yes, I do. H I don't know.
  41. D
  43. E
  45. B
  47. 个完成下列对话. Ⅷ.从所给的 7 个选项中选出 5 个完成下列对话. A: Good morning! 49 ? B: Yes, I want to join the chess club. A: Good, 50 ? B: David. A: 51 ? B: I'm twelve. A: 52 ? B: My telephone number is 435?2
  01. A: 53 ? B: Yes, a little. A: Here is a card, please fill it out. B: Thank you. A: You're welcome. A.What's your name B.How can we contact you C.Can you play chess D.I can play chess E.How old are you F.What can you do G.Can I help you

Ⅸ.完形填空 Mike and Ann are 54 They live in a large house. The house is mountain (big hill). Near the mountain 56 a lake. 55 the foot of a
There are four people in the family: Mike, Ann, their father and their mother. Their father is a farmer. He 57 a farm not far from their house. Their mother is at home. She is a housewife (家庭主妇). Mike and Ann go to school every day. They are 58 , but they are 59 . Mike is in Grade
  2. Ann is in Grade
  1. Mike likes sports. He likes swimming and playing football. After school he often plays football 60 his classmates. Ann is a good girl. After school, she often goes home to help her mother 61 the housework. ( )
  54.A.brothers and sisters B.brother and sister C.a brother and sister D.a brother and a sister ( )
  55.A.at B.in C.under D.on ( )
  56.A.has B.have C.is there D.there is ( )
  57.A.are working B.is working C.works on D.works at ( )
  58.A.at the same school B.at the same schools C.in the same school D.in the same schools ( )
  59.A.in different grades B.in a different grade C.at different grades D.at a different grade ( )
  60.A.and B.with C.but D.or ( )
  61.A.doing B.does C.with D.in Ⅹ.阅读短文,选择正确答案 阅读短文, Once a great boxer (拳击家), Tom Brown, went to a restaurant(饭馆)for dinner. He put his bag near the door, but he was afraid that someone would take it. So he got out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote on it: "The great boxer, Tom Brown, left his bag here. He'll come back in a few minutes. " He put the paper on his bag and went to have his dinner. When he came back, his bag wasn't there. But he found a piece of paper on the ground. It said: "A great runner took away your bag, and he will not come back. " ( )
  62.Tom Brown went to the restaurant . A.for his bag B.to see the runner C.to have his meal D.for his pen ( )
  63.Mr Brown was afraid . A.to put down his bag near the door B.he couldn't find his pen C.thieves would take his bag away D.he couldn't get enough food himself from the restaurant ( )
  64.Mr Brown wrote the words on the paper because he . A.thought the thief would not steal (偷) his bag when he read the words B.was a boxer C.wanted to catch the thief D.wanted to get to know the runner
( )
  65.When Mr Brown came back he . A.found another piece of paper on the ground B.found his bag wasn't there C.both A and B D.saw the runner running after him ( )
  66.Which is not right? A.Mr Brown was foolish. B.The runner was a thief. C.The runner made a joke on Mr Brown. D.The boxer didn't know the runner at all. Ⅺ.阅读短文,回答问题. 阅读短文,回答问题. What do you do to relax? Do you watch TV? Do you read a book? Or do you listen to music? How many of us actually play a musical instrument? How many of us go to concerts? How important is music in our lives? What kind of music do we like? The survey above shows the musical habits of a few of our readers. Interestingly, fourteen people out of the twenty questioned actually play a musical instrument, while only six people don't. Out of these, ten people practice their musical instrument between 0?3 hours a week and the other four between three and six hours a week. The best instrument to play is the guitar; eight people say it is their favourite instrument to play. Another four people like playing the piano and two like playing the violin. Two people, however, don't like playing the violin or the piano as they think they are too difficult. Pop concerts are always popular but, in this survey only eight people say they like going to concerts, six to pop concerts and two to jazz concerts. A higher number, eighteen, say they like listening to music as they find it relaxing. Only two people don't like listening to music at all. These results seem to suggest that we are more actively musical than we think ...
  67.How many of the twenty people don't play a musical instrument?
  68.How many of the fourteen people like playing the guitar?
  69.Why don't the two people like playing the violin or the piano?
  70.Do most people like listening to music?



   初一英语语法总结 初一英语语法虽然是从简单的一些日常用语出发的, 但语法中常会有一些知识点看起来 很细小,容易被忽视,但这些知识点掌握不熟练,往往会造成一些语法应用上的错误。因此 在学习初一英语语法时,要认真、细心,不要觉得一些地方不重要而得过且过。 下面从几个方面,总结出了初一英语语法,如果要复习英语句法的同学,可以参考一下, 初一英语语法??词法 一、初一英语语法 词法 1、名词 A)、名词的数 我们知道名词可以分为可数名词和不可数名词, 而不可数名词它没有复数形式, 但可数名词 却有单 ...


   2008 2009 学年度第 学期期末 银川外国语实验学校 2008-2009 学年度第一学期期末考试 笔试部分 (100 分) 用所给字母重新组合写出一个你学过的单词。 (2.5 Ⅰ. 用所给字母重新组合写出一个你学过的单词。 ( 分) 21. rcok 22. onruad 23. sruhb 24. umdr 25. uritf 初一英语试卷 初一英语试卷 时间: 时间:120 分钟 分值: 分值:120 分 命题教师: 命题教师: 冷 梅 狄永晶 吴静 学 号 听力部分 (20 分) ...


   定义 动名词是一种兼有动词和名词特征的非限定动词。它可以支配宾语,也能被副词 修饰。动名词有时态和语态的变化。 解释:动词的 ing 形式如果是名词,这个词称动名词。 一、动名词的作用 动名词具有名词的性质,因此在句中可以作主语、表语、宾语、定语等。 1、作主语 Reading is an art. 读书是一种艺术。 Climbing mountains is really fun. 爬山是真有趣。 Working in these conditions is not a pleasure ...


   初一英语期末考试题 一.语音语调(7%) (一).找出与所给单词划线部分发音不同的单词. ( ) 1.home A.some B.ok C.brother D.come ( ) 2.new A.cup B.student C.bus D.but ( ) 3.nice A.hill B.his C.sit D.fine ( ) 4.these A.egg B.desk C.pen D.he ( ) 5.brown A.yellow B.luindow C.row D.how (二)选出下列各组 ...


   Unit 2 Looking Different Topic 3 Is he tall or short? Section A 主要活动:1a, 1b and 3 课时建议:1 课时 教学目的:1. 学习选择疑问句以及其语调。 。 2. 进一步学习人物的描写,学会使用 with 来描写人或物体。 教学过程: Step 1 Review Check the homework. Ask some students to come to the front to introduce themsel ...


   试卷总分:140 分 (听力部分)20% 一、听力(20%) 测试时间:100 分钟 范围:牛津英语 7Aunit1-7Aunit2) A. 根据录音选择正确的应答句。(5%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. It’s right. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. That’s all right. )2. A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is. )3. A. Thank y ...


   仁爱版英语七年级上册教学设计 张丽 Contents: Unit 1 Topic2 Section B 1、Make sure all the students grasp the differences between he and his, she and her. 2、Get the students to speak English and learn English happily Teaching aims: in class so that they can discover ...


   初一英语 郭斐雨 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " . 特殊疑问句 What’s your name? I’m Lie King. My name is Lie King.What’s your number? -I’m Number One. What class are you in? I’m in Class Two What grade are you in? I’m in Grade One What row are you ...


   初一英语句型转换练习 一、按要求完成句子(要求:A:改为一般疑问句 B:改为否定句) 1. I am a student.→ A: 2. They are English cars. →A: 3. This is a pencil-box. →A: 4. Its name is Polly. →A: 5. These are my English books. →A: 6. I know his name. →A: 7. Please look after your cat. →A: 8. ...


   初一英语语法??名词语法练习题 初一英语语法??名词语法练习题 ?? 专有名词与普通名词 名词按其意义可分为专有名词(proper noun)和普通名词(common noun). 普通名词又可分为类名词,集体名词,物质名词和抽象名词. 1. 专有名词:是个别人,地以及专门机构或团体的名称. 如:New York 纽约 Clinton 克林顿 2. 类名词:是一类人或物的个体的名称. 如:piano 钢琴,doctor 医生,ship 舰船 3. 集体名词:是一些人或物的总称,作主语时可用复 ...



   童梦无忧网(试管婴儿) 童梦无忧网 试管婴儿论坛 www.tm51.com 本文由磊磊磊磊 1314 贡献 doc 文档可能在 WAP 端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择 TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 一年级英语第二册教案 秦翠平 教学计划 一 、 指导思想 本学期一年级继续使用新标准教材, 本学期一年级继续使用新标准教材, 本教材根遵循英语学习的 规律和儿童心理生理发展的需求, 以小学生的生活经验和任职发 展水 规律和儿童心理生理发展的需求, 平为基本出发点,循序渐进地设计课程,寓教于乐, ...


   营销英语 A absorption of costs accessibility accessory equipment markets account management policies a company's marketing program acquisition new-product development strategy activity-based costing adaptability adaptation to market variations adaptive ...


   四级翻译部分为汉译英,共 5 个句子,一句一题,句长为 15-30 词,句中的一部分已用英文给出,考生 需根据全句意思将汉语部分译成英语,考试时间 5 分钟.翻译题重点考察考生对语法结构及常用英语表达 习惯的掌握情况.若考生语法功底较好且句型和词组储备丰富,那么此题不会太为难.和作文相比,翻译 虽只是个把句子,但来路不明难以猜测.作文尚可背诵模板以备执笔急需之用,而翻译则全无,它微小零 星却锋利难防,并将考生模板式作文的画皮扯下,暴露其撰句能力的真实面目,所以令人可畏. 根据近几年的翻译真题 ...


   帝秀女性网 http://www.dixiu.com 会计英语单词英中对照(十三)_英语题库 combined statement of cash receipts and disbursement 现金收支汇总表 combined statement of income and earned surplus 损益与公积金合并计算书 combined statement of income and retained earnings 损益及保留盈余合并表 combined statement ...


   最常用的1000句英语口语 - 四级资料下载 - 英语四六级社区 英语四级论坛|英语六级论坛 - Powered by Discuz! 页码,1/43 注册 登录 英语四级 英语四六级社区 四级资料下载 最常用的1000句英语口语 英语六级 下载 考友圈 论坛 搜索 帮助 导航 回复 english 发帖 返回列表 发表于 2009-5-19 23:18 | 只看该作者 打印 字体大小: 1# 新手上路 UID 帖子 精华 积分 阅读权 性别 在线时 注册时 207 4 0 2 10 男 2 ...