一、含有 be 动词的陈述句变一般疑问句和否 定句 1 The student is at school.
15 This is a short.
16 There’re two pens in the pencil case.
17 The boys are my goog friends. 2 The students are at school.
3 His father is an English teacher.
二、不含 be 动词(即含行为动词)的陈述句 变一般疑问句和否定句 1 They can swim.
4 These cats are crying. 2 I like to read English. 5 He is crying under the tree. 3 I go to school on foot. 6 His birthday is on the twentieth of November. 4 He likes English. 7 Mrs. Li and Kitty are in a big shop. 5 His father goes to work by bus 8 Everybody is in the classroom. 6 He goes to school every day. 9 The boy under the tree is hungry. 7 I want to have a model car. 10 Your brother’s aunt is on the chair. 8 She wants a cup of coffee. 11 There’s an eraser on the desk. 9 Mrs. Li and Kitty watch television at night. 12 Those are your keys. 10 I do my homework after school. 13 John is his first name. 11 The boy does some housework at home. 14 My father is fine.
12 The children had a good time in the park.
4 John is his first name. 5 Her phone number is 92931
13 Jim has some story-books.
6 That is a phone. 7 This is a ruler in English.
14 Mr. Hunt tell us something important at the meeting.
8 It is a watch. 9 his is a pen.
15 The old man does morning exercises every morning.
10 hat’s my sister. 11 They’re my aunts.
16 I must finish my homework before eight o’clock.
12 This is his cousin. 13 Her backpack is on the chair.
17 He often goes to the library on Sundays. 14 His keys are in his pocket. 18 They have a class meeting every week. 15 My alarm clock is on the sofa. 16 Her pencil is between the keys. 19 We are going to see him tomorrow. 17 I can see some books on the bookshelf. 20 The story sounds very interesting. 18 David’s video tape is on the table. 19 He has a computer. 21 I can help you. 20 Twins have some balls. 21 My father likes strawberries. 22 She eats fruit and hamburger for lunch. 23 I often watch TV on Sunday. 23 I like the black shoes. 24 His bags are next to the desk. 三、对划线部分进行提问??特殊疑问句 1 I am fine. 2 His name is John Smith. 3 My last name is Brown. 25 The girl in yellow is Amy. 26 He is OK. 27 The boy in green is my brother.
22 Tom’s T-shirt is five dollars.
28 My new short is blue. 29 The yellow shirt is sixteen yuan. 30 He likes green. 31 These tomatoes are ¥
  9. 32 He wants a green bag. 33 He wants a green bag 34 These shoes are five dollars. 35 The pair of socks is blue. 36 My little brother is 17 years old. 37 The green socks are 6 yuan. 38 His birthday is October 1st. 39 I was born in 19
  86. 40 Mary ‘s birthday is October eleventh. 41 We have an Art Festival each year. 42 My sister is twelve. 43 We have a music Festival each year. 44 We have a school trip on October 21st. 45 I have twelve balls. 46 I have my sweater for 35 yuan. 47 He likes Chinese action movies. 48 My favorite movie star is Jackis Chan. 49 I want to be a Beijing Opera artist. 50 His father likes documentaries. 51 He wants to join the art club.
52 Those girl can dance. 53 The want to join the art club. 54 Can you play the violin ? 55 She gets home at 7:
  30. 56 My mother often makes breakfast for me in the morning. 57 I want to clean a lot about China because I love China. 58 Alice takes a shower in the morning. 59 She has breakfast at around seven thirty. 60 He likes interesting. science because it’s
61 Mr Zhang is my math teacher 62 That old man is my uncle. 63 We have Thursday. 64 He likes interesting science on Tuesday and
65 Because P.E.is fun, I like it. 66 He usually does his homework in the evening.



   专项训练营??句型转换 一、含有 be 动词的陈述句变一般疑问句和否 定句 1 The student is at school. 15 This is a short. 16 There’re two pens in the pencil case. 17 The boys are my goog friends. 2 The students are at school. 3 His father is an English teacher. 二、不含 be 动词(即含行为动词)的陈述句 ...


   专项训练营??句型转换 14 My father is fine. 一、含有 be 动词的陈述句变一般疑问句和否 定句 1 The student is at school. 15 This is a short. 2 The students are at school. 16 There’re two pens in the pencil case. 3 His father is an English teacher. 17 The boys are my goog friends. ...


   初一英语句型转换 20 练 根据句后括号内的要求,填入句中所缺的词: 1.I know the answer.(一般疑问句) know the answer? 2.We can see some birds.(一般疑问句) see birds? 3.There is a computer in my house.(一般疑问句) a computer in house? 4.There are some flowers on the teachers’desk.(一般疑问句) flow ...


   1 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 初一英语学习资料 人教版初一英语句型转换专练 辽宁 高德胜 A.将下列句子改为否定句.(每空一词) 1.They are cleaning the classroom. They cleaning the classroom. 2.I can find my watch. find my watch. I 3.She is wearing a sweater today. She wearing a sweater today. 4.There ar ...


   句型转换 (仅供初一英语上册8单元前用) 房文旭 一、对划线部分提问 1、要选准疑问词。 1)划线是“职业、姓名、相关 号码”即是“什么”,问词用what 2)划线是“人的身份”即是 “谁”,问词用who; 3)划线是“年龄”即“多 大”,问词用how old ; 4)划线是地点即“哪里”, 问词用where. 5)划线是“身体健康状况” 即“怎么样”,问词用how 2、要注意结构。疑问词 (去掉 疑问词+( 疑问词 划线部分的)一般疑问句。 划线部分的)一般疑问句 同时原句中有第一人称的代 ...


   句型转换 1.The girl is walking fast because it’s late . (就画线部分提问) the girl fast ? 2. He listens to the radio in the evening . ( 变为一般疑问句) he to the radio in the evening ? 3.Tom does his homework every day . (改为否定句) Tom his homework every day . 4.We all ...


   句型转换 DE 答题技巧 Fuqing Longtian Junior Middle School Fuqing Longtian Junior Middle School Fuqing Longtian Junior Middle School 句型转换 是句子类别的 转换。 转换 。 该题的目的在于检测学 生运用各种句型的表达能力。 生运用各种句型的表达能力 。 要求学生对所学的句子结构和 词形的变化做到概念清楚, 词形的变化做到概念清楚 , 运 用准确。 用准确。 书山有路勤为径 学海 ...


   初中英语句型转换小窍门张明山 初中英语句型转换小窍门张明山 多年来的教学经验告诉我们, 起始年级的基础打得好坏直接影响着初中阶段的学业成绩。 英语教 学中我们在强调基础知识的传授和基本技能的培养的同时,更重视了“听说读写”能力的综合提 高。除了高层次的“语感”和学生本身所具备的语言天赋之外,笔者认为一些实用的,有趣的,朗 朗上口的顺口溜的恰当运用,也能起到辅助提高能力的作用。 例如起始年级甚至高年级的一部分学生在做传统题“句型转换”时候,对助动词的选用,到实义动 词的变化,总是茫然无序,甚至 ...


   七年级英语专项练习 ??句型转换 句型分类 陈述句 肯定句 否定句 一般疑问句 特殊疑问句 疑问句 一.肯定句变否定句 1. 1) I am a student. I am not a student. 2) They are blue . They aren’t blue. 3) He is Kangkang. He isn’t Kangkang . 句子中有be等助动词是, 句子中有 等助动词是,在助动词后加 等助动词是 not。 。 谓语是动词原形, 谓语是动词原形,在动词前加 2. ...


   英语句型转换模拟训练 一 1.The girl could hardly understand what he said, ?(反意问句) 2.How many sheep are there in Australia. ?(宾语从句) She asked in Australia. 3. They have sold out the light green dresses.(被动句) The light green dresses out. 4. He got too angry t ...



   ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆装◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆订◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆线◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站:http://hafo.yeryy.com/ 绝密★ 绝密★启用前 株洲市 2008 年教师业务考试试卷 小学英语学科答案 小学英语学科答案 学科 时量:120 分钟 满分:100 分 注意事项: 1.答题前,请按要求在答题卡上填写好自己的姓名、所在单位和准考证号。 2.答题时, ...

小学英语广州版五年级下册 形容词的比较级和最高级的专项练习

   形容词的 五年级下册 形容词的比较级和最高级的专项练习 编写: 编写: 广州开发区第一小学 审定: 审定: 广州开发区第一小学 越秀区东风西路小学 刘凤霞 张 颖 张 颖 一,请写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级. 请写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级. big tall weak hot nice bad well cheap heavy early large small new short old fat strong cold thin good high much ...


   初二英语下学期期末复习测试题 一、英汉词组互译 吃的东西 一玻璃杯 很、非常 售货员 充满……的 公共汽车站 by air by sea come on do morning exercises for example a kind of look for make phone calls make the bed bus stop talk with 二、词形转换 1.写出下列词的现在分词及单数第三人称形式 swim teach do drive find carry fly mend w ...


   David Liu Tao Nancy Su Yang name book 名字 fine well 书 good cat dog grandpa 猫 狗 grandma uncle aunt evening father crayon 夜晚 pen 父亲 爸爸 ruler rubber bag hand a bus 书包 手 a car a taxi a bike jump a kite a bee 跳 a bird a balloon mouth Zui 嘴 nose Bi zi Ope ...


   1,译文;本周,我们就如何学习更多英语方法的最佳方法这一问题询问了新星中学的学生,许多学生说他们是通过英语来学习的,部分学生还有更明确的建意,例如丽莲李说学习生词的最好方法是阅读英文杂志,她说记忆流行音乐的歌词有帮助,当我们问及语法学习时,她说;我从不学习语法,她太枯燥了。魏明的感受截然不同,他已学了6年英语,他确实喜欢英语,他认为学习语法是一们学习语言的好方法,他还认为看英文电影也是一种好方法,因为观看电影他能够观看演员们说台词,然而有时他发现看电影另人失望,因为电影里的人说话太快,刘畅说加 ...