一.词汇:(10分) A.根据释义,拼写单词。 (5分)
  1. costing a lot of money
  2. a cut in price
  3. as much as you want
  4. it is sweet and brown
  5. do sports activities x, p, s, i, e, e, e, n, v i, c, o, s, d, n, u, t n, e, u, h, g, o e, o, c, l, h, c, t, o, a r, i, s, e, e, c, x, e,
B.根据句义及首字母提示,在空格处填入一个恰当的词。 (5分)
  6.We raise money to help the children in p areas.
  7.There are four seasons in a year. They are spring.summer.autumn and w.
  8.Would you like to have some n for breakfast?
  9.She s 100 yuan buying books every year.
  10.Are you f this afternoon? Let's go to the park together.
二.用所给词的适当形式填空。 (10分)
  1.The girl with a pair of (glass) is Sandy.
  2. (walk) is good for health.
  3.Millie is very polite and (help).
  4.Different (country) have different languages(语言).
  5.Look! The man (talk) with a woman.
  6.What she usually (eat) for lunch?
  7.There (not be) some milk or eggs in the fridge.
  8.Simon is good at (play) tennis.
  9.She likes (watch) TV very much.
  10. (not look) out of the classroom.
三.根据要求改写句子。 (10分)
  1.I have black hair in a ponytail.(改否定句) I black hair in a ponytail.
  2.There are some CDs on the desk.(改一般疑问句) there CDs on the desk?
  3.Tom likes swimming in summer.(提问) Tom like in summer?
  4.Children's Day is on June 1st. (提问) is Children's Day?
  5.I like Chinese and English best.(同义句) My are Chinese and English.
  6.The new watch costs 80 yuan.(提问) the new watch ?
  7.Lin Tao often runs on the playground.(用 now 改写) Lin Tao on the playground now.
  8.He seldom cleans the room at home.(提问) he the room at home? 四.选择题(15分) ( )
  1. are your feet? A. How long ( B. How tall C. What big D. What size

  2.Daniel wants to play with today? A. us, he B. us, him C. we, he D. we, him

  3.Chongqing Restaurant has great food Sichuan. A. at B. to C. from D. on

  4.! Someone . A. Hear, crys B. Listen, is crying C. Hear, are crying D. Listen, cries

  5.Thank you for me my maths problem. A. help, for B. helping, with C. help, with D. helping, for

  6.He is his pen, but he can't it. A. looking for, find B. looking for, look for C. finding,
look for D. look for, finding ( )
  7.Most of people don't go to work Sunday morning. A. in ( B. at C. on D. for

  8.We Chinese eat rice dumplings on . A. Dragon Boat Festival C. Mid-Autumn Day B. Chinese New Year D. National Day

  9.Happy New Year! . A. Thank you C. I hope you are happy, too. B. I'm very happy. D. The same to you.

  10.He often up at six in the morning and to bed at nine in the
evening. A. get, go ( B. gets, go C. gets, goes D. get, goes

  11.Would you like oranges? Yes, please. A. some B. any C. one D. \

  12.It takes me about two hours my homework in the evening. A. to finish B. finishing C. finish D. finishes .

  13.Are there books in the desk? Yes, there are A. some, some B. some, any C. any, any
D. any, some . D. Every hour

  14.How long do you sleep every evening? A.Never B.About 8 hours C. Sometimes

  15.It is time . A. for games B. to games C. to play games D. A and C
五.改错题:下面各句均有一处错误,请找出并在横线上写出正确答案。 (5分)
  1.How much apples are there in the basket?
  2.Helen can answers this question in English.
  3.I don't have money to buy she a CD.

  4.We need some carrots and some rices for supper.
  5.Is your mother usually go to work by bike?
六.根据汉语提示完成句子,每空一词。 (10分)
  1.你经常帮助你父母做家务吗? you often your parents the ?
  2.我没有时间和你在网上聊天。 I any time with you on the Internet.
  3.Jack 在哪里?他在制作模型飞机。 is Jack? He planes.
  4.学好英语对我们来说很重要。 It is very us English well.
  5.请给他买一些生日礼物。 Please some birthday .
七.完形填空。 (10分) It is a good idea to 1 a small present when you go to a 2 party in England or the USA. Flowers are always nice,. or you may bring a bottle of wine 3 you know what the family
  4. You should arrive on time or 5 minutes late. Don't get there early. If you are going to be there 6 fifteen minutes late, you should call and tell the host and hostess(女主人).
Try to relax(放松) at the dinner table. If you don't know 7 to use the fork(叉子), the knife, or the spoon(汤匙), just watch 8 and follow them. You can also ask someone next
to you. If you like the food, say so. Of course, you will thank the host and the hostess 9 the meal and for their kindness. It's good to send a card or a “thank you” note the 10 day. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. bring )
  2.A. breakfast )
  3.A. when )
  4.A. eat )
  5.A. five )
  6.A. less than )
  7.A. why )
  8.A. other B. take B. lunch B. if B. eats B. ten B. more than B. how B. the other C. carry C. supper C. so C. drink C. five to ten C. about C. what C. others D. move D. birthday D. as D. drinks D. one to five D. for D.when D. the others
( (

  9.A. for )
  10.A. last
B. of B. tomorrow
C. at C. next
D.about D. later
八.阅读理解。 (20分) A Most children like to watch TV. It is very interesting. By watching TV, they can see and learn a lot and know many things about their country and the world. Of course, they can also learn over the radio. But they can learn better and more easily with TV. Why? Because they can hear and watch at the same time. But they can't see anything over the radio.
TV helps to open children's eyes. TV helps to open their minds, too. They learn newer and better ways of doing things. They may find the world is now smaller than before.
Many children watch TV only Saturday and Sunday evening. They are always busy with their lessons. But some children watch TV every night. They go to bed very late. They can't have a good rest. How about you , my young friend?
根据短文内容,判断正误,正确的写 T,错误的写 F。 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Some children go to bed late because they always do their homework. )
  2.Children can't learn anything over the radio. )
  3.TV helps to open children's eyes and minds. )
  4.A lot of children watch TV only on Friday or Saturday evening. )
  5.Children can study better and more easily with TV because they can hear anf
see at the same time on TV. B
根据 Cathy 一周的活动安排,选择最佳答案 ( )
  6.Where does Cathy meet Ann? B. In the hospital D. At Kay's house
A. At Brown's house C. At the station (
  7.For how many hours a week does Cathy do his part-time job? B. Six hours C. Ten hours D. Eleven hours
A. Five hours (
  8. is ill in hospital. B Joy C, Tom D. Kay
A. Brown (
  9.Kay's birthday is on . B. Friday C. Sunday D. Thursday
A. Tuesday (
  10.What does Cathy do on Saturday afternoon? B. Study with Tom D. Do part-time job
A. Play football C. Have a dancing class
九.书面表达。 (10分) 请你以“Simon's lifestyle”为题,写一篇短文。 要点:
  1.Simon 今年13岁,是班上的好学生。
参考答案: 一.A..expensive
  3.enough B.
  6.poor 二.
  2.Is, any
  5.favourite, lessons
  5.is talking
  10.Don't look

  6.does, eat
  7.isn't 三.
  1.don't, have
  7.is, running 四.

  3.What, does, doing
  6.How, much, does, cost

  8.How, often, does, clean

  12.A 五.

  1.Do, help, do, housework
  4.important, for, to, learn 七.

  2.don't, have, to, chat
  3.Where, is, making, model
  5.buy, presents, for, him

  2.F B:
  1.Simon is thirteen years old. He is a good student in his class.
  2.He likes eating hamburgers.chicken and ice cream. But he seldom eats vegetables and fruit.
  3.He isn't very healthy. He wants to change his diet and lifestyle.
  4.Now he does sports for about an hour every day. And he swims twice a week.
  5.He often eats a lot of vegetables and fruit now. It is good for his health.



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