一,根据所听到的内容,在 T 或 F 上画圈:
  9) )
听力部分( 听力部分(20 分)

T / F
T / F
T / F
T / F
T / F
二,根据所听到的内容,选出正确的图画: [ ]
  1. A. B.
  2. A.
  3. A.
  4. A.
  5. A.
三,根据所听到的对话内容,选出正确的答案: [ ]
  1. A. He's Andy. B. He's Nick. C. He's Bob. [ ]
  2. A. I am
  11. B. I am
  12. C. I am
  13. [ ]
  3. A. She is a teacher. B. She is a nurse. C. She is a doctor. [ ]
  4. A. He is my grandfather. B. He is my father. C. He is my uncle. [ ]
  5. A. There is one. B. There are two. C. There are three. 四,根据所听到的短文内容,填入正确的答案(数字请用英文表示) :
  1. In Lily's class, there are boys and girls.
  2. There is a on the wall.
  3. There are seventeen on the desks.
  4. There are new books on the desks, too.
笔试部分( 笔试部分(80 分)
一,写出一个字母的前后字母(注意大小写) :
  1. f
  2. L
  3. q
  4. J
  5. d 二,词型变换:
  1. thin(反义词)
  2. sad(反义词)
  3. pretty(近义词)
  4. clean (动词)
  5. family(复数)
  6. box(复数)
  7. policeman(复数)
  8. hall(复数)
  9. who's(完全形式)
  10. is not(缩写形式) 三,首字母填空:
  1. Sally is my mother's sister, she is my a..
  2. There is o one poster in the classroom.
  3. There is a l in the school. There are many books in it.
  4. Is there a s pool in your school?
  5. The football f is very big. We like to play football on it. 四,根据所给词的适当形式填空:
  1. (I) grandfather is a teacher.
  2. That's (they) dog.
  3. His uncle is from (American).
  4. Let me (close) the window.
  5. (be) late again.
  6. (be) I tall?
  7. Li Ming and I (be) classmates.
  8. There (be) seven pictures on the wall.
  9. (be) there two doors and a computer in the classroom?
  10. There is a computer on the (teacher) desk. 五,从Ⅱ栏中找出与Ⅰ栏中相对应的答案: Ⅰ Ⅱ [ ]
  1. Hi, Andy. A. I'm Millie. [ ]
  2. Goodbye. B. It's a photo of my family. [ ]
  3. What's your name? C. Hi, Nick. [ ]
  4. Are you thin? D. She is
  13. [ ]
  5. What's it? E. I'm fine. [ ]
  6. How old is Sally? F. Yes, she is. [ ]
  7. Who is he? G. No, they aren't. [ ]
  8. How are you today? H. He is my father. [ ]
  9. Are they happy? I. Yes, I am. [ ]
  10. Is she your mother? J. Goodbye.
六,选择: [ ]
  1. 下列各组中全是元音字母的是 A. a e h u k B. e i o v n C. u i h a e D. a e o u i [ ]
  2. 下列各组中含有相同音素的是: A. v t p B. k f a C. l n i D. c h y [ ]
  3. "VIP" 和"NBA"的意思分别是: A.人民币,智商 B.重要人物,全美篮球协会 C.电视机,肯德基 D.厕所,中华人民共和国 [ ]
  4. Good afternoon, Andy. , Lily. A. Good morning B. Good afternoon D. Good evening D. goodbye [ ]
  5. Do you know this boy? . A. Yes, he's my friend. B. Yes, he isn't my friend. C. No, he's my friend. D. No, she isn't my friend. [ ]
  6. I have . A. nine big ball B. big nine ball C. nine big balls D. big nine balls [ ]
  7. What class is he in? A. He is Class Three. B. He is in Class Three. C. He is Class three. D. He is in Class three. [ ]
  8. Is this your school? . A. Yes, this is. B. Yes, this's. C. Yes, it's D. Yes, it is. [ ]
  9. This is school. A. Tom B. Tom's C. Toms D. Toms' [ ]
  10.I am a tall girl Lily is a tall girl. A. and B. but C. or D. so 七,改错: [ ]
  1. There is a art room in the school. A B C [ ]
  2. There are two hundreds students in your school. A B C [ ]
  3. You are late school again. A B C [ ]
  4. Let me have a look the photo. A B C [ ]
  5. All our friends is English. A B C[ 八,句型转换:
  1. My father is fine. (对划线部分进行提问) father?
  2. There are many desks in the classroom. (改为否定句) There in the classroom.

  3. There are some books on the desk. (改为一般疑问句) on the desk.
  4. You are Jill, right? (否定回答) , .
  5. There is a bag behind the chair. (对划线部分进行提问) behind the chair? in the room?
  6. There are 20 boys in the room. (对划线部分进行提问) 九,完成句子:
  1.我在第 10 中学学习. I No.10 Secondary School.
  2.他是你的双胞胎兄弟吗? your ?
  3.我的表兄安迪既有礼貌又乐于助人. My Andy is and .
  4.请在这儿画一张你校的画. Please of here.
  5.在第一层有 11 个教室. There classrooms . 十,阅读理解: My name is Sammi. My father, my mother and I are in China now. My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher, too. We are all English. I'm a student. I'm twelve. Li Ming is my good friend. He is twelve, too. Our English teacher is Miss Liu. She is a nice teacher. Mr Zhang is our Chinese teacher. He is tall. 根据短文内容,判断下列正(T)误(F): [ ]
  1. Sammi and his family are in China now. [ ]
  2. Sammi is a Chinese girl. [ ]
  3. Sammi's father and mother are teachers. [ ]
  4. Sammi is twelve. Li Ming isn't twelve. [ ]
  5. Mr Zhang is Sammi's English teacher. 十一, 写作: 根据图表,写一篇作文(表中内容全部要表示出来) boy James Kate √ √ √ girl 12 13 √ tall √ √ thin English √ √ American



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