一、 单词拼写 (15 分)
  1、how (多久一次)do you

  2、what is the matter??I have a (感冒)
  3、Pengshan is (著名的,出名的)for PengZu

  4、How do you get to school? By (自行车)
  5、there are (40 个)boys in our class .
  6、There is a (河、江) in the town.
  7、what is your (兴趣、爱好)?
  8、who is that (女人)? She is my mother.

  9、What’s your (电话号码)?
  10、Tom wants to be a football player in the (将来、未来)
二、 单选题 (20 分)
  1.The teacher teaches Chinese. A. I B.me C.my D.mine 2What some milk?__Good idea. A.In B .on C.of D.about 3Where is Mary from? She is from and she is . A. English, English B. England, English C. England, England D. English, English 4 Can you ? No, I can’t. A. swim B. swiming C. swimming D. swims 5Lucy is David’s daughter, but David isn’t Lucy’s mother. David is Lucy’s . A. mother B. father C. uncle D. aunt 6 Is this your pen? . A. Yes, it’s B. No, it is C. Yes, it is D. Yes, it’s not 7Please sit down, Miss Li. . A. No, I stand B. Thank you C. Hello D. Goodbye 8Is this dictionary? No, dictionary is in the bag. A. you, my B. you, I C. your, my D. your, I 9 is the coat ? It’s white. A. What B. Where C. What colour D. How
  10、We have two Chinese lessons Friday. A. on B. at C. in D. of (10 分) 三、对话匹配
  1、sit down , please
  2、nice to meet you
  3、Thanks very much .
  4、Where are you from?
  5、Do you have a pen ? 连线 A、 You are welcome B、Yes , I do C、 from chengdu D、 thank you E、 nice to meet you ,too
在横线上填上适当的词, 三、 在横线上填上适当的词,使其与划线单词意思相对。 (10 分)

  1. My father is tall. My brother is .
  2. This cat is . That cat is small.
  3.The red flower is strong. The blue flower is .

  4. The building is high. The house is . 5Those cows are. These ducks are sick.
四、 根据汉语提示完成句子
(15 分)

  1、我们想去动物园。 We to go to the
  2、让我们 9 点在车站见面吧 。 Let ’s meet 9 o’clock at the .
  3、打扰了,请问几点了? Excuse me, the time ?
  4、该是回家的时候了。 It is time .
  5、你能来我的舞会吗? Can you come to my?
五、阅读短文判断正误,对的写 Yes 错的写 No 阅读短文判断正误,
(10 分)
Bob come from England. He is eleven. He likes to play basketball. His father Mr brown works in a big shop in Shijiazhuang. Bob has a brother. His name is Mike. He is only four. It is Saturday. Bob’s family is all at home. Mr. Brown is sitting on a chair and reading a book. Bob is cleaning his new bicycle. His brother is playing with his dog.
  1. Bob like to play soccer. (
  2. Bob has an old bike. (
  3. Mike is playing his cat. (
  5. The family is all at home ( ) ) ) ) )

  4. The family has four people.(
五、 阅读理解
(20 分)
John Smiths and his family like camping(野营).They often spend their Saturdays and Sundays like this . The children ,Mike and Jane ,are very good at camping .They like to fish with their father and swim or go boating in the river .Mrs Smith likes having a long walk . Then the Smiths buy a big car .It is like home .It has beds for four people , a sitting room , a place for cooking and a bathroom .The car makes camping much easier . This makes Mrs Smith very pleased(高兴). She calls it “our home away from home ”.
  1. The Smiths like . A. staying at home B .living in a car C.driving their car here and there D.spending(度过)their Saturdays and Sundays outside.
  2. There are people in the family . A. two B. three C. four D. five
  3. The children often . A. stay in the car B.have walks with their father C. go camping with their father and mother D. stay at home
  4. They all like . A.going fishing B.going boating C.swimming D. A, B and C
  5. When they go out for camping, they feel (觉得). A.they are at home B.they don’t have time to go to bed C.they can give their house to others D.they always want to go back



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