1. is the first day of the week. A.Monday B.Tuesday C.Saturday D.Sunday
  2.I think the shop is today. A.close B.closed C.closing D.opening
  3.?What day is it today ? ?It's . A.seven B.February C.Friday D.a nice day
  4.Here are my football shoes.Please soon . A.give it back B.give back it C.give them back D.give back them
  5.There is with my watch. A.wrong things B.something wrong C.wrong something D.any wrong thing
  6.One of my friends an American . A.be B.is C.am D.are
  7.?Can I have a cake? ?Yes,. A.here is it B.give you C.here you are D.I can
  8.She would like . A.some breads B.any porridge C.to drink some tea D.three glasses of orange juices
  9.How many are there? A.bread B.rices C.dumplings D.milks
  10.?How many cats can you see? ? . A.Yes,I can B.I can see C.,I can 't . D.I can't see any
  11.?Could you help me,please? ?. A.Thanks B.Certainly C.No D.You're welcome
  12.Who is duty today ? A.in B.with C.on D.at
  13.There some meat and fish on the plate. A. is B.are C.have D.has
  14.Let's the lost books. A.to go and find B.to go and to find C.go and find D.go and go find
  15.How many would you ? A. glass of juice;like B.glasses of juice ;like C.glass of oranges;want D.glasses of juice;want
  16. He has English story-book. He likes it very much. A. a , reading B. an , reading C. an , looking
  17.There is a shop. Would you like ? A. food, something to eat D. a , looking
B. foods, anything to eat
C. foods, to eat something D. food, to eat anything
  18. She is one of the best in her class.
B. classmate
C. students
D. girl

  19. Give some cups of tea them. A. for B. with C. of D. to

  20.The boys often do Chinese and English at school. A. them, homework B. their, homeworks C. them, homeworks D. their, homework

  21. Sunday morning, we have no classes. A. On B. At C. In D. For

  22. They have useful dictionary. We want to borrow it them. A. an, for B. a, from C. an, to D. a, to

  23.“I don’t think the shop is open now.” In this sentence it means ‘The shop is now.” A. closed B. close C. closes D. closing

  24. Thank you for your help. A. so many B. too much C. so much D. much too

  25.Try to it in English.” said the teacher. A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell

  26. There is“t” and“s” in word “thanks”. A. a; an;× B. a; a; × C. a; an; the D. a; an; a
  27. ?Is every here, Lucy? ?No. Lily is not here. A. student B.× C. girls D. boy
  28. Listen the tape and answer the questions page 1
  00. A. to; of B. of; from C. to; on D. at; in
  29. Tom's address is . A.3 Green Park, London, England B. America, New York, NY Road C. China, Guilin Road, Changchun D. Tokyo, Flower Road, Japan 30 .a bird. name's Polly. A. Its; It's B. It's; It's C. Its; Its D. It's; Its
  31. These are cakes. are over there. A. they ; We B. their; Mine C. you; His D. my; Your

  32. The policemen's sit under the. A. child; wall B. friend; window C. wives; apple trees D. babies; oranges tree
  33. She has no brothers no sisters. A. or B. and C. but D.×
  34. Do you want? A. to go to school B. speak English C. go home D. to the tree
  35. is this blouse? knows? A. Who's; Who B. Whose; Who's C. Who; Who's D. Whose; Who
  36. Mrs Hill is a good teacher. She loves her students . A. much; very B. very; very C. very much; much D. very; very much
  37. ?Is that boy twelve? ?No,. He's only eleven. A. isn't B. isn't he C. he isn't D. he not
  38. We get up half past six the morning. A. in; at B. at; in C. at; on D. to; in
  39.I think Ann must on duty today.
  40.Look at the girl in red. She is. A. my a friend B. a friend of Jane's sister's C. Jane sister's friend D. one of Jane's sister
  41.?Can you find New York on the map? ?Yes.. It's here. A. Let's find B. Let me see C. Let me look at D. Let's look after
  42.?You speak Chinese very well. ? A. No, not good. B.I like Chinese food. C. Thanks. D. You speak well.
  43. The children often go the park.. A. to B. at C. in D. with
  44. Please give it her. A. of B. after C. at D. to
  45.They don’t watch TV Sunday morning. A. in B. on C. of D. by
  46. Where are? A. the teachers' rooms B. the teacher's room C. the room of the teachers D. the teacher's rooms
  47.?Are these your rulers? ?No, aren't. are here. A. they; Their B. them; Our C. they; Ours D. their; Us
  45. ?Hello! Is Sam? ?No, s Mike. A. this; that B. it; that C. that; it D. that; this
  49.?Do you have apples? ?Sorry. I don't have , but I have cakes.
A. any; any; any B. some; some; some C. any; some; some D. any; any; some
  50.?is Mike? ?I think he's at school. A. Who B. Where C. What D. How
  51.Ann isn't Japanese girl. She's English girl. A.a; a B. a; an C. an; a D. an; an
  52.Theresome oranges and apples here, but I the pears. A. is; know B. are; think C. is; see D. are; like



   初一英练习题 初一英练习题 be 动词 (用 be 动词的正确形式填空 用 动词的正确形式填空) your grandmother thin or chubby? Where your book on snakes? Where my pencil case and my notebook? There nine people in my family. How much the exercise book and the magazine? That ninety dollars. Ben ...


   口 语 考 试 169 个常见问题 1. What's your name? 2. Does your name have any special meaning? 3.swhereswere you come from? 4. What kind of landscape surrounds your hometown? 5. What is the main crop in your hometown? and 6. What is the difference between Beij ...


   中考英语经典例题 动词时态 1We often (go) to dance last summer. 2 When he ( knock) at the door,his mother (cook). 3 He already to Tianjin. A has , gone B had gone C has been 4 Wealready the film.(see) 5 We the film last night.(see) 6 When he(get) home, his daug ...


   初一英语句型转换专项练习题 根据句后括号内的要求,填入句中所缺的词: 1.I know the answer.(一般疑问句) know the answer? 2. We can see some birds.(一般疑问句) see birds? 3. There is a computer in my house. (一般疑问句) a computer in house? 4. There are some flowers on the teachers ’desk. (一般疑问句) ...


   The day was like any other day in his life, Tom walked past the shop on the street comer. He stopped to look at the front row of shoes, and he felt happy to see that the pair of shoes he wanted very much were still there. Looking down, he felt sorr ...

新目标初一英语上册Unit 7基础练习题

   初中英语学习室 http://www.trjlseng.com 基础练习题 新目标初一英语上册 Unit 7 基础练习题 Ⅰ.找出每组词中不属于同一范畴的词 ( )1.A.red B.blue ( )2.A.bags B.tomatoes ( )3.A.pants B.shorts ( )4.A.boring B.interesting ( )5.A.big B.sale ( )6.A.shop B.buy C.white C.carrots C.socks C.friend C.long ...


   (十) 十 Smuggling It is not unusual for a pet to be sent by air cargo from Colombia to New York, but last December's shipment of a 4-year-old sheep dog caught a New York Kennedy Airport Customs inspector's eye. The dog looked to be on its last legs, ...


   Unit 2 Looking Different Topic 3 Is he tall or short? Section A 主要活动:1a, 1b and 3 课时建议:1 课时 教学目的:1. 学习选择疑问句以及其语调。 。 2. 进一步学习人物的描写,学会使用 with 来描写人或物体。 教学过程: Step 1 Review Check the homework. Ask some students to come to the front to introduce themsel ...


   试卷总分:140 分 (听力部分)20% 一、听力(20%) 测试时间:100 分钟 范围:牛津英语 7Aunit1-7Aunit2) A. 根据录音选择正确的应答句。(5%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. It’s right. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. That’s all right. )2. A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is. )3. A. Thank y ...


   给大家一些英语的经典名句,让你们在茶余饭后欣赏一下。如果你觉 给大家一些英语的经典名句,让你们在茶余饭后欣赏一下。如果你觉 英语 又或者有你特别中意的句 得那些的观点就好像道出了你人生的真谛, 子,同学们可以把它背诵下来,对英语学习很有好处。 子,同学们可以把它背诵下来,对英语学习很有好处。 学习 Life is a leaf of paper white, thereon each of us may write his word or two. )生活是一张白纸, (A. Lowell ...


英语:Unit 2 It must belong to Carla课件(鲁教版九年级)

   Unit 2 It must belong to Carla 本单元内容 Learn to make inference Some important phrase Learn to make inference 能用来表示推测的情态动词 Must, might, could, may, can’t can’ 确信程度大小:must〉 确信程度大小:must〉 may > might 肯定和否定的推测: must(肯定) can’ must(肯定) can’t, couldn’t ...


   Big words of western tour (大话西游) 大话西游) Chapter 1 Site:The wedding : Characters:牛魔王 、至尊宝、紫霞、小妖 牛魔王 至尊宝、紫霞、 Aside: The story begins with a wedding. The Bull King is going to have a concubine. 牛:Today is my wedding. I am going to have a concubine. Ha ...


   www.zgxzw.com 中国校长网 2008 年娄底市初中毕业学业考试试卷 II. 知识(两个部分,共 20 小题,计 20 分) A)单项选择(共 10 小题,计 10 分)从 A、B、C3个选项中选出1个能填入所给句子空 白处的最佳选项。 21. -- will you leave for Beijing? -- In a few days. A. How many B. How soon C. How often 22. -- Have you ever read a book a ...


   七条原则让你提高英语听力水平 1、下定决心的原则 Make up your mind to learn English well 如果没有决心就只会受到挫折,无法取得好的成绩 Where there is a will, there is a way. 2、听的原则 Wake up your ear! 每天多听英语资料,只许三个月,你就会发现自己能听懂了。 The harder you work, the more you get. Had your eyes no tears, there ...


   有些人上班玩游戏 Should people play games while they are working ? people’s attitudes toward it vary greatly . some people regard it as a common phenomenon in office nowadays .they think playing games is a good way to kill boring time .at the some time , i ...