初一英语家教课堂练习( 初一英语家教课堂练习(一)
一、选择填空(共 30 分,1 分/题) ( )
  1.What the women over there? A is , do B are ,doing C is , doing D. are do ( )
  2.--Are you playing basketball? --. A Yes, I am B No, you are C Yes, I do D No,you don’t ( )
  3.I want the room. Could you please me? A to clean; to help B cleaning; helping C to clean; help D clean ; to help ( )
  4.Bill doesn’t like cooking cleaning. A and B or C but D so ( )
  5.--does your mother do? --She is a doctor. A How B Who C What D Where ( )
  6.Lin Tao and Li Lei want to swim? A Are B Do C Does D Is ( )
  7.He likesand football. A singing; plays B sing; playing C singing; playing D sing; play ( )
  8.--are the students playing basketball? --On the playground(操场) A What B Where C How D Why ( )
  9.I play volleyball. A every days B every of day C every week D everyday ( )
  10.I see a lot of money, but it’s notmoney. AI B my C mine D me ( )
  11.--? --Chinese. A Where do you teach B Are you good at Chinese C What do you teach D Do you teach Chinese ( )
  12.--What is he? --. A He works in a bank B He is working a police station C He’s a waiter D He’s a man ( )
  13.Is there a schoolChildren5-8 ? A of ; for B for; for C for ; of D of; of ( )14What subjects does he like? A others B another C other D the others ( )
  15.--these tigers from? A Where ;are B What; are C Where; come D Where are; / ( )
  16.I like dogs because they are friendly. A a kind of B kinds of C kind of D a kind ( )
  17.Look! The pandas leaves over there. A eat B eating C are eating D eats ( )
  18.I don’t like the big bear, because it’s. A smart B beautiful C funny D ugly ( )
  19.There is a police station. A on my way home B on my way to home C at my way home D at my way to home ( )
  20.is the way the bank?
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初一英语家教课堂练习( 初一英语家教课堂练习(一)
A Where, to B What ;to C Which; to D Which ;of ( )
  21.You can find the market this street. A at B from C on D between ( )
  22.Li lei with his friends often to the zoo to see animals. A go B will go C goes D is going ( )
  23.Don’t play fire(火). It’s very dangerous. A/ B the Ca D with ( )
  24.How can he the new district? A get to B arriving C arrive D get ( )
  25.You can some music here. A listen B see C enjoy D look at ( )
  26.--When did you come to this school? --2000 A On B At C In D From ( )
  27.--Do you know the student David and Jeff? --Yeah. It’s Jim. A among B in C between D around ( )
  28.so much noise? It may wake up the baby. A Why not make B Why make C Why not to make D Why don’t make ( )
  29.Do you know the boy sitting between Peter and ? A she BI C his D me ( )
  30.They arrive Beijing the morning of July 7th. A at; on B in; on C at; in D in; in 二、完形填空(10 分,1 分/题) My friend Tonny is an American 1 . He is ten years old. He lives 2 his family in China now. There are 3 people in his family; his mother Mrs Green, his father Mr. Green and his little sister Amy. He has a white cat. 4 name is Betty. Look!Amy is playing 5 Betty. His father, Mr Green,is watching TV. His mother is doing housework. What about Tonny? He is doing 6 Chinese homework. He can’t 7 Chinese well, but he likes Chinese very much. Tonny’s 8 works in a TV station.His father worksin a school as an 9 teacher. Tonny and his sister 10 to the same school. ( )
  31.A girl B boy C cat D dog ( )
  32.A on B after C with D in ( )
  33.A two B three C four D five ( )
  34.A His B Her C It’s D Its(它的) ( )
  35.A to B with C from D at ( )
  36.A her B it’s Ca D his ( )
  37.A say B tell C speak D talk ( )
  38.A father B mother C sister D brother ( )
  39.A Chinese B Japanese C English D Austrlian ( )
  40.A go B goes C going D to go
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初一英语家教课堂练习( 初一英语家教课堂练习(一)
卷Ⅱ 一、用所给词的正确形式填空(18 分,每空 1 分)
  1. Miss White(come) from England. She(want) to be a writer.
  2. Whereyour aunt?(work) She in a hotel.
  3.. Dophins are very (friend) to people.
  4. Where are the (woman) singing?
  5. Koala like eating(leaf)
  6. Let’s(is) quiet. The boy is sleeping.
  7. --Whatyour brother(do) now? --He (write)
  8. Lucy often(do) her homework after dinner. But this evening,she(watch)TV.
  9. Pengguins need a (swim) pool.
  10. Which animal (live) only in China?
  11. Lilei wants(meet) others, she is very shy.
  12. He can(take) a bus there. 二、句型转换(10 分,1 分/空)
  1.I am reading(就划线部分提问) you?
  2.?Is Kate eating lunch at school?(作肯定回答) Yes, .
  3.She plays tennis in the morning.(用 now 替换划线部分) She . 4The supermarket is next to the post office.(就划线部分提问). the supermarket?
答案 第一卷 1-5BACBC 6-10BCBCB 11-15CCCCD 16-20CCDAA 21-25CCDAC 26-30DCBDB 31-35BCCDB 36-40DCBCA 第二卷 一、
  1. comes wants
  2. does work works
  3. friendly
  4. women
  5. leaves
  6. be
  7. is doing is writing
  8. does is watching swimming
  10. lives
  11. to meet
  12.take 二、
  1.What are doing
  2. she is
  3. is playing tennis now.

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