1. Pandas live in(Chinese).
  2. My mother often (go)to bed at eleven.
  3. Mr Li(teach)Chinese in our school.
  4. It’s very kind of you(help)us.
  5. It’s time for us(get)up.have
  6. Could you ask her (call)me back this morning?
  7. Would you like(have)a picnic with .
  8. Don’t forget(bring) your book.
  9. Can I(take)a message?
  10. This is Lin Tao(speak).
  11. Excuse me!Are they(you)friends?
  12. I think it’s( I ) bike.
  13. She is
  12.(she) name is Wang Ling.
  14. Jim is an English boy.(his) is in Grade One.
  15. Miss Lee is(they)Chinese teacher.
  16. Mimi is(Kate) cat.
  17. (it) name is Gougou.
  18. These are my(box).
  19. What are(that)?
  20. Kangkang and Michael have five pet(dog).
  21. What are (this) in English? They are erasers.
  22.How old are you? I’m(fourteen 的后一个数字 的后一个数字).
  23.What class is(he) friend in? He’s in Class Eleven.
  24.What are those ? They are(bus).
  25.My brother13 and I
  14. Weboth in Grade 7 (be).
  26.This iseraser, it isn’ttoy.( a )
  27.(that)books are for us.
  28.Is that (you)book?No, it’s(she) book.
  29.These(box) and( knife ) are Lily’s.
  30.This isdesk. It’s( I ).
  31.Are theseoranges? Yes,they’re(they).
  32.Whose skirt is this? It’s+skirt.It’s(she)
  33.It is a monkey.( it ) name is Baby.
  34.Is thisphoto? Yes, it’s( his ).

  35.Are those(they)photos? No,they aren’t. They are(we)
  36.Those are clothes.They’re(you)
  37.Jim is 13(year) old this year.
  38.Are these letters(Jane)?
  39.He(have) a big nose.
  40.Jane(not know) the young man.
  41.(who) dress is this?
  42.What color are(this)clothes?
  43.(can)you please help me study English?
  44.He(want) to live in Fujian.
  45.Please give these books to Tom and Jack.I don’t know(they).
  45.Jack(help) me with English.qq
  46.I’d like a hamburger and some (fish).
  48.What about(eat) out with us ?
  49.Would you like something(drink)?
  50.Why not have some(chicken)?
  51.Could you ask her(call)me back? 52How about(have) a picnic with us?
  53.I want(do) some shopping.
  54.Would you like to go(fish) with me?
  55.I’d like(fly) a kite with you.
  56.It’s time for us(have)classes.
  57.He(meet) the monkey on the hill.
  58.Tony often(get) up at seven o’clock.
  59.Betty(not have) breakfast on Sunday.
  60.I can’t(find) my pencil.
  61.Mom asks me (not play)games too much.
  62.Whose books are these?They are(my).
  63.Their mother(have) a good job.
  64.Mr. Gao teaches(we)English.
  65.It’s time (have) lunch.
  66.Whatshe(look) like? She is tall with long hair.
  67.They are in different(grade).
  68.How (much) eggs do you want?Two, please.
  69.Thanks for (call) me.
  70.I’d like some bread.( I ),too. 二.根据括号内的提示填空
  1.(she 的对应词 is from the U.S.A.. 的对应词)
  2.(where is 的缩写 he from? 的缩写)
  3.Excuse (I 的宾格 ,are you Helen? 的宾格),
  4.Are you from Cuba?Yes,(I 的复数形式 are. 的复数形式)

  5.What’s(you 的物主代词 的物主代词 代词)name?
  6.Tom is from(与 English 的相关词语) 与 的相关词语
  7.do(第三人称单数 第三人称单数).
  8.has(原形 原形) 第三人称单数 原形
  10.I(同音词) (同音词) (同音词)
  11.foot(复数 复数).
  12.student(对应词 对应词). 复数 对应词 三.根据句意及汉语提示,完成句子。 根据句意及汉语提示,完成句子。
  1.Tom doesn’t like(老虎).He likes pandas very much. (老虎)
  2.How many students are girls in your class?(一半) (一半) 。
  3.Would you like some (肉). 肉 Yes,please. ,
  4.We see many animals in the (动物园 动物园). 动物园
  5.What can we see at 10:00? We can see the Monkey (表演 。 表演)。 表演
  6.These shoes are too big. What about that --(一双 一双). 一双
  7.How old is Tony’s father? He is ( 四十 years old now. 四十)
  8. What do we need? We need three bags of(盐). 盐
  9.How much is this bike ? It’s (4
  10.How many eggs do you want ? Three (公斤 公斤). 公斤
  11. Where does she( 学习 )? ? In a high school.
  12.Do you have a ( 宠物 )dog? Yes, its name is Wangwang.
  13.Could you help me ? No(问题 。 问题)。 问题
  14.Could you(告诉) me your name? Sure. (告诉) 15Do you ( 居住 Beijing? No,I don’t. 居住)in
  16.May Iyour , (点菜 sir? 点菜) 点菜 Rice and vegetables,please.
  17.Mother (照顾_my sister at home. 照顾
  18.We need (两瓶 milk. 两瓶)of 两瓶
  19.Pleasethis jacket(带给)your brother. (带给)
  20. (随便吃) to some apple,Lucy. (随便吃)
  21.Would you like to (唱歌) with us? (唱歌)
  22.Could youme(回电话 )this evening? (
  23.Don’t (忘记 to bring your guitar.
  24.I like flying a kite.It’s(有趣) (有趣) 。

  25.It’s time (起床) 。 起床)
  26.I’m looking for aof (一条裤子) 一条裤子)
  27.The shoes are very nice,but they’re too expensive I’ll (考虑)it. (考虑)
  28.Thank you (同样). 同样) 同样
  29.Could you help me with my English? (_没问题 ).30 ( 没问题
  30.Do you have any coats? Yes.They are (在那里 在那里). 在那里
  31.Li Yan bananas (非常喜欢 . 非常喜欢) 非常喜欢
  32.Does he (居住在 Canada?Yes,he does. 居住在) 居住在
  33.What does Mr G ao (说) in the letter? 34The students (我们班的 )want to visit Canada. 我们班的
  35.We often help (互相) (互相) 。
  36.These two dress (看起来一样). (看起来一样)
  38. (三张照片)are in the schoolbag. (三张照片)
  39.The student (穿红衣服的 from Japan. 穿红衣服的)is 穿红衣服的
  40.The two girls (没有相同的长相 没有相同的长相). 没有相同的长相
  41.The boy in blue has brown(眼睛). (眼睛) 42Where is my letter?It’s(在这儿) (在这儿) 。
  43. (看着 me.Am I cool? 看着) 看着 ?
  44.Lucy has a green(连衣裙). (连衣裙)
  45.My sister and I (在不同的学校 在不同的学校). 在不同的学校 习惯用语: 四.习惯用语:英译汉 Go to the zoo let sb. do sth go home next time get up have breakfast/lunch/supper on one’s way home thank sb. for sth be free go for a picnic tell sb. about sth. forget to do sth. have to go fishing/shopping sing some songs fly a kite be afraid speak to ask sb. to do sth. carry some water call sb. back have a picnic buy sth. for sb. over there try on How much…? Think of think about all the same do some shopping How many…? All right good idea wait a moment eat out be kind to sb. such as Why not…? Help yourself to something to drink be glad to do sth. a glass of be home have a seat an office worker on a farm a photo of look after live with sb. family tree tell sb. sth. help sb. with sth. speak English live in want to do sth. each other a little help sb. do sth. look the same give sth .to sb.=give sb. sth. look like look at in a black cap look different come from = be from How old…? How about…?= What about…? in the same class E xcuse me. Telephone number Welcome to…. 五.教你几句
  1.Hey, man .How are you doing?
  2.It’s up to you.一切由你决定。 一切由你决定。 一切由你决定
  3.I’ll show you. 我教你 。
  4.Who do you think you are?你以为你是谁? 你以为你是谁? 你以为你是谁
  5.Come in and make yourself at home.请进,别客气。 请进,
  6.Take care.请多保重。 请多保重。 请进 别客气。 请多保重
  7.Please let me know.请告诉我一声。 请告诉我一声。
  8.Dinner is on me.晚饭我请客。 晚饭我请客。 请告诉我一声 晚饭我请客
  9.Just a minute.稍等。 稍等。
  10.Please give me a hand.请帮帮我。 请帮帮我。 稍等 请帮帮我



   资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com 初一英语第一学期期末练习题 同学们,期末考试就要到了,在考试之前,你想试一试这套试题吗? 同学们,期末考试就要到了,在考试之前,你想试一试这套试题吗? 它一定会帮你取得期末好成绩。 它一定会帮你取得期末好成绩。 一.词汇 你本学期学了许多英语单词。请你根据表格中所给的提示词, 你本学期学了许多英语单词。请你根据表格中所给的提示词,把下面这些单词分别写在不同 的栏目里。 的栏目里。 Ping-pong, biology, English, ...


   2004? 年第一学期期末复习实施方案 英语专业 2004?2005 年第一学期期末复习实施方案 为使我校英语专业学生更好地迎接本学期期末考试,同时为了更好地配合中央电大对重点专业及重点科目考试 抽查工作,现拟定本学期各班期末复习实施方案,要求班主任、各集中面授辅导教师能严格执行,若在课程内部进 行调整,须及时通知专业学秘书、班主任及学生。为了使学生能顺利通过考试,现在动员本专业全体师生同心协力 搞好本次期末复习环节的如下工作: 层次 班 级 考试 科目 配发 资料 期 末 复 习 活 动 ...


   五年级英语第一学期期末考试卷 一、 听力测试。 A. 把你听到的那组字母或单词的序号写在题前括号内。(如把字母或单词写在括号内不扣 分)(听两遍)(10%) ( )1. A. BD B. DB C. BP ( )2. A. HA B. HK C. KA ( )3. A. Il B. lI C. AI ( )4. A. CA B. SC C. AC ( )5. A. air B. iar C. alr ( )6. A. dad B. bed C. and ( )7. A. look B. go ...


   高二英语选修 6 第一学期期末考试 英语( 英语(选修 6)试题 第一部分: 共二节; 第一部分:英语知识运用 ( 共二节; 满分 40 分 ) 小题; 第一节 单项填空 ( 共 20 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分 ) 1. It is so cold in the room. Would you mind me the door? A. close B. to close C. closing D. closed 2. I am still suffering from a f ...


   PEP 小学六 年 级英 语第一学期 小学六 期 末 质 检 试 1. left(反义词) 3.policeman(复数) 2.have(第三人称单数) 4.dive(现在分词) 成绩: 成绩: 一. 字母、语音及书写。 ( 共 15 分 ) 1. 默写所有元音字母的大小写形式( 5 分 ) 2. 正确抄写下列句子。(注意大小写及标点符号)(2 分) how do you go to school sarah 3. 找出下列划线部分发音不同的单词。(8 分) ( ) A. foot B. a ...


   命题指导思想 诊断 验收 调研 激励 命题及复习的依据 1. 《英语课程标准》 英语课程标准》 全面考查学生的听, 全面考查学生的听,(说,)读, 写 读 的能力,和综合语言运用能力. 的能力,和综合语言运用能力. 3. 本学段出现的语言基础知识 词汇,语法,功能,话题) (词汇,语法,功能,话题) 附: 2. 听 1. 能听懂接近正常语速,熟悉话题 的 能听懂接近正常语速, 语段,识别主题,获取主要信息. 语段,识别主题,获取主要信息. 2. 能听懂简单故事的情节发展,理解 能听懂简单 ...


   2006-2007学年度第 2006-2007学年度第 一学期期末调研测试 初二年级英语学科质 量分析 一、命题的指导思想 二、试卷的结构 三、试卷的特点 四、考试成绩概况 五、典型错误分析 六、教学建议 一、命题的指导思想 以九年制义务教育阶段《英语课程标准》 以九年制义务教育阶段《英语课程标准》的精神为 指导,落实教育部《 指导,落实教育部《关于积极推进中小学评价与考 试制度改革的通知,了解全市的英语课堂教学状况, 试制度改革的通知,了解全市的英语课堂教学状况, 同时对全市初二学生语言运 ...


   福州市 2010?2011 学年第一学期九年级期末质量检查 英语试卷听力材料 I. 听句子,选择正确的图画。每小题念一遍。 听句子,选择正确的图画。每小题念一遍。 1. It is said that the first car was invented in 1885. 2. Another new satellite has been sent up into the space. 3. Riding a bike will save energy and reduce air poll ...


   2009 学年度第一学期小学五年级英语期末考试题 学年度第一学期小学五年级英语期末考试 五年级英语期末考 (考试时间 60 分钟,总分 100 分) 学校 班级 姓名 ………………………装……………………………订…………………线……………………… 一、听力部分(50%) Ⅰ、听录音,选出相应的图,把编号填在括号里。(10 分) ( )1. A. B. ( )2. A. B. ( )3. A. B. ( )4. A. B. ( )5. A. B. Ⅱ、听录音,选出你所听到的选项,把编号填在括号 ...


   八年级 English 期末复习(二) 一.选择 ( )1.-Why is your room so beautiful? -Because I it. A. have painted B. have been painting C. painted D. would paint ( )2. His English is very good because he it for nearly ten years. A. has study B. has been studying C. stu ...



   沭阳县官墩九年制初中英语新课程改革方案 沭阳县官墩九年制初中英语新课程改革方案 官墩九年制初中英语新课程改革 目前课堂教学现状是教师一味地讲授灌输,一言堂,学生成了局外人,听 天书,等下课,等放假,其根源不在别的,就是不关注学生的体验、参与、感情, 视学生为容器,学生严重的被物化,而不是被人化;因此怎样突出学生以学生主 体地位,让他们重返童真敢说敢做敢演,切实提高他们的综合素质能力是当前 我们英语组教师必须要深入探讨和急需解决的问题。 我们初中英语教研组首先从课堂模式上展开研讨,制定新的教学 ...


   您下载的该文件来自TXT下载 欢迎访问:http://www.txtdown.com 附录2 词 汇 表 说明: 单词数:5495个;适合版面:32开;沪江网友 baozi 扫描、OCR、校对、排版,若有错漏之处,欢迎指正;2004年8月14日。 a / anacademic abandonacademy abdomenaccelerate abideaccent abilityaccept ableacceptance abnormalaccess aboardaccessory aboli ...


   学位英语 课程讲解 前言 北京地区成人高等教育大学英语三级考试大纲修订说明 2003 年 2 月,北京市教委组织有关专家对现行的《北京地区成 人高等教育大学英语三级考试大纲》 (以下简称《考试大纲》 )进行 了修订,拟于 2003 年下半年开始执行.现将有关问题作如下说 明: 一,《考试大纲》修订的原因 ,《考试大纲》 考试大纲 现行的《考试大纲》颁布实施于 1994 年,1997 年曾进行了第 一次修订,但只是在大纲的词汇表部分增补了 212 个单词和个别短 语,其他部分并没有作任何改动. ...


   Lesson 24 A skeleton in the cupboard “家丑” Listen to the tape then answer the question below. 听录音,然后回答以下问题。 Who was Sebastian? We often read in novels how a seemingly respectable person or family has some terrible secret which has ...


   《新编英语语法教程》答案 新编英语语法教程》 新编英语语法教程 第 01 讲 练习参考答案 Ex. 1A 1. A. his home work B. quickly, to play 2. A. The huge black horse B. the race 3. A. have thought about B. going into space 4. A. warms up and crawls B. out of the bag 5. A. one of the most beaut ...