Section A 1a~1c
乡城中学 陈东梅
Let’ s enjoy a song
/e? /
/? / /a:/
A Memory Game
Match the words with the pictures.
  1.table e j
  3.dresser c
  4.bookcase d
  5.sofa i h
  6.chair g
  8.books a
  9.keys b f
  11.drawer l
  12.plant k
0 0
Where is Mickey?
in under
A: Where is Mickey? B: It’s on/ in/ under the case. Where is = where’s
Let’s play a game!
Tell me their places
Where are the clocks?
on A: Where are the clocks? B: They are on/ in/ under the table. in where are = Where’re they are = they’re
clocks / s/
backpacks /s/
1 books /s/
plants /ts/
2 oranges /z/
(11b Listen and number (1-
  5)the things in the picture when you hear them. 听录音并按听到的顺序给图中的物品编号。 听录音并按听到的顺序给图中的物品编号。
  5) 1~
5 4

  1.Where the TV in picture one? the.
  2.Wherethe books in picture two? the.
  3.Where the clock in picture three? the .
  4.Where the baseballs in picture four? the .
我们要掌握: 我们要掌握:

  1. New Words dresser table bookcase plant sofa bed
  2. A: Where’s Mickey? B: It’s in/ on/ under the case A: Where’re the clocks? B: They’re on/in/under the table.
  3. Where are= where’re where is= where’s they are=they’re chair drawer

  1.抄写P19 的单词5遍,音标一遍,意思一遍。 音标一遍,意思一遍。
  1.抄写P19 的单词5 抄写

  2.利用1a的图片仿照1c编对话,至少8句。 利用1a的图片仿照1c编对话 where’ where’ (用上 on, under, in, where’s, where’re)



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