9.Where is the cap? A. on the desk B. in the bag C. on the bed 听第五段对话,回答第 10 题 ( )
  10.What is the boy’s favourite sport? A. running B. swimming C. football 短文( 三.听短文(5 分) 根据所听内容将这篇短文补充完整。本题听两遍。 根据所听内容将这篇短文补充完整。本题听两遍。 This is a picture of a classroom. It is my (
  11). Look at the walls. They are (
  12) . You can see an old picture on the wall. What can you see in the picture? There is a desk. An English book is on the desk. _(
  13) the book, there is a pencil-box. It’s red (
  14) black..There are (
  15) pens in the pencil-box. 11 12 13 14 15
笔试部分(共 笔试部分 共 105 分) 四 单项选择(20 分) 单项选择( ( )
  16.What’s your favourite food? A.rice B.basketball C.running D.swimming ( )
  17. I can drive. What about you? No, I , but I ride a bike. A.can; can’t B. can’t; can’t C. can’t; can D. can; can ( )
  18. What’s the weather like in winter here? A.It’s warm B.It’s cold C.It’s hot D.It’s cool ( )
  19. How chairsthere? A.many; is B.many; are C.much; is D.much; are ( )
  20. How do you bird? B-I-R-D. A.speak B.spring C.spell D.sport. ( )
  21.This is map. A./ B.a C. an D. the ( )
  22. My rule isblue. A./ B.a C. an D. the ( )
  23.What is this English? A.an B. in C. on D.from ( )
  24.This isjacket. It isorange jacket. A. a; an B. an; an C. a; a D. an; a ( )
  25.My dog has a blackand three white. A. foot; foot B. feet; foots C. foot; feet
  26.How are you, Sally? . A. Fine, thanks B. Yes, I am fine C.No, I’m not fine ( )
  27.What are these? A.It an apple B. These are oranges C. They are pens ( )
  28.Are these classroomms, Lucy? A.Yes, these are B. Yes, those are C. Yes, they are ( )
  29. I like playingpiano and they like playingfootball. A.the; / B/; the C. the; the ( )
  30.is the pen? A.What B. Where C. Who ( )
  31.What colour is the bird? blue. A.They’re B. It’s C. Its ( )
  32. I can speak Chinese, I can’t speak English. A.and B. but C. or ( )
  33. I likeand . A.dancing; sing B. dancing; singing C. dance; sing ( )
  34. “Can you English?” “A little.” A.say B. speak C.tell D. talk ( )
  35. There an apple and two eggs on the table. A.is B. am C.are 完形填空( 五 完形填空(10 分) Lily (
  36) from America. She is twelve. She is (
  37)Class One,Grade One. Her bedroom is very (
  38) . In her (
  39)you can see a bed, a table, a chair, a clock, a map, a picture, a cat and (
  40)flowers. The bes is white. The table and the chair (
  41)brown. The cat is black(
  42)white. It’s on the table. The clock is blue. It’s on the table. The door and the window are yellow. There is a (
  43)of China and a picture(
  44)her family on the wall. Lily likes(
  45)bedroom very much. ( )
  36. A. come B.are C. comes D.am ( )37 A. of B.on C. under D.in ( )38 A. nice B.fine C. well D.hot ( )39 A. classroom B.bedroom C. house D.home ( )40 A. / B.a C. an D.some ( )41 A. am B.are C. is D.be ( )42 A. a B.an C. and D.is ( )43 A.chair B.computer C.map D.pen
( )44 A. in B.on ( )45 A. his B.she 阅读理解( 六.阅读理解(30 分)
C. under C. her
D.of D.hers
(A) There is a nice girl in our class. She is sixteen years old. She is not tall and she is not short. She is kind of fat. She has a round of face just like an apple. She has two big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is big, but her ears are small. Her hair is short and black. She likes red. But today she is wearing a yellow sweater. She doesn’t like to get up early. She doesn’t like to talk to others. She doesn’t have any good friends. She likes little animals. She has a white dog in her home. The dog is two years old. She and the dog are good friends. Who is she? ( )
  46. How old is the girl? A. 14 B.15 C. 16 D.17 ( )47 What does she look like? A.Tall B.Short C.Medium D.Big ( )
  48.What color does she like? A. Yellow B.Red C. Brown D.Black ( )
  49.She is agirl. A. friendly B.quiet C. ugly D.bad ( )
  50.What does she have? A. Big eyes and small nose. B.A small nose and a small mouth C. An apple and short hair D.Black and long hair (B) Look,this is Tim’s bedroom. It is small, but it is very much nice. There is a desk and a bed in it. There is a computer and some books on the desk. His coat is on the bed. Where is his bag? It is on the wall. What’s that? Oh, it’s a cap! It looks like a cat. 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) ( )
  51.This is Tim’s bedroom. ( )
  52.There is a desk and a chair in it. ( )
  53.His computer is on the bed. ( )
  54.His coat is on the chair. ( )
  55.Tim has a cap. (C) Wang Xin and I are in the same class. She is a girl. We’re good friends. This is Wang Xin’s room. It’s big. A black desk is in the room. On the desk are some English books and Wang Xin’s schoolbag is yellow. It’s old. What’s that under the red chair? It’s a white cat. It is a Chinese cat. Its name is Mimi. Wang Xin’s father is near the desk. He’s about fifty. He’s a policeman. Her mother is near the desk too. She teaches
Chinese. She’s a teacher of No4 Middle School. ( )
  56. Wang Xin and I are. A. girls B.in different(不同的)schools C. sister and brother D.in the same class ( )57 Wang Xin is. A.a teacher B.a policeman C.a student D.near the desk ( )
  58.Wang Xin’s schoolbag is . A. old B.new C.in the desk D.under the desk ( )
  59.The desk in the room is. A.black B.white C. blue D.yellow ( )
  60.Wang Xin’s mother is ateacher. A. English. B.Chinese C. Japanese D.French 语言知识( 七.语言知识(10 分) A) 用所给单词的适当形式填空(5 分)
  61.My favourite food is.( pear )
  62.Do you like .(dance )
  63.Can you write.(china)
  64.What are? They are apples.(this)
  65.They are my (friend ) B) 根据句子的意思和首字母完成句子(5 分)
  66. She is my d. 67 What’s your favourite s?
  68. What’s the weather like in a? It’s cool.
  69. My favourite food is n.
  70. There are edesks. 八.在(B)栏中选出与(A)栏相应的答语(10 分) )栏中选出与( )栏相应的答语( (A) ) (B) ) ( )
  71.What color is it? A. I am fine. ( )
  72.Hello! B It’s black. ( )
  73.What’s this in English? C Yes, it is. ( )
  74.Good morning! D Good evening! ( )
  75.Spell it please. E It is a key. ( )
  76.Good afternoon! F Good morning! ( )
  77.Are you Bob? G R-E-D ( )
  78.How are you?. H Good afternoon ( )
  79.Is this a ruler? I Yes, I am ( )
  80.Good evening! J Hello! 九. 阅读训练(10 分) 阅读训练( 根据图片内容,完成下面短文。
Look! This is my bedroom. There is a desk and two chairs(
  81)it. The chairs are(
  82)the desk. My school bag is(
  83)the desk. And there is an apple on the desk. There are two books(
  84) (
  85) (
  86) (
  87). Oh, my cat is (
  88) (
  89) (
  90). I like my bedroom. 完成句子( 十.完成句子(5 分)
  91.我不会开车。 I a car
  92.游泳和跑步十我最喜欢的运动。 and running my favourite sports.
  93.我的上衣在床上。 My coat is bed.
  94.你最喜欢的颜色十什么? is your colour? 95 冬天的天气如何? the weather in winter? 十一. 书面表达( 十一. 书面表达(10 分) 请介绍自己,用五个以上的句子简单描述。
2008 秋初一英语第一次月考试题答题卡 初一英语第一次月考试题答题卡
班级 姓名 座号 得分
一.听句子(5 分) 听句子( 1 2 3 4 5 二.听对话(5 分) 听对话( 6 7 8910 听短文( 三.听短文(5 分) 11 12 13 14 15 单项选择( 四.单项选择(20 分) 16171819202122232425 26 2728293031 3233 34 35 完形填空( 五.完形填空(10 分) 36373839404142 43 44 45 阅读理解( 六.阅读理解(30 分) 46 47 484950 51 52 53 54 5556 57 585960 语言知识( 七.语言知识(10 分) 61 62 63 6465 6667686970 八. 在(B)栏中选出与(A)栏相应的答语(10 分) )栏中选出与( )栏相应的答语( 71727374757677787980 阅读训练( 九. 阅读训练(10 分) 8182838485868788 8990 完成句子( 十.完成句子(5 分) 91 92 93 94 9 5 十一. 介绍自己, (10 十一. 书面表达 (介绍自己,不少于五句话 。( 分) )



   2009-2010 八年级英语下第一次月考 班级 姓名 成绩 一.选择填空:25 分 ( ) 1. The book is of famous stories. A. filled B. fill C. full ( ) 2. He seems a little . A. sad B. sadly C. sadness ( ) 3. She used to late, but now she is used to early in the morning. A. get up; get up ...


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   ( )2. A. scientists 八年级下学期第一次月考英语测试题 八年级下学期第一次月考英语测试题 一单项填空(15 分) ( )1.I fell in 1ovethe beautiful city of Shanghai while 1 was vacation there. A .with ; on B. on; with C. to, in D. to ; for ( ) 2.I think there any paper money in the future. A.will ...


   丰华中学 2010?2011 学年第二学期第一次月考试题 姓名: 班级: 满分:100 分 命题人:丁来秀 一.请从各题后所给的选项中选出最佳选项。 (共 30 分) ( )1. Can you give me a ticket the film this evening? A. of B. on C. in D. to ( )2. ?Don’t throw litter about. The litter terrible in summer. ?Sorry, I won’t. A. sm ...


   笔试部分(共 笔试部分 共 105 分) 四 单项选择(20 分) 单项选择( ( )16.Where is the ball? It’s behind A.door B.the door C.doors D.a door ( )17. Have you got any sisters? A.Yes, I do B. Yes, I have C. No, I have D. No, I don’t ( )18. I haven’t got brothers? A.a Bsome C.any ...


   笔试部分(80 分) 一、选择填空。 (本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分) )1. I have twoin the US. A. pen pal B. pens pals C. pen pals D. pens pal ( )2.There a food shop and two hotels over there. A. has B. is C. have D. are ( )3.?Can you speak English? ?Yes, but only . A. a little B ...


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   match n.火柴 terribly ad.非常,很 bare a.赤裸的 head n.头 naked a.赤裸的 apron n.围裙 bundle n.捆,束 penny n.(英国)便士 shiver v.颤抖,发抖 smell n.气味 goose n.鹅 air n.空气 dare v.胆敢 frozen freeze的过去分词,冻结 perhaps ad.也许,可能 do some good 有益于,有帮助 rub v.摩,擦 candle n.蜡烛 seem v.似乎,看似 ...


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   高 语词汇3500词 语词汇3500词?带 标 3500 A a (an) [, e(n)] art. 一(个、件……) abandon [bndn] v.抛弃,舍弃,放弃 ability [blt] n. 能力;才能 able [eb()l] a. 能够;有能力的 abnormal [bnm()l] a. 反常的,变态的 aboard [bd] prep. 上(船,飞机,火车,汽车等) abolish [bl] v. 废除,废止 abortion [b()n] v. 人工流产,堕胎 abo ...


   英语学习的六大原则   我在英语学习方面是十分幸运的。在下过硬工夫的过程中,我从未感到英语学习的单调和苦闷,也未感到英语学习有多么艰难。我读过一些英语名家谈体会的书,其中有中文译本,也有英文原文本。这些书给了我很多启发,使我能够在结合自身学习英语的方法和经验的基础上,总结出符合常识的学习方法,并上升到符合英语学习规律的原则。如果你能按照这些原则一步一个脚印地去做,认认真真地去学习和体味,那么你就定能学好英语。   英语学习应遵循以下六大原则。这些原则都是"常识"性的。正如美 ...