UNIT 1-2
使横竖行都成为所学的词语,并能填入相应的句子中 一、在图中的空格内填入适当的字母,使横竖行都成为所学的词语 并能填入相应的句子中。 在图中的空格内填入适当的字母 使横竖行都成为所学的词语 并能填入相应的句子中。

  1. Why don't you your favourite book here?
  2. I about an hour a day doing my homework.
  3. It is to look at the pictures when I finish drawing them.
  4. Peter and I love football.
  5. You should believe her. She's always .
  6. They often up with Simon on Saturday.
  7. Do you know the to the question?
  8. Excuse me, may I ask you a ?
  9. We will have our class next Monday.
  10. You can't go to the club because it is on Tuesday. 在图中的空格内填入适当的字母,使横竖 行都成为所学的词语,并能填入相应的句子中 使横竖、 并能填入相应的句子中: 二、在图中的空格内填入适当的字母 使横竖、行都成为所学的词语 并能填入相应的句子中

  1. I help my mother in the house.
  2. We play football Friday afternoon.
  3. Daniel is only 1 tall.
  4. My best friend Mike is very.
  5. Millie is very tall, but Sandy is .
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UNIT 1-2

  6. In the last , Jim scored 15 goals in 12 matches.
  7. At the weekend, he usually plays computer games for half an .
  8. -How are you? -I'm very .
  9. I live in a in Chongqing.
  10. She is a swimmer.
  11. He comes to school late.
  12. Please say that.
  13. All of them can very fast.
  14. My grandparents often watch TV supper.
  15. Classes at eight o'clock. 三、根据句子意思或其中的图画的提示用 I,you, he, she, it, we, they 填空: 填空
  1. Hello, do you know me? am Kitty.
  2. Andy and Hobo are twins, go to school together.

  3. Look at
. doesn't know how to have fun.

am Simon.
is Sandy. are in Grade

are my friends. are good at playing football.

  6. Good morning
. How are ?

  7. -Who's - is Peter's sister.

is our English teacher. is thirty.

  9. -You and Ma Lin are classmates. Are good friends? -Yes, are.

  10. -Can you see
on the wall?
-Yes, can. 阅读短文,完成短文后的句子 完成短文后的句子: 四、阅读短文 完成短文后的句子 Daniel's Day Daniel likes his school very much. He goes to school at seven twenty after breakfast. He has lessons at eight ten. He's good at Maths. He loves English, too. He eats lunch at school at eleven forty. He does after-school
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UNIT 1-2
activities at four twenty in the afternoon. He plays football, badminton and volleyball. Sometimes he swims. Daniel goes home at five o'clock. He eats dinner at six forty. Then at about seven o'clock he watches TV. He likes watching TV because he wants to learn more about the world. At eight he does his homework. He goes to bed at nine o'clock.
  1. At seven twenty Daniel .
  2. In the morning, Daniel begins his lessons .
  3. Daniel eats and at home and he eats at school.
  4. Daniel likes because he wants to learn more about the world.
  5. At nine o'clock Daniel . 根据下面表格回答右面的问题: 五、根据下面表格回答右面的问题
Shirley May
Hobo Eddie Shirley May Raymond Daniel David Peter
Tommy Tommy Shirley Hobo Daniel Peter May Eddie Peter David

  1. What does Eddie like doing?
  2. Does Daniel like dancing?
  3. Who likes making model planes?
  4. Does Shirley like dancing? 六、阅读理解。 阅读理解。 Live (现场直播的)Music-Late Night Jazz(爵士乐)Enjoy real American jazz from Herbie Davis, the famous trumpet player(号手). He is known to play well into the early hours, so don't want to get much sleep. PLACE:The Jazz Club DATES:15th-23rd June PRICE(价格): ¥100-500 TIME:10 p.m. till late! TEL:4668736 Scottish Dancing Scottish dancing is nice and easy to learn. The wonderful dance from England will be given. PLACE:Jack Steven's DATES:10th-20th May PRICE: ¥150 TIME:7-10 p.m. TEL:4021877 Shows-Anhui Museum There are 12,000 pieces on show here. You can see the whole of Chinese history. PLACE:Anhui Museum DATES:1st Mar.-30th Jun. PRICE:¥60 (¥30 for students) TIME: Monday-Friday 9 a. m.-5 p.m. Weekends 9 a.m.-7 p.m. TEL:4886888 Your pen-friend is coming from Australia to your city for a holiday. You send him this e-mail to tell him something about the hotels(旅馆).
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UNIT 1-2
SUN HOTEL ROSE HOTEL Dates Prices (a night) Prices (a night) 1st Oct.-31st Dec. ¥168 ¥198 1st Jan.-31st Mar. ¥148 ¥178 1st Apr.-30th Apr. (closed) 1st May-31st May ¥188 ¥218 1st Jun.-30th Sep. ¥208 ¥248 TEL: 4686788 e-mail: li-hong@1
  63.com 根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 根据短文内容选择最佳答案。
  1. If you want to watch dancing, you can call. A. 4668736 B. 4021877 C. 4886888 D. 4686788
  2. You can enjoy at Jack Steven's. A. American jazz B. Scottish dancing C.12,000 pieces on show D. yourself all night
  3. You can see the whole of Chinese history at in April in Anhui Museum. A. 3 p.m. every day B. 9 p.m. from Monday to Friday C. 7 a.m. at weekends D. 7 p.m. every day
  4. Sun Hotel and Rose Hotel are open for months of the year. A. nine B. ten C. eleven D. twelve
  5. You have ¥148, and you can in May. A. listen to Jazz B. watch Scottish dancing C. go to Anhui Museum D. stay in Sun Hotel for a night
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   XX 小学英语能力测试分析报告 小学英语能力测试分析 英语能力测试分析报告 试题说明与试卷分析 本次英语能力测试题是以新国人学校“小学升初中课程”体系标准为依据,以激励性为原则,以学生的综合语言发展为目标而设定的。试题中基础知 识和基本能力的考察点均符合“新国人学校小学部英语课程标准”的要求。本次考试只设笔答试卷。 试题题型 1. 按要求写单词 答题情况 良好 英语知识与技能考察点 词性的运用以及单词拼写的能力 (1.名词的复数变化 2.代词的主 (宾) 格 3.动词的现在分词 4.形容词) ...


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   高考英语听力测试主要是考查学生理解口头英语的能力,确切地说,就是要 求考生能够听懂日常生活中简短而地道的会话和独白; 能从简单的文段中区分事 实与观点; 能听懂各种故事中人物和行为的发展和结果; 能听懂他人委婉的建议、 忠告和推荐;能听懂交谈中他人的观点、态度和爱好;也能对会话的背景以及说 话者之间的关系做出正确的推断。 考点 1 数字记录与计算 主要考查的知识点:①基数词、序数词、分数、百分数。②价格、比例。③ 年代、日期、时刻。④路程、距离。⑤具体的编号数,如街道、楼层、房间、电 话号码 ...


   初一英语 读单词,把单词变成现在分词的形式 buying lying standing reading buy lie stand read talking walking singing dancing talk walk sing dance have take write shop having taking writing shopping eating driving calling enjoying eat drive call enjoy telling swimming wa ...


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   初一英语语法 1、名词 、 A)、名词的数 )、名词的数 )、 一)在后面加s。如:fathers, 在后面加 。 books, Americans,apples, bananas 后加es。 二)x, sh, ch, s, tch后加 。 后加 如:boxes, glasses, dresses, watches, wishes 结尾的变y为 再 三)(1)以辅音字母加 结尾的变 为i再 )( )以辅音字母加y结尾的变 加es 如:baby-babies, family-families, ...


   一. 词汇 ⑴ 单词 1. 介词:in, on, under, behind, near, at, of 1). in表示"在……中", "在……内"。例如: in our class 在我们班上 in my bag 在我的书包里 in the desk 在桌子里 in the classroom 在教室里 2). on 表示"在……上"。例如: on the wall 在墙上 on the desk 在桌子上 on the blac ...


   初一英语语法??代词语法练习题 代词是代替名词以及起名词作用的短语,分句和句子的词. 代词可分以下九类: 1. 人称代词 主格(在句中作主语)有: I , you, he, she, it, we, you, they 宾格(在句中作宾语)有:me, you, him, her, it, us, you , them 2. 物主代词 形容词性的物主代词(作定语)有:my, your, his , her, its, our, your ,their 名词性的物主代词(作主语,表语,宾语)有: ...



   英语专业四级考试要求 一、听写(Dictation) 听写(Dictation) 1.测试要求: (a )能在全面理解内容的基础上逐字逐句写出所听材料. (b)拼写和标点符号正确无误,错误率不超过 8% (c)考试时间 15 分钟 2. 测试形式: 本部分为主观试题.所听材料共念四遍.第一遍用正常语速朗读,录音语速为每分钟 120 个单词,让学生听懂材料大意.第二三遍朗读时意群分句和句子之间留出约 15 秒的空隙, 让学生书写.第四遍再用正常语速朗读,让学生检查. 3. 测试目的: 测试学生 ...


   介绍词 首先,自我介绍一下,我叫张海军,熟悉的人都叫我海军。我是星辰实验 学校的一名科学老师。我的主要工作是拍摄制作电视节目,也可以说是一个搞 影视艺术的。我喜欢我的事业,因为我的性格适合静下心来搞艺术创作。但是, 今天在这里却并非是要谈什么艺术,而是要谈英语学习。 我自从 95 年考入宿迁师范,便告别了英语学习,因为当时师范不学英语。 98 年考入常州师范,虽然又要学英语,但由于已经荒废了三年,英语根本就听 不懂,所以根本就没有兴趣学习。老师也知道我的底子很烂的,所以她也不想 为难我们,让 ...


   1. honorificabilitudinitatibus 这个字是由 27 个字母组成的。 出现在大文豪莎士比亚的剧本 「空爱一场」 Love s Labour s Lost 里,意思是「不胜光荣」 。 2. antidisestablishmentarianism 这个字是由 28 个字母组成的。根据范克和华格若尔斯编的「英语新标准辞」里面的解 释,这个字的意思是「反对教会与国家分开学说」 。它曾被英国首相格来斯顿 William Ewart Gladstone,1809-1898 引 ...


   优胜教育集团 优胜教育集团(高二)英语测评题( ) 优胜教育集团(高二)英语测评题(C) 测评题 你已经进入优胜测评系统,现在马上要进行的是英语学科的测评。不要紧张,请调整好 你的状态,发挥出自己的真实水平,记住,你是最棒的! 一.单项选择 1. Only when your identity has been chect, . A. you are allowed in C. will you allow in B. you will be allowed in D. will you b ...

unit 5(高一英语复习)

   U. 5 The Silver Screen No.2 Middle School Mr. Zhang Language points 重点词组及表达 练习做… 练习做 与某人讨论某事 扮演角色 因…获得 获得 和某人结婚 使某人出名 做研究工作 出毛病 去打猎 成功的秘诀 毕业于 因…而出名 而出名 practise doing sth discuss sth with sb play a role in win sth for get married to make sb famous ...