初一英语期中考试题 初一英语期中考试题 (100 分,90 分钟) 一、单项选择(每小题1分,共20分)
一、单项选择(每小题1分,共20分) 1. There _a pen and to erasers in my pencil box.
A. is B. are C. has D. have
  2.”Where is Yang Guang Hotel?” “Go and left.” A. upstairs; go B. down; turn to C. straight; turn D. along; turn on
  3.Lucy usually a shower at 5 in the afternoon. A. takes B. take C. to take D. taking
  4. My job is interesting, but kind of dangerous. Thieves don’t like me. I am . A. a bank clerk B. a policeman C. a reporter D. a waiter
  5. “Let’s go to the park .”” ” A. Let’s go B. Thank you C. I don’t think so D. That’s a good idea
  6. “. Is there a hospital near here ?” “Yes , there is .” A. Sorry B. Thank you C. Excuse me D. How are you
  7. Thank you for us help. A. giving B. to give C. goes D. go
  8. Look! The dolphins in water. A. swim B. swims C. swimming D. are swimming
  9.Does he want to be actor? A. a B. an C. the D. /

  10. “What’s Ben ?” “ He’s watching TV.” A. do B. does C. doing D. to do
  11. Where lions come from? A. do B. does C. are D. is
  12. I often go to movies my friends on weekends. A. and B. this C. it D. that
  13. His favorite film is The Long Weekend. Do you know ? A. one B. this C. it D. that
  14. -- is your pen pal from? -- Canada. A. Where B. What C. When D. Why
  15. ? Where does she ? - She Sydney. A. live in , lives in B. live, live C. live, lives in D. live, living in
  16. What language does he ? A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk
  17. Jim wants the park this Sunday afternoon. A. to go B. going to C. to go to D. go to
  18. Let’s go swimming. That good.
  19. My uncle works in that restaurant. He is a . A. shop assistant B. waiter C. doctor D. policeman
  20. ? It’s raining.
How’s it going B. Is it snowing C. How is the weather D. Is it sunny.
二、连线(每小题 1 分,共 10 分)
  10. A. B. C. D. E. Are the pandas cute? How’s it going? Thank you for helping me. What does your uncle do? What do you want to be? Where’s the hotel? Is thins job interesting? How’s the weather today? Let’s play basketball together. What’s her mother doing? It’s next to the school He’s a doctor. She’s cooking No, it isn’t It’s my pleasure.
G. I want to be an actor. H. Not bad. I. It’s cloudy. J. Good idea.
三、用所给词的适当形式填空(每小题 2 分,共 10 分)
  1.Pandas are from ( Chinese ).
  2. The koala is very ( friend ) and cute.

  3. Mr. Smith likes to do some ( read ) after supper.
  4. Does he enjoy (play ) for our football team?
  5. Alice sits behind ( I ). 四、完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) On Sunday morning, my mother 1 I are in people’s Park . 2 many people in it. Some 3 are running. They are 4 Kites. Four 5 are 6 on the grass. They 7 . Two girls are playing 8 games. The men are standing 9 a big tree. They are 10 the children. There’s a river over there. Many young people are singing and dancing near the river.
  4. A. but B. with C. and D. or A. They’re B. It’s C. There’s D. There are A. boy B. girl C. children D. childs A. doing B. taking C. flying D. making

A. woman B. womans C. women D. womens A. sit B.sits C. sitting D. sittings A. talking B. are talk C. is talking D. are talking A. some B. any C. the D. / A. under B. on C. of D. about

  10. A. looking B. finding C. watching D. counting 五、根据汉语完成句子(每小题 2 分,共 10 分)
  1.他戴着一副眼镜吗? he a pair of glasses?
  2. 这水有点凉。 The water is cold.
  3. 正在和老师交谈的那个学生是汤姆。 The student the teacher is Tom.
  4. 那听起来太糟了。 That .
  5.这个小女孩喜欢玩她的玩具娃娃。 The little girl likes her doll.
六、阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 20 分) A Many Americans go to work five days a week. America students go to school five days a week, too. So they usually have a two- day weekend. The weekend is Saturday. And Sunday. At the weekend people spend their time in many different ways. Sometimes they resist friends. Many families enjoy weekends together. Many American families do some sports at the weekend . For example(例如), in summer, they enjoy swimming and liking. In autumn, they prefer playing volleyball and tennis. In winter, they go skating (滑冰) and skiing(滑雪)。In spring, they like sightseeing(观光) and hiking(信步旅行。) How happy they are! Do you have an enjoyable weekend?

  1. A.
How many days do many American go to work a week? Five days B. six days C. seven days D. Four days How do Americans spend their weekends?
A. In the same day B. In two ways C. In three ways D. In many different ways.
  3. What sports do many Americans do in summer? A. swimming and biking B. playing volleyball and tennis. C. skating and skiing D. sightseeing and hiking
  4. Which sentence is not right? A. American schools are open five days a week. B. people often play volleyball and tennis in autumn. C. In America, the weekend is Sunday. D. Many American families enjoy weekends together.
  5. When is weekend in china now? A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Friday and Saturday D. Saturday and Sunday B. Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tigers from America. The bears are waiting to meet you, and the monkeys from china are waiting to throw things at you. The lovely dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, and the giraffes from Brazil are waiting to look down on you. Opening time 9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. Except Friday 10:00 a.m. 3:00 P.m. keep the 200 clean! Do not touch, give food or go near the animals. Tickets Grown?ups :$
  2.00 Children : over 12: $
  1.00 under 12: Free

  6. How many kinds of animals are talked about in the passage (短文)? A. Four B. Five C. Six D. Seven
  7. Now Mr. smith is in the zoo with his two sons, one aged 14 and the other 10, then how much are the tickets together(总共)? A. $
  4.00 B. $
  2.00 C. $
  3.00 D. $
  8.Which of the following is the visit time? A. 8:30 a.m. Monday. B. 9:30 a.m. Friday C. 3:00 p.m. Sunday D. 5:00 p.m. Tuesday.
  9. From the passage we can guess the animal “giraffe” must be very. A. far B. long C. strong D. tall
  10. Which of the following can we do in the zoo? A. To give some food to the fish. B. To touch the monkey on the head(头) C. To throw things everywhere D. To take a few nice photo. 七、书面表达(20 分) 下面是你的好朋友李云的个人小档案, 请以“My good friend”为题,写一篇小短文,词数不少于
  50. 中文名:李云 英文名:Mary 国籍:中国 性别:女 年龄:十四 学校:第二中学 爱好:唱歌、打篮球、看电视 优点:友好、乐于助人。



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