初一英语期末复习题(Module 9?
  10) 初一英语期末复习题
一..仔细阅读以下广告,按信息卡要求填写相关信息: Film at the East Lake Theatre An American film called See Broken Window will be shown at seven o’clock Friday evening at the East Lake Theatre. It will go on for three hours, but you will find it over within a very short time.The ticket is 8 RMB. For further information , call 29007
  1. What’s the name of the film?
  2. When does the film start?
  3. Where is the film on?
  4. What’s the price of the film ticket?
  5. Is it a Chinese fim?
二.完型填空:(先读通全文,然后再根据短文意思选择正确的答案) We live in the “computer age(时代)”.People like scientists,teachers,writers and even( 甚 至 ) students use computers to do__1__work.More than 30 years ago,__2couldn’t do much.They were very big and expensive. Very3people were interested in them or know how to use them. Today computers are smaller and
  4.As they are useful. Many people like to use them, even at home. Computers 5very important because they can work6than men and make fewer mistakes. Computers can 7people. Writers use computers to write. Teachers use them to help them teach and students use them with their studies. Computers can also remember what you put8them. Computers are very
  9. They are our good friends. Do you want to 10a computer? ( )
  1.A.we B.our C.their ( )
  2.A.teachers B.students C.computers ( )
  3.A.a few B.few C.little ( )
  4.A.cheaper B.cheap C.expensive ( )
  5.A.is becoming B.becomes C.become ( )
  6.A.faster B.quick C.fast ( )
  7.A.help B.tell C.ask ( )
  8.A.on B.into C.up ( )
  9.A.helpful B.careful C.beautiful ( )
  10.A.lend B.pay C.have 三.单词拼写:
  1. Can you tell me how to (保存)the new document?

  2. (最后)we helped the old man to find his son.
  3. I can’t hear you. Can you say it(再,又)?
  4. Beijing is a place of interest(名胜). I want to (旅游)there very much.
  5. My sister doesn’t know how to (下载)music.
  6. A computer can(检查)your homework.
  7. If you want more(信息),you can go onlone.
  8. We can see all(种类)of animals in the zoo.
  9. Every day many young men (浏览)their websites.
  10. The kangaroo lives in(欧洲).
  11. Does the polar bear live in the (北极)
  12. Do you like (澳大利亚的)animals?
  13. Does she know there are (蛇)in America?
  14. The kangaroo eats grass and (叶子).
  15. What’s his(特别喜欢的)food?
  16. Can you see(长颈鹿)in the zoo?
  17. (熊猫)only live in China.
  18. The(猴子)lives in the jungle.
  19. She likes(大洋洲的)animals very much.
  20.(电脑)are widely(广泛地) used in many ways now.
四.阅读理解: (A) Bill lives and works in London. He works in a big factory. They make machines there. His house is far away from his factory. He usually goes to work by train. Today,the train is late. So he drives to the factory. He works from Monday to Friday. He has lunch in the factory on weekdays On Saturday he sometimes goes to see a film with his wife or goes to see his friends. On Sunday he sometimes takes his children to the zoo or stays at home and watches TV with his family. ( )
  1.Bill lives and works in. A. America B.Japan C.China D.Britain ( )
  2.The factory makes . A. machine B.books C.clothes D.shoes ( )
  3.Bill’s house ishis factory. A. near B.behind C.far away from D.in front of ( )
  4.Bill works from. A. Tuesday to Saturday B.Monday to Friday C.Sunday to Saturday D.Monday to Tuesday ( )
  5.Which of the following is not true? A. Bill sometimes goes to a film with his wife. B. Bill has lunch at home on weekdays. C. Bill sometimes takes his children to the zoo.
D. Bill sometimes watches TV with family on Sundays. (B) Jim is an American boy. He’s thirteen. He is a new student in our class. Today he is in a yellow coat. The man in a black coat is his father. He is forty. The woman in white is his mother. She is thirty-six. His father and mother are teachers The girl in the car is his sister. She’s fifteen. She is in a green sweater. She is a student, too. She is in Grade Three now. 根据短文内容判断正误: ( )
  6.Jim is thirteen. His sister is fourteen. ( )
  7.His father is in a black coat. ( )
  8.His sister is in the car. ( )
  9.Jim and his sister are students. ( )
  10.His parents are doctors. 五.选择题: ( )
  1.The students in our class often go online to getfor their study. A. Information B.informations C.money ( )
  2.It’s very late,his father is still writing on the computer A. and B.but C.so ( )
  3.Please sendemail to me when you get to Beijing tomorrow. A.a B.an C.the ( )
  4.Jack usually talks to his friends on the Internet,but he games. A. play B.don’t play C.doesn’t play ( )
  5.Does the camel come from Africa? Yes,. A. it is B.it do C.it does ( )
  6.Her friend comes from Asia. He is . A. Asia B.Asian C.Asians ( )
  7.This is Asian elephant. A.a B.an C.the ( )
  8.Would you like football this afternoon? A. playing B.play C.to play ( )
  9.Shanghai zoo many animals. A. have B.has C.having ( )
  10.The pandas15bamboo a day. A.need, kilo B.needs, kilos C.need, kilos of 六.完成句子:
  1.你们经常用电脑干什么? the computer?
  1. 我们经常用电脑玩游戏,下载音乐和发邮件.
We often use computer to .
  2. 你想去参观我们的学校吗? visit our school?
  3. 袋鼠生活在草地吗? 是的. grassland? . 5 让我们去动物园吧! !
  6.大象来自哪里? ?
  7.熊猫是我最喜欢的动物. The panda .
  8.蛇不喜欢喝水. The snake.
  9.狼来自欧洲吗? 不是 Europe? .
  10.欧洲狼不吃蔬菜. European wolves.
  11. 熊猫住在中国.它们吃竹子. Pandas. They .
  12. 他经常上网去获取资料.
He often to .


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