一、按要求写出各词:10 分 big(反义词) light(反义词) you(宾格) meat(复数) write(现在合词) swim(现在合词) help(现在合词) foot(复数) hair(复数) book(复数)
二、 每组中找出一个画线部分读音与其他三个不同的单词。10 分 ( )
  1. A. apple B. cake C. that D. map ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  2. A. orange )
  3. A. hill )
  4. A. twelve )
  5. A. number )
  6. A. excuse )
  7. A. cake )
  8. A. this )
  9. A. zero )
  10. A. teacher B. clock B. nine B. pen B. cup B. up B. name B. sit B. box B. her C. wrong C. bike C. eleven C. bus C. but C. have C. Miss C. over C. ruler D. old D. Chinese D. egg D. ruler D. much D. game D. five D. hello D. eraser
三、选择题。16 分 ( )
  1.This is book, is there. A. her....mine B. my...her C. his...my D. my...mine ( )
  2. What are the ? A. twin’s name B. twins’ names C. twin’s names D. twins’ name ( )
  3. this picture , you cana boat. A. See...look B. Look at ....see C. Look at ....watch D. Watch.....look at ( )
  4. “How many? “Only one.” A. orange is there B. oranges are there C.breads are there D. milk is there ( )
  5. “ Would you like cups of tea?” “No, I don’t want .” A. some....some B. any....any C. some.....any D. any...some ( )
  6、Here is the eraser. Give . A、me it B、it him C、it to him D、him ruler ( )
  7、It’s time . We must now. A、to go to school, goes B、to go to school, go C、going, go D、going, goes ( )
  8、??You look hungry. Would you like some bread? ?? . I would like some hamburgers. A、Yes, please B、No, thanks C、Yes, I’d like to D、Yes, thank you ( )
  9、??Look at the shoe over there. Where is ? ??It’s under the chair. ,please.
A、other one, Put it away B、the other one, Put away them C、the other ones, Put them away D、the other one, Put them away ( )
  10、??Is this orange sweater Li Ying’s or Luck’s? ?? A、Yes, it’s Lucy’s B、No, it’s Lucy’s C、No, it’s mine D、it’s Lucy’s ( )
  11、 you like some pears? ?Yes, please. A. Would B. Can C. Do D. Are ( )
  12、What is Lily doing ? ? She football. A. play B.plays C. playing D. is playing ( )
  13、Is there any chicken on the plate? ? Yes ,there is . A.many B. some C. any D. one ( )
  14、Please buy some food from the shop . A. on your way to home B. on your way home C. to your way home D. at your way to home ( )
  15、That’s OK. me help you . A. Carry B. Have C. Let D. Take ( )
  16、 “Is Liu Fang at school?” “, I don’t know.” A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. No
四、补全对话。10 分 Jim : Hi, Lin Tao. Nice to see you. you,. Jim : please come in and down. Jim: What would you? Jim : OK . Here are. something to drink. Jim : What a glass of orange? 五、句型变换。10 分
  1、These are empty baskets.(改为单数形式)
Lin Tao :
Hi, Jim. Nice to see
Lin Tao : Thank you. Lin Tao : I’d like an apples. Lin Tao : Thanks. I’d like Lin Tao : Yes, it’s very nice.
empty basket.
  2、They are classmate, but they
  3、I can play football.(改为问句,并作肯定、否定回答) .(完成句子)

  4、You can sit on the chair.(改为否定祈使句)
  5、Have you a pen?(改为句子,不改变句意)
  6、My brother and I read in class every day.(改为现在进行时)

  7、I have three books.(划线提问)
  8、It’s time for supper.(改为同义句)
  9、What’s wrong?(同上)
  10、You can borrow my pen, but then I can give back it.(指出错误的词)
共 20 分,其中第 2 段每个
  2.5 分

  1)This is a photo of Li’s family. Look! Mr Li is sitting in a chair. He is reading a newspaper. He’s a teacher. Mrs Li is sitting on the bed. She is watching TV. Mr and Mrs Li have two sons and one daughter. Li Zhigang is at the desk. He is writing a letter. Li Zhiwei is at the desk, too. He is doing his homework. Li Zhigang and Li Zhiwei are the students of No. 1 Middle School. They like playing football. Li Zhiyan is their sister. She is only four. She’s sitting on the floor. She is playing with her cat. ( )
  1、How many people are there in Mr Li’s family? A、Four ( B、Five C、Six D、Seven

  2、What’s Mrs Li? A、 teacher A B、 doctor A C、 worker A D、 don’t know We

  3、Which of the following is Not True? A、Mr Li is reading a newspaper C、Li Zhiyan is doing her homework B、Mrs Li is watching TV D、Li Zhigang is writing a letter

  4、Who are middle school students? A、Mr Li and Mrs Li C、Li Zhigang and his brother B、Li Zhigang and Li Zhiyan D、We don’t know

  5、Who is the youngest in Mr. Li’s family? B、The mother C、The sons D、The daughter
A、The father

  2)This is an American boy. His name is Bill. He is thirteen. He is in No. Middle School. His in Class Two, Grade Three. Ann is an English girl. She is in Class Two, Grade Three, too. But she is in No.14 Middle School. They have a good friends. He is a Chinese boy. His name is Li Lei. He is in Bill’s class. He is twelve. ( )
  1. Ann isn’t an girl. A. Chinese B. English C. American ( )
  2. Li Lei is in Middle School. A. No.15 B. No.14 C. No.8
  3. Bill is in .
A. Class Three, Grade Two B. Class Two, Grade C. Class Two, Grade Two ( )
  4. Ann is . A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen 七、根据句意,填入与划线部分相反的词语。14 分
  1. The shop is not open . it is .
  2. They are in the school, but in different class.
  3. This bottle is empty. Could I have a one ,please?
  4. This box is too,please carry that light one .
  5. He is right, but you are.
  6. I stay at home on Sundays . I don’t home.
  7. This coat is dear, but that one is . 八、短文写作 10 分 根据下列表格写一篇短文,向你的同学介绍英国朋友 Jim(字数 80?100 字) name Jim nationality age school England 13 No.14 Middle School food Hamburger potato chips Sports and basketball
开头:This is my friend Jim ……



   初一英语期末试卷 时量:120 分钟 总分:120 分 I. 找出划线部分读音与其它三个不同的选项: (每题 1 分,共 5 分) ( )1. A. whose B. hello C. zero B. good C. foot ( )2. A. book ( )3. A. yes B. nose C. sit ( )4. A. where B. there C. here ( )5. A. Japanese B. parrot C. woman II. 找出不属于同一范畴的选项: (每题 1 ...


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   剑桥少儿英语二级期末考试试卷 时间:2008 年 08 月 21 日 作者: 来源:网络 听力部分(20 分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的句子中的单词并将其序号填在题前括号内。(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1、A. going ) 2、A. sunny ) 3、A. my ) 4、A. better ) 5、A. Monday ) 6、A. week ) 7、A. shall ) 8、A. matter ) 9、A. let )10、A. and B. doing ...


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2011年考研真相英语真题彻底细解词汇注释+难句图解 王林 1

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山东专升本英语时态 2011

   九、将来进行时 (1)将来进行时概念: 将来进行时概念: 表示将来某时进行的状态或动作,或按预测将来会发生的事情。 表示将来某时进行的状态或动作,或按预测将来会发生的事情。 She'll be coming soon. I'll be meeting him sometime in the future. (2) 将来进行时的用法: 将来进行时的用法: a) 表示在将来某一时刻或某段时间正在进行的动作。如: 表示在将来某一时刻或某段时间正在进行的动作。 This time tomorrow ...