Unit 6 Topic 3 Which is the way to the post office?
Can you name things on the street?
public phone
traffic crosswalk lights
Read these signs.

① Turn left ② No right turn ③ No left turn ④ Turn right ⑤ Go straight

⑥ No Parking ⑦ No U-turn ⑨ Parking

⑧ Crosswalk
⑩ Danger
Guess the meaning of these signs.
No Honking
One Way Traffic
Danger Ahead
Drive Slowly
A ticket for speeding
A ticket for parking in the wrong place
A ticket for drink-driving
A ticket for making a wrong turn
on the corner of
across from
Read the instructions and check (√) the correct pictures.
Go up this street to the end
( )
( √)
Turn left at the first street
( )
( √
Go across the bridge and turn right
( ) √
( )

  1. A: Excuse me, is there a bank near here? B: Yes. Go up this street to the end, and you’ll find it on your left.

  2. A: Excuse me, how can I get to the bookstore? B: Go along Xinhua Street and turn left at the first street. Go across the bridge. It’s about one hundred meters along on the right. A: Thanks a lot.

  3. A: Excuse me, which is the way to the post office? B: Sorry, I don’t know. I’m new here. A: Thank you all the same!
A: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to Dinghao Building? B: Go along this road until you get to Beisihuan Road. Turn left and walk on. You’ll see it on your left. You can’t miss it. A: Thanks a lot.
A: Excuse me, where is Beitai Road? B: Beitai Road? It’s about 15 kilometers away from here. First, you need to take bus No.718, then you should change to the No.108 bus at Anzhen Bridge. It will take you there. A: Thank you very much.
Listen, read and complete A: Excuse me. Which is the way to Shuangxiu Garden? B: Sorry, know. You can go I don’t and ask that . driver A: Thank you all the same .
A: Excuse me, how can I get to Shuangxiu Garden? C: You need to a bus. First, you take should take bus No. and then 309 change to the No. 300 bus at Liuli Bridge. That will you there. take A: How far is it from here? C: It’s about kilometers ten away from here.
Listen and fill in the blanks and draw the route the correct map . A: Hi! I’m calling from a public phone on the corner of Zhichun Road and Qiuzhi Street. Could you tell me to your home? the way
B: First, turn and go along right Qiuzhi Street. Then turn at left the traffic lights. Go down this road. You’ll come to a small park on you. the right Across from park are many apartment buildings. I live in apartment 309, Building

  1. Where is …?
  2. Is there … nearby/ near here?
  3. How can I get to …?
  4. Which is the way to …?
  5. How can I get to …?
  6. Can you tell me the way to…?
  7. Can you find the way to …?
  8. I want to go to… . Do you know the way?
指路表达法: 指路表达法
  1. go along …沿着 直走 沿着…直走 沿着
  2. Go straight ahead.直走 直走
  3. go up / down向前走 向前走
  4. Turn right / left at the third street. = Take the third street on the right/ left. 在第三个路口向右 左转 在第三个路口向右/左转 左转.
  5. … you will / can see … on your right. 在你的右边, 你会看见 你会看见… 在你的右边 …你会看见
英语中常见的指路方法有: 英语中常见的指路方法有
It’s over there. It’s next to the … It’s across from… It’s behind the … It’s between … and ….
Walk/Go along this street. It’s about …meters from here. Take the first turning on the left. Walk on and turn right.
Useful expressions Excuse me, is there a (an)…near here? Yes. Go up/down this street to the end and… Excuse me, how can I get to …? Go along…and turn left at the first street. Excuse me, which is the way to …? Sorry, I don’t know. I’m new here.
3b Useful expressions
Excuse me, could you tell me the way to …? Go along this road until you get to… Excuse me, where is …? You need to take bus No. 7
  18. How far is it from here? It’s about … away from here.
? ?
How can we make the roads safe? Every year many people get hurt or lose their lives in traffic accidents. How can we make the roads safe? First, we must obey the traffic rules. In most parts of China, we keep on the right of the road. Second, before we cross the road, we must stop and look both ways?look left, look wight and look left again. Third, we must never play on the street. Last, it’s good to help children and old people cross the road.



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