Unit 1 Topic2 Section B
  1、Make sure all the students grasp the differences between he and his, she and her.
  2、Get the students to speak English and learn English happily
Teaching aims: in class so that they can discover knowledge by themselves.
  3、Make sure all the students can use the important sentence patterns freely, arouse the students’ interest of learning English by using all kinds of teaching methods. 教师活动(教法设计) Teaching steps: 学生活动(学法指导)
Step2:Revision T: My name is ××,what’s your name? S: T: Excuse me.Are you ××? S: T: I’m from Luotian. Where are you from? After the teacher gave a model,the students practise in pairs.
S: Step3:Presentation Show photos of Shi Xiaolong and Li Yuchun T:Who is he? S:He isShi Xiaolong. T:what’s his nane? S:His name is shi xiaolong. T:Where is he from? S:He is from Hong kong. T: who is she? S:she is Li Yuchun. T:Where is she from? S:She is from Chengdu. Step4:Discuss. The students should discuss in The students are very excited when they see super girl and film star.By showing their photos,they feel happy to learn English.

  1、Task:what’s the difference between groups of four and discover knowledge he and his,she and her?
  2、Conclude:He and she are personal pronouns,but his and her are possessive pronouns. Step5:Look,Listen and say.
  1、Show two guestions The students should listen carefully and do as the teacher says. by themselves.
What’s his name? What’s her name?
  2、Books closed. Play the tape for the students to listen.
  3、Books open. Check the answer and follow the tape. Step6: Look, ask and answer.
  1、Teach the names of three sports stars.
  2、Get the students to ask and answer in pairs using the two sentences above: What’s his/her name? Where is he/she from? Step7: Listen and follow and work alone.
  1、Play the tape for the students to read.
  2、 Make sure they understand the signs of “ ? ”and“ ? ”
  3、Listen and mark the intonation. Step8: Look,listen and say.
  1.Get the students to understand the The students should try to understand they are plural forms of he The students should listen carefully and imitate the beautiful intonation,Then get them to have a competition. The students are very interested in the sports stars.They feel happy when they can talk about them.
meaning of they by introducing two friends. and she.
  2、Listen and follow. Step9:English corner. Talk about some famous persons by using “what’s his/her name? Where is he/she from?” He is ×× =His name is ××, 板 书 设 计 She is ×× =Her name is ×× 教学构思及设计理由: Section B 的目标语言主要是要求学生正确使用人称代词 he/she 和物主代词 his/her 及重点句型 What’s his/her name?Where’s he/she from? 本课教学分为五个大部分:复习、呈现、讨论、练习和英语角,每个 教学环节都是围绕目标语言而展开的。 呈现部分通过多媒体显示李宇春和释小龙的照片来激发学生的 兴趣。从而引出人称代词 he/she 和物主代词 his/her。然后就自然地过 渡到目标语言:What’s his/her name?Where’s he/she from? 练习部分主要是围绕三个体育明星来展开问答。What’s his/her name? Where’s he/she from?从而使学生的语言由生疏到熟练。 Where’s he/she from? What’s his/her name? The students are very happy after they learn the two sentences. When
they can talk about famous persons,they have a sense of success.
英语角部分通过学生自由谈论一些名人, 使书面语言转化为学生 自己的语言,由机械操练升化为意义操练。 本节课在传统教学手段的基础上,合理增加一些学生活动,如小 组讨论,英语角。从而有利于培养学生自主合作,探究创新的能力。 教学效果预测:



   2008 2009 学年度第 学期期末 银川外国语实验学校 2008-2009 学年度第一学期期末考试 笔试部分 (100 分) 用所给字母重新组合写出一个你学过的单词。 (2.5 Ⅰ. 用所给字母重新组合写出一个你学过的单词。 ( 分) 21. rcok 22. onruad 23. sruhb 24. umdr 25. uritf 初一英语试卷 初一英语试卷 时间: 时间:120 分钟 分值: 分值:120 分 命题教师: 命题教师: 冷 梅 狄永晶 吴静 学 号 听力部分 (20 分) ...


   定义 动名词是一种兼有动词和名词特征的非限定动词。它可以支配宾语,也能被副词 修饰。动名词有时态和语态的变化。 解释:动词的 ing 形式如果是名词,这个词称动名词。 一、动名词的作用 动名词具有名词的性质,因此在句中可以作主语、表语、宾语、定语等。 1、作主语 Reading is an art. 读书是一种艺术。 Climbing mountains is really fun. 爬山是真有趣。 Working in these conditions is not a pleasure ...


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   Unit 2 Looking Different Topic 3 Is he tall or short? Section A 主要活动:1a, 1b and 3 课时建议:1 课时 教学目的:1. 学习选择疑问句以及其语调。 。 2. 进一步学习人物的描写,学会使用 with 来描写人或物体。 教学过程: Step 1 Review Check the homework. Ask some students to come to the front to introduce themsel ...


   仁爱版英语七年级上册教学设计 张丽 Contents: Unit 1 Topic2 Section B 1、Make sure all the students grasp the differences between he and his, she and her. 2、Get the students to speak English and learn English happily Teaching aims: in class so that they can discover ...


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   t. d) No, they don’t. e) No, she isn’t. 2) 选择疑问句 Is the table big or small? 回答 It’s big./ It’s small. 3) 特殊疑问句 ① 问年龄 How old is Lucy? She is twelve. ② 问种类 What kind of movies do you like? I like action movies and comedies. ③ 问身体状况 How is your uncle ...


   初一英语语法??名词语法练习题 初一英语语法??名词语法练习题 ?? 专有名词与普通名词 名词按其意义可分为专有名词(proper noun)和普通名词(common noun). 普通名词又可分为类名词,集体名词,物质名词和抽象名词. 1. 专有名词:是个别人,地以及专门机构或团体的名称. 如:New York 纽约 Clinton 克林顿 2. 类名词:是一类人或物的个体的名称. 如:piano 钢琴,doctor 医生,ship 舰船 3. 集体名词:是一些人或物的总称,作主语时可用复 ...


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   《大学英语》专升本考试大纲 根据教育部《大学英语课程教学要求》的规定,大学英语的教学是“以英语语言知识与 应用技能,学习策略和跨文化交际为主要内容,培养学生的英语综合应用能力,特别是听说 能力”“考试应以评价学生的英语综合应用能力为主” 。 。 根据上述的规定,本大纲规定以下原则及考试内容。 一、 考试目的 1.检查大纲执行情况,特别是大纲所要达到的综合语言技能和交际能力, 籍以促进大纲的进一步贯彻落实,从而提高教学质量。 2.选拔优秀学生继续深造学习。 二、 命题要求 为了较好地考核学生运 ...


   谈谈小学生英语语感的培养 同福中路第一小学 朱丽琴 摘要: 摘要:综观当前的小学英语教育,普遍将一年级作为英语起步阶段,虽然在当前学 英语热的潮流下,启蒙阶段提早了,一些幼儿园也将英语引进了课堂,当小 朋友背着书包走进小学课堂的时候,定能给你一些“水果英语”、“动物英语”, 又或是“文具英语”等等。但他们的语音语调都理想吗?纯正吗?我们中国的 学生学习英语没有很好的语言环境,这给我们英语教学带来了很大困难,若 再加上以往传统的呆板识字和套用语法规则的教学形式, 强迫学生生记硬背, 如此单调乏 ...