初一英语练习(情景对话部分) 姓名 分数 一、情景对话 (每小题 5 分,共 25 分) 从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话,有两个多余选项。 A: Hi, Amy. 1 B: It was great. A: Where did you go? B: 2 A: Really? Wow! What did you do there? B: We went to the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and some other places. A: 3 B: Yes, we did. A: 4 B: Oh, they were quite expensive. A: 5 B: They were really friendly. A. I went to Beijing with my family. B. How were the things in the shops? C. Did you go shopping? D. How was your vacation? E. And how were the people? F. Where did you go? G. Do you like Beijing? 二、情景对话 (25 分) 从方框中选出 5 个适当的句子完成对话。 A. How about soap operas? B. They’re relaxing. C. What do you think of talk shows? D. Yes, I like sports shows. E. I don’t like to watch TV. F. Yes, very much. G. No, I didn’t. A: Hi, Jerry! Did you watch the football match yesterday evening? B: (
  1) I don’t like sports shows. A: Do you like to watch TV? B: (
  2) A: Then what kind of TV shows do you like? B: I like sitcoms. (
  3) A: (
  4) B: Soap operas? Oh, no. I can’t stand them. They’re too boring. A: (
  5) B: I like them.
三、情景交际 (25 分)从方框中选出适当的句子,将其字母代号填入空白处, 完成对话。 A. Did you have a good time? B. Where did you go? C. It was boring. D. How was your weekend? E. Who else went to the party? Emma: Hi, Xiaoyan. (
  1) Xiaoyan: It was great. Emma: (
  2) Xiaoyan: I went to Carol’s birthday party. Emma: (
  3) Xiaoyan: Annie, Jeff and Li Jun did. Emma: (
  4) Xiaoyan: Yes, we sang and danced a lot. What about your weekend? Emma: (
  5) I wanted to go shopping with my friend, but Jack asked me to help him with his homework. So I stayed at home all the day. Xiaoyan: That really sounds a little boring. 四、完形填空 (25 分) Dear Linda, Thanks for your e-mail. I had a busy weekend. morning, I got up late. At eleven o’clock, I went shopping On 41 . Then I went 43 at the local swimming pool. After at a 42 that, I cooked lunch and then 44 the house. In the evening, I went a restaurant with my friends. We 46 a nice dinner out 45 and talked a lot. On Sunday morning, I 47 got up late. After breakfast, I went exercise. In the afternoon, I 49 swimming again for some 48 my grandparents. In the evening, I had dinner and watched TV. Then I 50 a book in bed. How was your last weekend? Yours, Ruth ( )
  41. A. Thursday B. Friday C. Saturday D. Monday ( )
  42. A. hospital B. supermarket C. library D. restaurant ( )
  43. A. shopping B. fishing C. dancing D. swimming ( )
  44. A. looked B. cleaned C. played D. studied ( )
  45. A. to B. at C. for D. in ( )
  46. A. cooked B. called C. needed D. had ( )
  47. A. only B. really C. also D. just ( )
  48. A. most B. little C. great D. more ( )
  49. A. wanted B. visited C. asked D. showed ( )
  50. A. did B. had C. read D. got



   一、英汉互译 1、 for example 2、 right now 3、 go to bed 4、 make money 5、 have a rest 6、 it takes(took) sb sometime to do sth 7、The great wall 8、Here you are 9、Look the same 10、This way please 二、用 be 的不同形式(am,is,are)填空 1、 you in Grade Two? No, I not. 2、What ...


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   试卷总分:140 分 (听力部分)20% 一、听力(20%) 测试时间:100 分钟 范围:牛津英语 7Aunit1-7Aunit2) A. 根据录音选择正确的应答句。(5%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. It’s right. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. That’s all right. )2. A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is. )3. A. Thank y ...


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   初一英语 郭斐雨 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " . 特殊疑问句 What’s your name? I’m Lie King. My name is Lie King.What’s your number? -I’m Number One. What class are you in? I’m in Class Two What grade are you in? I’m in Grade One What row are you ...


   初一英语 读单词,把单词变成现在分词的形式 buying lying standing reading buy lie stand read talking walking singing dancing talk walk sing dance have take write shop having taking writing shopping eating driving calling enjoying eat drive call enjoy telling swimming wa ...


   初一英语句型转换练习 一、按要求完成句子(要求:A:改为一般疑问句 B:改为否定句) 1. I am a student.→ A: 2. They are English cars. →A: 3. This is a pencil-box. →A: 4. Its name is Polly. →A: 5. These are my English books. →A: 6. I know his name. →A: 7. Please look after your cat. →A: 8. ...


   初一英语 初一英语摸底考试 最牛青少儿英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛青少儿英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 青少儿英语口语学习法 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程:www.pacificenglish.cn 姓名: 班级: 成绩: A 卷 (80 分) 词汇:(20%) Ⅰ. 词汇:(20%) A)根据首字母填空:(10%) ) 根据首字母填空:(10%) 1. ...


   六年级英语抽查试卷 听力部分:40% 笔试部分:60% 一、找出一个划线部分发音与其他三个不同的单词:6%(不做) ( ) 1. A. clock B. fox C. home D. dog ( ) 2. A. excuse B. blue C. pupil D. use ( ) 3. A. cake B. have C. name D. day ( ) 4. A. she B. speak C. lesson D. three ( ) 5. A. nice B. give C. time ...


   语法 1. 名词所有格 名词如要表示与后面名词的所有关系,通常用名词所有格的形式,意为"……的"。一般有以 下几种形式: (1). 一般情况下在词尾加"'s"。例如: Kate's father Kate 的爸爸 my mother's friend 我妈妈的朋友 (2). 如果复数名词以 s 结尾,只加"'"。例如: Teachers' Day 教师节 The boys' game 男孩们的游戏 (3). 如果复数名词不以 s 结 ...



   2011年高考考试大纲??英语(新课标:河南,黑龙江,吉林, 2011年高考考试大纲??英语(新课标:河南,黑龙江,吉林, 年高考考试大纲??英语 陕西,宁夏,海南) 陕西,宁夏,海南) Ⅰ考试性质 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试是合格的高中毕业生和具有同等学力的考生参加的选 拔性考试。高等学校根据考生成绩,按已确定的招生计划,德、智、体全面衡量,择优录取。 因此,高考应具有较高的信度、效度,适当的难度和必要的区分度。 Ⅱ考试内容和要求 根据普通高等学校对新生文化素质的要求,依据中华人民共和国 ...


   第一部分 通过词缀认识单词 (常用前缀一) 1、a- ① 加在单词或词根前面,表示"不,无,非" acentric 无中心的(a+centric中心的) asocial 不好社交的(a+social好社交的) amoral 非道德性的(a+moral道德的;注意:immoral不道德的) apolitical. 不关政治的(a+political政治的) anemia 反常的(a+nomal正常的+ous) ② 加在单词前,表示"在…,…的" aslee ...


   英语语法大全 1. 名词 名词可以分为专有名词(Proper Nouns)和普通名词 (Common Nouns),专有名词是某个(些)人,地方,机构等专有的名 称,如 Beijing,China 等.普通名词是一类人或东西或是一个抽象概念的名词,如:book,sadness 等.普通名词又可分为下面 四类: 1)个体名词(Individual Nouns):表示某类人或东西中的个体,如:gun. 2)集体名词(Collective Nouns):表示若干个个体组成的集合体,如:family ...


   入世以后,跨国房地产交易越来越多,涉外交易动辄千百万;地道、准确、符合国际惯 例的房地产英语无疑是促成交易、避免误解的必备条件,特别是对于一个出色的房地产 代理商来说,其重要性就更为突出。 After China's entry into WTO, foreign estate trade expands rapidly with large sum of dollars often involved, thus a good command of estate English in con ...