试卷总分:140 分 (听力部分)20% 一、听力(20%)
测试时间:100 分钟 范围:牛津英语 7Aunit1-7Aunit
A. 根据录音选择正确的应答句。(5%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. It’s right. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. That’s all right. )
  2. A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is. )
  3. A. Thank you. B. You are welcome. C. Never mind. )
  4. A. She often dances. B. She danced last night. C. She is dancing. )
  5. A. In the library. B. In the sports shop. C. In the bookshop. )
  6. Q: What is Mike going to do? )
  7. Q: Where is he from? C. Yunnan. C. Businessman. )
  8. Q: What’s his father? )
  9. Q: What’s the man’s favourite animal? B. Gold fish. B.
  43. C.
  37. C. Bear. )
  10. Q: How old is the man’s father?
B. 根据对话选出正确的答案。(5%)
A. Go shopping. B. Buy some flowers. C. Make a card. A. Guangxi. B. Guangdong. A. Postman. B. Policeman. A. Lion. A.
  40. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
C. 根据所听对话,判断正误。(T/F)(5%) )
  11.Wei Hua and Wang Lin are in Grade
  7. )
  12.Wei Hua and Wang Lin are 12 years old. )
  13.Wei Hua and Wang Lin are good friends. )
  14.Wei Hua is in Class 2 and Wang Lin is in Class
  1. )
  15.Wei Hua and Wang Lin meet for the first time. )
  16. Where is Jan from? B. China. C. Six. C. Shanghai. D. Five. D. Chinese. D. Japan. )
  17. How many classes does Jan have a day? B. Two. )
  18. What does Jan like? B. Sports. C. Maths. )
  19. What does Jan usually do on Saturdays?
D. 根据短文内容,选出正确的选项:(5%)
A. England. A. Four. A. English.
A. He does his homework. B. He plays football. C. He plays games. D. He studies at school. ( )
  20. What does Jan’s father do? B. He is a teacher. A. He is a policeman. C. He is a doctor. 笔试部分(120%) 二、单项选择。(30%)
D. He is a driver.
  1、I have lunch at school, but my mother lunch at school. A、isn't have B、 hasn't have D、doesn't have B、many homework to do D、many homeworks to do
C、don't have (
  2、Do you haveevery day? A、much homework to do C、much homeworks to do
  3、Ronaldo is football player. A、the favourite B、favourite D、her the favourite B、plays ,very well D、play, very good C、does, come D、do ,come
C、 her fovourite (
  4、Kate volleyball in the match. A、play, very well
C、plays ,very good ( (
  5、Where Andy from? A、does, is B、does, is come A、wear glasses )
  6、Miss Li has long black hair and . B、wears glasses D、 wears glass B、 /, the B、watches C、 the, / D、 / , / D、watched
C、wear glass ( ( ( A、the ,the A、watch
  7、My friend likes to play football before lunch. )
  8、Sometimes Sandy with her friends TV at home. C、 watching )
  9、At the weekend, Tom usually for half an hour. A、goes to run B、 go running D、 go to run B、good for play D、 good for playing C、a lots of B、 borrow ,from D、lend ,to B、flys B、come C、flies C、take D、 flying D、have D、much
C、 goes running ( A、good at play C、 good at playing ( ( A、lots of
  10、Simon and Jim are football.
  11、I have friends in Suzhou. B、a lot )
  12、My bike is broken. Can I a bike you? A、 borrow ,to
C、 lend ,from ( ( ( A、fly A、go
)13,Jill often a kite in the sky(天空)on Sunday. )
  14、-Does Daniel a bus to school every day? )
  15、- .How do you say it in English? - ,I don't know. A、 Sorry. Excuse me B、Excuse me , sorry
C、 Sorry , Sorry
D、Excuse me , Excuse me
  1.The boy is naughty(淘气) and (fun).
  2.Everyone knows the girl is (礼貌 ).
  3.My brother (have) lunch at school every day.

  4.He often watches football m on TV.
  5.Tom and Mary (speak) English very well.
  6.The girl wants (play) football after school.
  7.Bob scores four g in the new game.
  8.I talk to my classmates at (午餐时间).
  9.Can Lin Tao (watch) TV this evening?
  10.Yao Ming is a good basketball p .He lives in the USA. 四、句型转换。(10%)
  1.He likes playing computer games.(对画线部分提问) What he ?
  2.Millie and Betty often play football.(同上) often football?
  3.My birthday is on May 6th ,19
  96.(同意句转换) I May 6th ,19
  4.Li Ming is on Huanghe Football Team. Li Ming is Huanghe Football Team.(同上)
  5.Millie does her homework after school.(变否定句) Millie 五、改错题。(10%)
  1.The Chinese girl doesn't has long hair. A A A A A B B B C B B C C C D D C D D
  2.Does Mike often walk to home after school?
  3.Do you take your dog with a walk? D
  4.Are you have breakfast at home every day?
  5.Sandy doesn't like listen to music. 六、根据汉语完成句子,字数不限。(20%)
  1.Frank 在学校球队里是我最喜欢的足球运动员。 Frank is in the school football team.
  2.林涛想要在下一次世界杯上踢足球。 Lin Tao in the .
  3.他既有礼貌又乐于助人,我所有的同学都很喜欢他。 He is ,all my classmates very much.
  4.我的表妹喜欢看关于篮球的书籍。 My cousin books .
  5.我不知道这个用英语怎么说。 I don't know to this .
  6.Millie 经常乘公共汽车去上学。 Millie often to school.
  7.我经常在午餐时间和我朋友聊天。 homework after school.
I often my friends .



   初一英语语法总结 初一英语语法虽然是从简单的一些日常用语出发的, 但语法中常会有一些知识点看起来 很细小,容易被忽视,但这些知识点掌握不熟练,往往会造成一些语法应用上的错误。因此 在学习初一英语语法时,要认真、细心,不要觉得一些地方不重要而得过且过。 下面从几个方面,总结出了初一英语语法,如果要复习英语句法的同学,可以参考一下, 初一英语语法??词法 一、初一英语语法 词法 1、名词 A)、名词的数 我们知道名词可以分为可数名词和不可数名词, 而不可数名词它没有复数形式, 但可数名词 却有单 ...


   教师专业成长档案 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 第一章 真我素描 个性宣言 我的简历 第二章 心智着色 我热爱着教育事业 我崇尚的教育思想 我实践的教育理念 第三章 教坛泼彩 我的教育特色 我的教学感悟 班主任工作收获 第四章 教海润笔 教学案例 教学反思 教学随笔 教海润笔 第五章 人生彩绘 获奖展示 第六章 教育格言 第一章 真我素描 " 我的个性宣言 " 无论什么时候,渊博的知识、良 无论什么时候,渊博的知识、 好的修养、文明的举止、优 ...


   试卷总分:140 分 (听力部分)20% 一、听力(20%) 测试时间:100 分钟 范围:牛津英语 7Aunit1-7Aunit2) A. 根据录音选择正确的应答句。(5%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. It’s right. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. That’s all right. )2. A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is. )3. A. Thank y ...


   仁爱版英语七年级上册教学设计 张丽 Contents: Unit 1 Topic2 Section B 1、Make sure all the students grasp the differences between he and his, she and her. 2、Get the students to speak English and learn English happily Teaching aims: in class so that they can discover ...


   初一英语 郭斐雨 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " . 特殊疑问句 What’s your name? I’m Lie King. My name is Lie King.What’s your number? -I’m Number One. What class are you in? I’m in Class Two What grade are you in? I’m in Grade One What row are you ...


   初一英语 读单词,把单词变成现在分词的形式 buying lying standing reading buy lie stand read talking walking singing dancing talk walk sing dance have take write shop having taking writing shopping eating driving calling enjoying eat drive call enjoy telling swimming wa ...


   初一英语语法 1、名词 、 A)、名词的数 )、名词的数 )、 一)在后面加s。如:fathers, 在后面加 。 books, Americans,apples, bananas 后加es。 二)x, sh, ch, s, tch后加 。 后加 如:boxes, glasses, dresses, watches, wishes 结尾的变y为 再 三)(1)以辅音字母加 结尾的变 为i再 )( )以辅音字母加y结尾的变 加es 如:baby-babies, family-families, ...


   初一英语语法??代词语法练习题 代词是代替名词以及起名词作用的短语,分句和句子的词. 代词可分以下九类: 1. 人称代词 主格(在句中作主语)有: I , you, he, she, it, we, you, they 宾格(在句中作宾语)有:me, you, him, her, it, us, you , them 2. 物主代词 形容词性的物主代词(作定语)有:my, your, his , her, its, our, your ,their 名词性的物主代词(作主语,表语,宾语)有: ...


   初一英语语法虽然是从简单的一些日常用语出发的, 但语法中常 会有一些知识点看起来很细小,容易被忽视,但这些知识点掌握 不熟练,往往会造成一些语法应用上的错误。因此在学习初一英 语语法时, 要认真、 细心, 不要觉得一些地方不重要而得过且过。 下面从几个方面,总结出了初一英语语法,如果要复习英语句法 的同学,可以参考一下,一、初一英语语法??词法 一 初一英语语法 词法 今天讲的内容 1、名词 A)、名词的数 我们知道名词可以分为可数名词和不可数名词, 而不可数名词它 没有复数形式,但可数名词 ...


   初一英语语法??名词语法练习题 初一英语语法??名词语法练习题 ?? 专有名词与普通名词 名词按其意义可分为专有名词(proper noun)和普通名词(common noun). 普通名词又可分为类名词,集体名词,物质名词和抽象名词. 1. 专有名词:是个别人,地以及专门机构或团体的名称. 如:New York 纽约 Clinton 克林顿 2. 类名词:是一类人或物的个体的名称. 如:piano 钢琴,doctor 医生,ship 舰船 3. 集体名词:是一些人或物的总称,作主语时可用复 ...



   英语应用能力测试(2005 年 12 月) Part I Listening Comprehension(15 minutes) Directions: This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections. Section A Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short dialogues. There are ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   History of Ethno Pop What is Ethno Pop ? 世界音乐(World music)有时又称民族流行音乐 (Ethno pop)。广义的世界音乐可以泛指世界上所有 的民族音乐。在西方,世界音乐指的是非北美和英国 的流行音乐以及民谣,也指不同本土音乐的复合。某 些风格的音乐元素比如牙买加的瑞格或拉丁流行音乐, 已经深入北美和英国的音乐,因此被视作是其自有的 音乐之源了。除此之外的其他音乐,从中国民乐到非 洲民谣,均被视作世界音乐。Worldbeat和世界音乐相 ...


   月四六级口语考试真题(完整版) 2007 年 12 月四六级口语考试真题(完整版) CET 频道 更新:2009-6-3 编辑:lo7ely ?大学英语四级听力必考 60 个习语汇总 ?四级暑期天天练:完形填空题库 ?名师推荐:英语四级写作高分模板汇总 Part 1 (5 minutes) Examiner: Good morning (Good afternoon), everybody. Could you please tell me your name and the number ...


   托福阅读加试题汇总 www.51edu.com/toefl/ 精品学习网 托福皮你到 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 1 托福阅读加试题汇总 www.51edu.com/toefl/ 精品学习网 托福皮你到 目 录 一、 托福阅读加试一: 电报 ............................................................ 3 二、 托福阅读加试二: 鸟鸣【Birds Song】 ............. ...