U1-U6基础知识内容 基础知识内容
词 汇 重点句型 语 法
交际用语 话题写作
名 词
name; family name; last name; given name; first name; boy; girl ; telephone/phone number; ID card; desk; clock; question;
名 词
pen; pencil; book; eraser; ruler; pencil case/sharpener; backpack; dictionary; notebook; school; class; watch; key; ring; computer game; picture; photo; list; star;
名 词
grandparent; parent; grandfather; grandmother; mother; father; uncle; aunt; brother; sister; son; daughter; cousin; friend; people;
名 词
furniture; table; bed; dresser; bookcase; sofa; chair; drawer; plant; bag; CD; video tape; hat; thing; floor; room
名 词
ball; baseball; soccer ball; tennis racket; ping-pong; volleyball; basketball; bat; sport; club;
名 词
food; banana; pear; hamburger; tomato; broccoli; French fries; orange; ice cream; salad; strawberry; egg; apple; carrot; chicken; fruit; vegetable; breakfast; lunch; dinner; dessert;
what; how; how old; how many; where;
in; on; over; under; beside; next to; in front of; behind; between;
介 词
be(am/is/are); answer; look; do; spell; call; lost; found; know; need; bring; take; have; play; watch; like; run; let; sound; eat;
动 词
I; you; he; she; it; they me; you; him; her; it; them my; your; his; her; its; their this; that; these; those
代 词
dear; interesting; boring; fun; difficult; relaxing; healthy; great;
and; but

  1. What' s your name?
  2. My name is…
  3. What's your phone number?
  4. It's ….
  5. Is this your backpack?
  6. Yes, it is. / No, it isn't.
  7. What's this in English?
  8. How do you spell …?
  9. Call Alan at ……
  10. This is my family.
重 点 句 型

  11.That's my sister.
  12. These are my grandparents.
  13. Those are my two brothers.
  14. Is she your cousin?
  15. Thanks for the photos of your family.
  16. Where are my books?
  17. They are on the sofa.
  18. Where's my computer game?
  19. It's under your bed.
  20. Is it between the bed and the sofa?
重 点 句 型

  21. Are they on the floor?
  22. I need some things for class this afternoon.
  23. Can you bring them to school for me?
  24. Please take these things to your sister.
  25. Do you have a TV?
  26. Yes, I do. /No, I don't.
  27. Does she have a soccer ball?
重 点 句 型

  28. Yes, she does. /No, she doesn't. 重
  29. Let's play soccer.
  30. That sounds difficult. 点
  31. I don't have tennis racket. 句
  32. He doesn't play sports. 型
  33. Do you like salad?
  34. They don't like ice cream.
  35. Sandra eats lots of healthy food.
  36. She likes eggs, bread and apples for breakfast.
补充: 新阶 新阶) 补充:(新阶)
  1. It's important for us to help others.
  2. There's a desk for doing my homework under the window.
重 点 句 型
语 法-- 代词
人称 代词 主格 人称 代词 宾格 物主 代词 (adj.) 指示 代词 I you he she it they
my this
your that
her these
their those
语 法-
  1. 可数名词
单数 the; some; any; a lot of; lots of;
复数 a; an; few; a few; many; a number of; a pair of; every each; 数词
  2. 不可数名词
little; a little; much; a great deal of
名词变复数的规则: 名词变复数的规则:
  1. 直接加s: bananas; eggs; books… 直接加
  2. 以s; x; sh; ch结尾的加 结尾的加es: classes; 结尾的加 boxes; dishes; watches…
  3. 以f; fe结尾的去 fe加 ves:knife? 结尾的去f; 加 : 结尾的去 knives; leaf-leaves
  4. 以o结尾的词有生命的加 结尾的词有生命的加es; 无生命的 结尾的词有生命的加 加s: radios; tomatoes
  5. 以辅音 结尾的变 为i加es: 以辅音+y结尾的变 结尾的变y为 加 country--countries

  6. 特殊变化: 特殊变化: manmen; German? Germans; foot?feet; child--children; sheepsheep;
语 法-- 陈述句

  1.主语+系动词+表语 主语+系动词+ 主语 It is black and white. My name is Jack. The books are on the sofa.
  2.主语+及物动词+宾语 主语+及物动词+ 主语 I like French fries. He has a tennis racket.
语 法-- 一般疑问句

  1.系动词+主语+表语 系动词+主语+ 系动词 Is it black and white. Are the books on the sofa?
  2.Do/Does+主语+及物动词原型+宾语 主语+及物动词原型+ 主语 Do you like French fries. Does he have a tennis racket.
语 法-- 特殊疑问句

  1.特殊疑问词+系动词+主语+表语 特殊疑问词+系动词+主语+ 特殊疑问词 What color Is it? Where are the books?
  2.特殊疑问词+ do/does+主语+及物动 特殊疑问词+ 主语+ 特殊疑问词 主语 词原型+ 词原型+宾语 What do you like? What does he have ?
语 法-- 一般现在时
用法: 经常性和习惯性的动作; 用法 经常性和习惯性的动作;现存 的状态,特征;真理; 主将从现. 的状态,特征;真理 主将从现. 时间状语: 时间状语:every day; always; usually;
often; sometimes; etc. 构成: 构成: 动词是be动词 ① 动词是 动词 His mother is a doctor. His mother isn't (is not) a doctor. Is his mother a doctor?
② 动词是行为动词 They like singing. They don't like singing. Do they like singing? My cousin goes to school by bike. My cousin doesn't go to school by bike. Does your cousin go to school by bike?

  1. Hello!
  2. Hi!
  3. How do you do?
  4. How are you? Fine, thank you.
  5. Nice/Glad to meet you. Nice/Glad to meet you, too.
  6. Excuse me, …
  7. Sorry. (That's all right./Never mind./It doesn't matter./It's nothing.)
  8. Thank you. (It's pleasure./That's OK./You're welcome.)

  1. 介绍自己/家人/朋友. 介绍自己/家人/朋友. 基本句型: 基本句型: …name is…. My father is an engineer. … is … years old. studies/works at …. …like/likes …
写 作 话 题

  2. 介绍自己房间/学校等. 介绍自己房间/学校等. 基本句型: 基本句型: This is …. …is in front of…. … are under…
写 作 话 题

  3. 介绍同学朋友喜欢的运动或食品. 介绍同学朋友喜欢的运动或食品. 基本句型: 基本句型: … like/likes…. because it's fun. …don't/doesn't like… because it's boring. He / She likes doing/ to do sth.
话题 写作
Dear Tom, I'm glad to introduce myself and my family to you. There are four people in my family, my father, my mother, my brother and I. I'm a junior student from a middle school.(I study/He studies at No.26Middle School. ) My brother is a student, too. My father is an engineer. My mother is a doctor. We have different hobbies for sports and food. I like ball games. I like playing basketball very much because it's really fun. I like hamburgers best. But my father doesn't like basketball, he likes to play ping-pong best. His favorite food is rice. My mother eats lots of healthy food. She likes …. What about you and your family? Can you introduce yourself and your family to me? Yours, Gina



   U1-U6基础知识内容 基础知识内容 词 汇 重点句型 语 法 交际用语 话题写作 名 词 name; family name; last name; given name; first name; boy; girl ; telephone/phone number; ID card; desk; clock; question; 名 词 pen; pencil; book; eraser; ruler; pencil case/sharpener; backpack; dictionar ...


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   英语语法基础知识 第 1 课: 1、be(是)动词的用法:am 接 I;is 接第三人称单数,即除 you、I 外;are 接表示多个 人或事物,即复数。 (我是 am,你是 are,is 连接它、她、他,单数 is,复数 are) 。 2、not 是表示否定的词:不是的表达,am not,is not(isn’t) ,are not(aren’t) 。 3、 “一个”和“几个”的问题: “一个”是 a+名词; “多个”是名词后面加 s。 4、以元音开头(如 O、E 等) ,前面的冠词用 a ...



   小学英语语法复习要点 一、名词 可数名词:表示可以具体个别存在的人或物。可数名词有单复数形式,其单数形式与不定冠词 a(n)连 可数名词: 用。 可数名词复数规则: 可数名词复数规则: 1.一般情况下,直接加-s,如:book-books, bag-bags, cat-cats, bed-beds 2.以 s. x. sh. ch 结尾,加-es,如:bus-buses, box-boxes, brush-brushes, watch-watches 3.以“辅音字母+y”结尾,变 y 为 ...


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