听力部分(10 分) 一、听句子选择适当的答语(5 分)
  1. A OK B. I think so
  2. A. Peter did B. I’m pleased to hear that
  3. A. Sorry, I’m not B. I like school
  4. A. A lantern B. A play
  5. A. We like school very much. B. We go to school on foot. C. We go to school five days a week. 二、听对话,选择答句(5 分)
  1. A. Some pork
  2. A. Fruit and vegetables
  3. A. Every day
  4. A. Yes, she is
  5. A. A teacher B. Some chicken B. Fruit and meat B. Half an hour B. No, she isn’t B. A nurse 笔试部分(90 分) 三、选择题(16 分)
  1. Eddie likes playing basketball best. He doesn’t like playing piano. A. a, the B. an, the C. the, the D. /, the
  2. It’s very late now. I think the shop . A. is closing B. close C. is closed D. is close
  3. I am not to reach the basket. A. enough tall B. short enough C. tall enough D. short high
  4. I usually have milk breakfast. A. of B. as C. like D. for
  5. His parents have their birthday next month. A. all B. both C. also D. too
  6. The coat is very nice. Can I? A. try on it B. try on them C. try it on D. try them on
  7. My favourite T-shirt me 100 yuan. A. spends B. costs C. takes D. pays
  8. I need you the classroom for us. A. to clean B. cleaning C. clean D. cleans
  9. There a lot of bread in the bridge. A. has B. are C. have D. is
  10. He often books the library. A. borrow, from B. lend, to C. borrows , from D. lends, to
  11. There is “r” and “u” in the word. C. Some oranges C. Sweet snacks C. Twice a week C. Yes, she doesn’t C. A doctor C. Thank you C. Peter is well C. OK C. A festival
A. an, a B. a, an C. a, a D. an, an
  12. What is he ? A. look for B. looking for C. find D. finding
  13. bike is red and is black. A. He’s, hers B. His, her C. His, hers D. He’s, her
  14. They often get up six Friday morning. A. on, in B. at, in C. at, on D. on, on
  15. How TV do you watch every day? A. many B. long C. often D. much
  16. There are two and three in my bag. A. radioes, tomatoes B. radios, tomatoes C. radioes, tomatos D. radios, tomatos 四、动词填空(8 分)
  1. Simon (enjoy) (learn) English.
  2. Look! The children (run) in the playground.
  3. My cousin (be) born on Feb 4th.
  4. your friend (come) from Hangzhou?
  5. I’d like (go) out for a walk with my grandma.
  6. We look forward to (have) a long holiday.
  7. The boys (not know) French at all. 五、句型转换(16 分)
  1. Billy usually goes to school by bus.(1-4 题改为同义句) Billy usually to school.
  2. It takes him two days to finish reading the book. He two days the book.
  3. I have a new friend . His name is John. I have a new friend John.
  4. He gives me a nice present. He gives a nice present .
  5. Sandy seldom plays badminton. (5-6 题对划线部分提问) Sandy badminton?
  6. They can drive the car easily. they easily? 六、用所给的词的正确形式填空(10 分)
  1. We swim (two) a week.
  2. Our teacher often cooks (healthy) food.
  3. Spring is the (good) season in the year.
  4. The dish is much too (salt).
  5. How many (box) of apples are there in the room?
  6. Students must do their homework before (go) to bed.
  7. May I have (any) orange?

  8. Everyone in our class(study) hard.
  9. Mr. Wu teaches (we) Chinese.
  10. What size are your (foot)? 七、完成句子(10 分)
  1. 你花多少钱买这些书架? did you for these ?
  2. 他们每月回家三次。 They go home .
  3. 比起柠檬他更喜欢草莓。 He strawberries .
  4. 我没有足够的钱买零食。 I buy snacks.
  5. 这颜色和她的衬衣配吗? the her ? 八、完形填空(10 分) Miss Zhao is one of the most popular teachers in the school. Yesterday she came into the 1 with a big smile on her face. She said to her 2 that she was 3 to see they did well in the sports meeting. But 4 was not pleased to see the classroom last Saturday not as 5 as usual. She hoped they would clean the classroom every day. Wei Hua was on 6 yesterday. She said everyone was at 7 except Lin Tao. Then she told Miss Zhao about their 8 to the Great Wall last Sunday. Luckily the weather was 9 .They played games and had a picnic there After Wei Hua 10 her talk, Miss Zhao began her lesson.
  1. A. shop B. classroom C. park D. office
  2. A. students B. teachers C. workers D. doctors
  3. A. angry B. sorry C. glad D. sad
  4. A. she B. I C. we D. he
  5. A. dark B. old C. large D. clean
  6. A. time B. duty C. foot D. top
  7. A. home B. noon C. night D. school
  8. A. visit B. music C. clock D. football
  9. A. bad B. fine C. rainy D. windy
  10. A. started B. had C. finished D. gave 九、阅读理解(20 分) (A) Ma Lili’s parents are going to give a birthday party for her. She’s going to be fourteen years old . Ma Lili has a lot of friends. They are going to come to the party. They are girls from Ma Lili’s school. There are twenty-five of them . Ma Lili’s mother is making birthday cakes for the party. They are very nice cakes. Ma Lili says to her mother, “Mum, you’re very nice. Thank you for your nice cakes .” Her father is going shopping. He buys a lot of apples, bananas , oranges and pears . It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. Now everything is ready. The party begins in thirty
minutes .
  1. Who is going to give Ma Lili a birthday party ? A. Ma Lili. B. Her friends. C. Her teacher. D .Her parents.
  2. How many people are coming to Ma Lili’s party ? A. Two. B. Twenty. C. Twenty-one. D. Twenty-five .
  3. Her mother for her party. A. is making cakes B. is shopping C. is buying apples D. makes a cake
  4. How old is Ma Lili going to be ? A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 20
  5. What time does the party begin ? A. At four. B .At half past four . C. After five o’clock D. At about six o’clock (B) In England , people don’t usually talk much. You can go on a bus, or in a train, and everyone sits looking out of the window. Often they read. They read books and papers, but they don’t talk much . When you meet English people, they often talk about one thing, the weather. So When you meet somebody in England , you can say, “Nice weather for the time of year ! ” “But it was a little cold yesterday,” somebody may answer. “But it got a bit warmer later, ” you can say. Talk like this, and the English will think, “How friendly you are ! ”
  6. English people often on a bus . A. talk much B .talk about C. eat something D .read papers
  7. When you meet English people, talk like this: . A. How do you do ! B .How are you ! C. Nice weather ! D. Nice to meet you !
  8. If you talk with the English people about the weather, they will think . A. you are friendly B. you are right C. you are English D. you talk too much
  9. English people always hope the weather will get . A. better B. warmer C. colder D .hotter
  10. Which is right ? A. English people like to talk on a bus . B. English people didn’t enjoy the best weather . C. English people are the most friendly. D. English people don’t talk much .
【试题答案】 试题答案】
听力材料及答案 一、
  1. I hope you and your family are well. 答案:C
  2. Peter won the first prize. 答案:B
  3. Let’s go to school together. 答案:C
  4. What can people make out of pumpkin? 答案:A
  5. How do you go to school? 答案:B 二、
  1. W: Would you like pork or chicken? M: No, thank you. Just some oranges, please. Q: What would the boy like to have? 答案:C
  2. W: You look healthy. How do you do that? M: I changed my diet. Before I seldom ate fruit and vegetables. I usually ate a lot of sweet snacks. Now I often eat meat and vegetables for dinner and usually have an apple after meals. Q: What was his old diet? 答案:C
  3. W: What do you do every week? M: I go to dancing lessons twice a week and dance for two hours a day. Every afternoon, I should exercise for half an hour. Q: How often does the man exercise? 答案:A
  4. M: How old are you , Lanlan? W: I’m eleven. Q: Is Lanlan seven? 答案:B
  5. W: Mingming. What do your parents do ? W: My father is a teacher, my mother is a nurse. Q: What does Mingming’s father do? 答案:A 三、1?5 DCCDB 6?10 CBADC 11?16 ABCCDB 四、 enjoys learning
  2.are running
  4.Does come
  5.to go
  7. don’t know
  1. 五、
  1.takes a bus
  2.spends finishing reading
  4.to me
  5. How often does play
  6.What do do 六、
  1. twice
  4. salty
  5. boxes
  6. going
  7. some
  8. studies
  9. us
  10. feet 七、
  1. How much pay shelves
  2. three times a month
  3. prefers to lemons

  4. don’t have enough money to
  5. Does colour match blouse 八、
  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A
  5. D
  6. B
  7. D
  8. A
  9. B
  10. C
九、1?5 D D A C B
6?10 D C A B D



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